Monthly Archive for December 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
It's a Diesease Poem denver Dec 1st
Nothing is New Poem denver Dec 1st
Bewitched Poem doktoravalanche Dec 1st
LOVE'S HIGHEST STAGE Poem emmenay Dec 1st
Centered Universe, You Poem Aloris Dec 1st
Uncomfortable Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 1st
~Workaholic~ Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
I Don't Remember You: Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
True Love: Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
Light at the end of the tunnel Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
Saved Poem gothic_fairy_ Faith Dec 1st
Love Sick [The second you go] Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
Come Back Around Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
Merely Living Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
You'd Still be mine Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
[{You Didn't Try}] Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
{Let Me In} Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
--Crazy Love-- Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
One Day Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
[I] Love The Burn Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Dec 1st
[What if I did not love you?] Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 1st
I am what Iam Poem humanpulse Dec 1st
Mein Herz ist auf Feuer -- 12.1.2007 Poem icewolf7 love Dec 1st
A Wulfen short story. Poem icewolf7 Short Story Dec 1st
I Want You Poem motoxgurl2009 Dec 1st
Homecoming Poem motoxgurl2009 Dec 1st
Age Factor Poem motoxgurl2009 Dec 1st
CEREBRAL PLEASURES Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
ORNERY COUNTRY BUNNIES (journal #12) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
THE FAIR, JILTED JULIET HAS RISEN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
INTIMATE LOVE/ INTIMATE PAIN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
THE EXCERSISING OF RISK Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
AGAIN THE SAME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
CRYPTIC GLEE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
IMPRESSIVE FLUFF Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
THE WARNING ON FANTASY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
THE SO TOO ALONE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
UNEDUCATED APATHY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
WITH FUMBLING DISDAIN Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
BEING VAN GOGHED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
FONDLY FROM AFAR Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
LIFE OF THE SMILE Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Dec 1st
MAGIC'S SWEET REFUGE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
DROPPING THE CRUSH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
Star Of Night Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Demon's wishes Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Nightime Worries Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Unity Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Is It Soul? Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Untitled #1 Poem patons02 Dec 1st
Untitled #2 Poem patons02 Dec 1st
You have a Crush Poem peculiar_poet love Dec 1st
Where's the damn mayo?! Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Dec 1st
Stupid Girl Poem starlite Dec 1st
Too Late After Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 1st
fixation Poem jaela Dec 2nd
Pasasalamat Poem kyoksil Dec 2nd
Pagkukunwari Poem kyoksil Dec 2nd
Poor Thing Poem maddiejace Dec 2nd
Untitled -- 12.2.2007 Poem maddiejace Dec 2nd
Life without faith Poem not_an_addict Dec 2nd
Boney girl. Poem not_an_addict 2 Dec 2nd
The Gallows Poem patons02 Dec 2nd
I'm not Plagiarizing Your Ideas Poem peculiar_poet 2 Poetry/Writing Dec 2nd
The hitchhiker Poem randyjohnson Dark Dec 2nd
When my eyes are close Poem rlbstar1 Happiness Dec 2nd
Hear my prayer Poem rlbstar1 friendship Dec 2nd
Fading Pain Poem seatellite Peace Dec 2nd
Awake Poem seederekrun 2 Loneliness Dec 2nd
Photo Poem seederekrun Acceptance Dec 2nd
break the cage Poem somefatguy Dec 2nd
Porcelain Poem clutchforbalance Dec 2nd
American Soldier Poem clutchforbalance Dec 2nd
In her eyes Poem clutchforbalance 1 Dec 2nd
One More Poem clutchforbalance 1 Dec 2nd
Suffocate Poem clutchforbalance Dec 2nd
To be alive Poem clutchforbalance Dec 2nd
Where will you go? Poem clutchforbalance Dec 2nd
a hazy moon Poem 9inety 1 Dec 3rd
