The First Time



The first time they talked,

Something feels different.

The first time they met,

Everything feels right.


She ran,

Hugged and kissed him tight

Like there's no tomorrow.


He ran,

Hugged and kissed her tight

Like she was slipping away.


He was her football superstar

She was his precious gem.

Together, they fell in love

Unconditionally and passionately. 





Is this what people feel after series of fights?

Numb, tired of crying, doesn’t care anymore?

It can be his fault, it can be hers.

Once, twice or thrice did she forgive him.

But all he does is bring the argument up again.


“Tracie is a boy.” He said.

But dressed as a hot nerd student on Halloween.

Is it already time to say goodbye?

He says he keeps on hurting,

Which is nonsense because he’s a boy.

Boys are immature men,

So that’s probably why.



I Love You

She said it everyday, 

   She thought they were

   On the same page. 


He was there with her. 

   Two long years,

   He thought she thought the same. 


Even if they talked everyday, 

   Those words mean different 

   To the both of them. 


"I Love You" they both said. 




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British Surprise

British weather is cold and windy,

One two three

He is like no other.


Accidents happen most of the time;

He is her accident,

He is her surprise; a wonderful surprise.


Thousand miles away,

Are hands that are yet to be touched,

Lips to be kissed,

And bodies to meet.

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The Union flag comes down once more
Another job done in a foreign War
Lets salute and march and take home or dead
As the enemy leaves theirs for the vultures instead
Young men missing legs and arms and friends
Come home to Britain to start again
Some go straight to jail
Others languish on the streets
One takes his life coz he is missing his feet
Fake Veterans parade on Remembrance day
Lying about how it was in `Their` Day
Their War was e-bay and a last minute bid
For ten medals and a beret
He hopes it will fit
The dead are still dead
The Fakes still cheat
A Royal Marines toes still itch on his missing feet.

© Tony McNally

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Down Town

Bright light

Intense heat

Dripping sweat


Smiling children

Hands Outstretched

Man on bike

No more smiling

People gone

Even hotter

Raging thirst




Eyes pealed

Look to my corporal

Hand in air


Scan road

Kneeling down

Aching body

Move again

Stop again

Move again

Hotter than Hell

Sweaty hands

Heavy armour

Sore eyes

Need a drink

Stop again

Kneel down

Op Barmer

Vulnerable Point

Banging head

Even Hotter

Move again

Smiling children

Blazing sun

All clear

Raging thirst

Nearly back


Switch on

Stay alert


Children laughing

Nearly there

Through the gate

Legs like jelly


Thumbs up

Geordie smiles



Time to sleep


© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A FOB is a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan.

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