The Grey Cosmos








The Grey Cosmos





She is coming from a
faraway galaxy,
hauled into
this sick and sad
world of ruin
—it seems!




If I am to seek out
the gods of
the numberless galaxies
in the multiverse,

I'm pretty sure
the angel Jophiel
will intervene!




Because here
we are..again,
entwined in my
own orchestration

which does not
even speak like
a Neruda, or any
of the symbolists or
poets for that matter.


Oh, how I




So I think these thoughts...

because I
am amazed
by glancing upon
your starlight
once again




this unspoken








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to R.


(Reedited:  04.24.2024 [05:23] edited "far away" and used "faraway" in its place  instead.)


(This particular poem was inspired also by those mystical circumstances surrounding its creation which, up until now, is deemed to be incessantly inspiring me that also seeming to catapult me into something far different than I have understood myself or about the world & the multiverse/universe so to speak.  It was composed around April 16, 2024.)

Nagsasalita Rin Ba Ang Biyolin? (in Tagalog language)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to R.


Reedited: 03.13.2024 (I formatted the font size at this point, to make it more readable for commonly used gadgets, as the original font in the default seemed quite very small —for me, at least.)



(Mood:  Kevin Kern - Sad Melody, Violin & Piano)



Reedited:  03.06.2024 [23:22] Naway = Nawa'y, the verses, when transfered, were not divided during cutting & pasting the whole poem from another the resulting format was retained as is (not grouped in verses, as it was originally formed).  Somehow, the format becomes part of the experimentation.

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