On Krampusnacht...

The Krampus comes forth, ringing thine bell

From out of the darkness, resounding from Hell

Displaying thy rictus, switchel in hand

A demonic vision now walks the land

On Krampusnacht...

Krampii of every shape, color, and size

A devil's procession, yule fire aglow in their eyes

A messenger of nightmarish fane

This bearded beast with horn-crowned mane

On Krampusnacht...

Villagers cower with whispered prayers

Fearsome shadows cast with dusk to bring the night

Torches aflame with scent of brimstone's pyre

And some will vanish into thine black embrace

A thorny gash, a scion's choir

On Krampusnacht...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 6, Krampusnacht, XLII A.S.

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