Somber Wish

With a sombre resplendence,

The striking force ploughed though

The iron gates whilst the coy demure

Of the launch pad sat idol.

Striking through all good, evil

Some may be a profound anguish

As the landing seems

To be like that which

Has only been found in the eyes of


As he lay wishing,

His time would come.

With the bemusement of others round.

Like the cold air striking the warmth

Of the splendid golden sands,

He wishes, he wishes.

Through the cold winter,

The warm Sun like that of a miracle.

From the southern cold comforting nomads

To the warm natives as the equator.

He wishes, he wishes.

Like the time will come

When his wish of a million people

Will come true.

The achievement like the gorilla who spoke

In plain English. Sits the man

Who forever longed.

Ring, ring ring.

Suspense flowing as the trembling figure


Call out.

With the roaring gunshot,

Invalid ghastly figures. A

Flood of red surrounding.

Last chance

Prayer to the holy matrimony.

Last prayer.

Awoken by the

Sound of buzzing.

Relief all round.

Stitched up heart

Like the new stitched up

Hope. As he lay dying.

I sat. In hope.

Pushing his wheels,

I shudder.

If only.

I wished.

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