Demon's wishes

Arced angels falling flat,

To the bottom of the devil's ocean bed

On top of the vertical scythes

That chop apart all reality and soul.

On the vast horizons sitting

The love of human kind, like a shore

On the seabed. There stands, the vast eternity

Surrounded by the golden septuple;

The creator;

The killer;

The sinner;

The stalker;

The lover;

The luster;

The controller.

Created by the vast eternal jewels.

Sat the holy grail on which the

New born seed was planted. To sprout high

With a squak and a growl like the animals high in the jungle.

Killed by the long,

Scythe that he carries. Grim endings

Shown on the horizons. Of beauty, comes

The watery grave which he agonizes come the thought.

Dawned by thievery like the man

Who took the crown and the robe of

The great man. The thief who took the heart

Of One Thousand warm blooded fools.

The dark misty depths,

Shrowed the vast darkness.

In the corners, lay the watcher.

Forever prying and wishing.

Once started off with a splash,

He gives the ring. Breaks the curse of

Chastity with a humble shove.

Thereby lay, the power and betrayal

Like the one who always wanted

And never lay hands down.

One person above all.

Knows all, Sees all. Thrives for all.

Works wonders to get what he wishes.

To get there, he shouts. Commands!


With one wish, the demon,

Got his one wish.

Eternity and happiness.

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