Atlantic Impolite Poem 9inety 2 Dec 3rd
So the Children Say Poem amazingmrdonut dreams Dec 3rd
Feeling Crapy Poem desigre Self-doubt Dec 3rd
If it makes you feel better Poem fighter4life Anger NonViolent Dec 3rd
Schizophrenia: Welcome to my world Poem fighter4life Angst Dec 3rd
I stopped breathing but no one noticed Poem fighter4life 1 Being Loved Dec 3rd
The Real Christmas Poem geneconner2008 religion Dec 3rd
All Over You. Poem gone_forever13 Song Lyrics Dec 3rd
My New Home Poem greenmeadow Life/Living Dec 3rd
Imaginary Poem jhudson 1 Dec 3rd
Observing Death Poem jhudson Dec 3rd
Tea Affinity Poem jhudson 1 Dec 3rd
RIDICULOUS RHETORIC Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
MISTAKES UNMADE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
WEATHER A FOUL Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
BLITZKRIEG Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
THE CRAFT OF CREATIVITY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
DREAM DEATH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
RESPECTING THE HUNT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
COME MYTH OR MAGIC Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
TORTURED SHADOW Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
HEART SPEAK Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
SKY STABBER Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 3rd
Survivor Of The Horizons Poem patons02 Dec 3rd
Turned away Poem randyjohnson Compassion Dec 3rd
Ryan Poem rashmiitz Dec 3rd
Undesirable Poem ravenlove Dec 3rd
Norovirus Poem rbpoetry family Dec 3rd
The Anvil Of Young Anger Poem rbpoetry Lost love Dec 3rd
The Devil Inside Poem rbpoetry Spirituality Dec 3rd
I want to.... Poem slydeviltkd choices Dec 3rd
'TWAS THE CHRIS BEFORE NIGHTMAS Poem trivking64 Satire Dec 3rd
beloved pink Poem 9inety Dec 4th
This takes time Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 4th
Untitled 122 Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Dec 4th
My Christmas Tree Is Ewe Poem charlax7 1 Being Loved Dec 4th
After Hours - Dark, Evil, Magic. Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Dec 4th
I AM STILL SOMETHING, BUT FOR YOU ONLY. Poem emmenay love Dec 4th
'07 More Than A Natural Woman: A Carpet Dream? Poem Joel 1 Dec 4th
realationship Poem j_g22 1 Breaking Up Dec 4th
Sara and Socrates Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Dec 4th
WISH(M.A.K.) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
ASPECTS OF A GIGILO Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
THE WAR BEFORE SLEEP TAKES ME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
THE SECRET TRUTH Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
BEFORE ITS TIME Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
IN THE FOLDS OF THE FAR OFF TOMORROWS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
SHATTERING ELATION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
DEAR FORGETFUL MIND Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
ATTRACTED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
FULFILLMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
EVER NOW NEARER Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
EMPHATIC Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Dec 4th
A MOST IMPORTANT THANK YOU Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 4th
Somber Wish Poem patons02 Dec 4th
My First Haiku (about making a Haiku) Poem peculiar_poet Haiku Stupid Dec 4th
That damn beard! Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Dec 4th
Great Expectations Poem rbpoetry Acceptance Dec 4th
Survive Poem shawon1982 3 youth Dec 4th
and so the world coughed Poem vatchejames Dec 4th
O-Positive Poem thelohaspiral 1 Dec 4th
Patience Poem cozzy20000 1 Dec 5th
Jessica Poem denver Dec 5th
I'm Thinking of a Time Poem denver Dec 5th
Society Today Poem denver Dec 5th
Hello Poem denver Dec 5th
AIDS Poem denver Dec 5th
You Hide Behind The Church Poem denver 1 Dec 5th
Liar! Poem denver Dec 5th
$ Poem denver Dec 5th
Evil Son of a Bitch Poem denver Dec 5th
Fuck You and Your Money Poem denver Dec 5th
BITCH Poem denver 1 Dec 5th
I Can See You Poem denver Dec 5th
-ing Poem denver Dec 5th
Never Come Back Poem denver Dec 5th
Cowards don't save lives Poem fighter4life Anger NonViolent Dec 5th
And people wonder why I am afraid Poem fighter4life Fear Dec 5th
Paranoid Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 5th
Fall Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 5th
Happy Endings Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 5th
Self-Rejection Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 5th
Beyond the Blue Poem greenmeadow Nature/Environment Dec 5th
30 Minutes Poem hhickson marriage Dec 5th
I fell in love Poem mylovep0etry Dec 5th
GUAVA Poem profrksingh 1 Dec 5th
Road Rash Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Dec 5th
Life isn't always fair Poem randyjohnson inspiration Dec 5th
The Westwind Poem rbpoetry Nature/Environment Dec 5th
~WHY!!!!!~ Poem road273 Devastation Dec 5th
Teary Clowns Poem robbo Dec 5th
To Rafia (A Promise) Poem shawon1982 1 youth Dec 5th
To 'Leesh (My friend) Poem shawon1982 1 youth Dec 5th
MUM IS ILL Poem sunflower_66 Dec 5th
Poem Poem xx_satan_xx 1 PostPoems Dec 5th
flying Poem 9inety Dec 6th
That Girl, It Girl, Tall Girl, Small Girl Poem anexod 1 Dec 6th
Krampusnacht Poem dblackthorne Holidays Dec 6th
Everytime Poem denver 1 Dec 6th
Dear Mom Poem denver 1 Dec 6th
until she comes Poem doyle51209 1 Dec 6th
The Mintute They Met Poem elliot_jordan2003 4 Dec 6th
Winter's Chill Poem feyfire13 Weather/Environment Dec 6th
Echolocation Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Dec 6th
Kaleidoscope Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 6th
C.P.R. Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Dec 6th
Lullaby Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 6th
Passion Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 6th
Laugh If You Dare Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 6th
Nightmare Nonsense Poem jonfeb 1 Dec 6th
a Street Fairie Bitter Like A Star.... Poem kayspoems Dec 6th
My life sentence Poem not_an_addict 1 Dec 6th
Brian Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 6th
BLOOD RED Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 6th
ENTER AGGRAVATION Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 6th
HIS HIDDEN SPIRIT'S POETRY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 6th
WHILE THINKING OF YOU (a fantasy ) Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 6th
PIVOTAL STEPS Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 6th
Like A Stone Poem shawon1982 6 youth Dec 6th
Uxorious Guys Poem shawon1982 3 youth Dec 6th
Two Care In The Face Of Disaster Poem thelohaspiral Dec 6th
Pillars of the Black Stars Poem AskeOgBen Dec 6th
Epitaph Poem AskeOgBen 2 Dec 6th
Moonwisened Poem AskeOgBen Dec 6th
STANDING TALL Poem trivking64 Spirituality Dec 6th
Quickstudy Poem charlax7 Anger NonViolent Dec 7th
TRAIN DELAY: A CAR Poem chris Children Dec 7th
A HEART DON'T REGRET Poem chris Song Lyrics Dec 7th
Hug Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Dec 7th
Consumed By Your Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 7th
Lets Not Worry Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 7th
Beautiful, splendid thing Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 7th
Be Gentle, Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 7th
Searched For Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Dec 7th
'07 Do You? Poem Joel 2 Dec 7th
More Berkeley Revival Poems Poem juliothegreat Dec 7th
the greatest weapon is love... Poem kaibabe88 Abuse Dec 7th
Skin Poem lostinnocence Dec 7th
Superficiality. Poem not_an_addict 2 Dec 7th
Black widow Poem not_an_addict Dec 7th
You Kissed them away Poem ozzypoemgirl Dec 7th
AT THE CORE Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 7th
.............THERE AFTER Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 7th
Not Ready Poem ruth_x_less Dec 7th
Again Poem tk2003 Dec 7th
The Story of Our Savior Poem trumpet7 inspiration Dec 7th
wind Poem 9inety Dec 8th
something sweet Poem 9inety Dec 8th
Imagine Poem dakotadarkhorse Dec 8th
The Dishes Being Washed Poem denver Dec 8th
The 6pm News Poem denver Dec 8th
Tears Poem denver Dec 8th
Tears: Version 2 Poem denver Dec 8th
the good mess Poem elle_graw 1 Dec 8th
Words Like Armor Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 8th
You Don't Know Me Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 8th
Manna Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 8th
Anemic Poem ghostwriter_1900 Dec 8th
Confused Poem indian_princess Dec 8th
They saved Me Poem natasha 1 Dec 8th
"Perfect" Poem natasha 1 Acceptance Dec 8th
Demise Poem natasha 2 Betrayal Dec 8th
Foolish Child Poem natasha 1 Dec 8th
Will you? Poem natasha Dec 8th
Blank Pages-- Best Friends Poem natasha 1 friendship Dec 8th
Innocence Through Another's Eyes Poem natasha 1 Dec 8th
Surrender Poem natasha Dec 8th
Something for a Friend Poem natasha 1 Dec 8th
My Someone Poem natasha Dec 8th
BlindSeer's Eyes Poem natasha 1 friendship Dec 8th
Morning Dew Poem natasha Dec 8th