Cut Me Deeper


I feel the ink flow through my veins,

After fearing it all had dried.

As once again, reality awakens muse,

When all hoping again, has died.


For a jolly poet, simply cannot write,

Unless it all goes tragically wrong.

So to hell with all the make believe...

And to hell with being strong.


I'd rather feel this release again,

As from me, this blood pours out.

A letting of this verbal plasm,

Pouring forth from an emotional spout.


A too-tight tourniquet of sorts,

Long staunched, a healthy flow.

But now, like before, it flows warm and red,

And eagerly fills again, a river of woe.


So muse, now cut me deeper still,

For we have poems to be created.

Since life prooved to us, yet once again,

The tempests will never, be abated.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, I am not now, nor have I ever been a cutter. It's a metaphor for the poetic 'RELEASE' ink, like blood.

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Guide Me

Guide Me

By Jfarrell


I was lost

Without direction

Without objective

Without destination


I was nowhere

In the land of fools

Being led by the blind

Forever falling


From when I woke

To falling exhausted into bed

I was lost

And going nowhere



With the siren of the Siren

You called to me

And gave me a way


Your sweet voice

Whispers in my ear

Leading me over mountains

Guiding me through the deepest chasms


I am coming

As fast as I can

Call to me, guide me

Give me the wings and I will fly to you


My most wondrous Siren




Author's Notes/Comments: 

guide me

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what stops me.

the words need to be beautifully-provoking

you cannot subjugate them.

they must remain random and free.

they will take time, but be eager.

and when it finally gets out on paper.  

you will feel better.


reach for that inspiration,

look for your muse.

and only time will tell

if the words can be put to use.

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My Enigma

I'm tired of hearing I need to be figured out.

I'm not a puzzle to be solved, not a question to be answered.
I don't see you hold your breath and wait for the wind to tell you how it sighs and bends the stalks of daisies
I see you smile as the breeze caresses your hair and cools you on a sweltering August afternoon
I don't see you close your eyes and refuse the stars their shine until they unravel the mysteries of the heavens 
I see you gaze, wide eyed, upon the burning celestial bodies that dot our universe
I see you drunk off wanderlust as the planets silently sing the beauty of the unknown 
The wind and the stars are questions that linger, yet you drink them in without hesitance 
I may not shine as bright
I may not refresh quite the same way
But I am 
And solving the greatest mystery within me cannot win my heart.
Running life's race alongside me, knowing it exists and falling in love with me while acknowledging the magnificence of this enigma I hold
That, my darling, 
will bring me to my knees.

Everything And More


You are my north star

When I'm lost at sea

You are my light

When I need to see


You are my only hope

When I have none left

You are my muse

When I've lost my words


You are my reason

When I feel I have lost it all

You are my truth

When I feel I am living a lie


You give me a reason to live

When I would lay down and die

You are my everything

When I feel I have nothing left


You are all this and more

You are my everything

Chad I love you

Need I say anything more?



Written on


December 29, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may have lost my muse, but I can still write. I guess I'm my own muse

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Why Did You Hide Your Face?

Why Did You Hide Your Face?


I've been away from you so very long.


I wondered where you've been?


What went wrong?



Peace no longer my consant friend.


Life's tragic losses took my heart


took my soul to places dark,


left me unwhole.


You, my muse, once my constant companion.


Where did you go?
You left me abandoned.



Did you wish me to find you?
But in that deep dark space,


where were you?


Why did you?
Why did you hide your face?


Ive been away from you so very long.


I wondered where you've been?
Why? Why so long?



Were you making me search for you?
Were you making me strong?


Without you what would I do?

Please dont.


Please dont stay away so long.


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Devil's Scarlet

"The muse is nothing more than the devil's scarlet. A cruel mistress in her own realm, demanding in her intentions of tapping you dry. Like gods we walk in the realm of emotional bondage, chained to our feelings like our bodies are attached to our soul. It is within the deepest perversions in our mind that we bury our most sacred treasure, and it is within the darkest spot in your soul do you find the true meassure of your worth..."

Damien's Lost Scripts Chapter Three Excerpt

Lost Treasures

(Excerpt from Damien's Lost Script Chapter Three)





Chapter Three


'The Muse'



I grew lost within her seductive trance. Feeling the rhythm in tandem to the beating of my own heart and I knew the deal was just signed by the devil herself. My desire quickly escaped my grasp as I tried so very hard to remain strong and in control, however my passion took over and I once again found myself at the mercy of temptation once more. Was my fate finally sealed?


I had gave in, knowing full well the price to be paid. What I had enjoyed only moments before will now hound me until the day I die. That nagging voice in the back of my mind, whispering and taunting me that I had succumbed to a moment of weakness and for that another regret is burned into my soul, a reminder of a bad choice. A mistake that I now must try and learn from. “I had fallen for a dream, fell hard and way to fast. I knew it was doomed from the start, a dream never meant to last.”


When I wake. I will find myself alone as the dream fades back into the recess of my subconscious mind. My eyes will open once more adjusting to the foggy haze as it filters out the last remnants of the images and thoughts experienced only moments before. Washing out the old allowing for the new day to bring to me an unsung muse. Where in this life inspiration is nothing short of a gamble.

The deed is done. My soul bartered for some twisted carnal desire, satisfied by a fleeting moment. The devil stole my pride, as she denied me the gratification and instead chained me to the rack of desolation. Where hope, your only source for strength becomes contaminated by her greatest skill. She will speak lies to your ear and on this day when you look within that mirror, you will realize that you are facing the worst parts of your own self.




'To Woe'


For my friend of Sorrow by;

'The Dead Poet'




My beautiful friend, oh sorrow. I know you well

to even be there for me tomorrow. I've seen the pale stare,

from the dead rider with no soul, no whisper of care.

To lust for the Mistress of lost intent. Rape the
values from your heart to only then repent.



Save yourself;

The wicked children, who masquerade as men

sailing under a banner of sin, a game and nothing more to them.

Forgive and forget, the worse we get. Bartering flesh and soul

just to get your next fix.”



To woe, this bitter taste I know. To admit defeat,

every damn mistake I've managed to repeat. As sorrow

will be there shadowing my feet. The mocking joke

that this became my life, the same hidden gem in disguise.



Save yourself;

I slip into complacency in the way I allow others to treat me.

Constantly in a struggle for self credibility.

A vicious cycle that only perpetuates the loathing and torment.

To slip inside the blue waterfall, and gaze on perfection.

Dreaming of distant worlds, all the while

failing your own conscious thought.”















Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've decided to give you all a little sneak peek at chapter three to 'Damien's Lost Scripts' As you may have noticed I've posted several chapters of 'ThoughtShock' up on my vault here, This is due to the fact 'ThoughtShock' will be an online ebook as well. I however have not decided if I want 'Damien's Lost Scripts' to be available for download. I will of course post more information about the two books at a later date, lets just say ThoughtShock contains a message; My Lost Scripts however are of a more personal nature.... Hope you enjoy this chapter. and as always feedback is encouraged!!

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Volume One






Heaven is so bold,

your beauty brighter then gold

heaven is so bright,

looking in your eyes I can see its light


"The sky is blue,

bringing in something new

heaven is nothing without you"


Heaven is a place where my angel can sing and dance

where your beauty will only enhance

and can never be sold

wither or grow old


"The sky is blue

bringing in something new

heaven is nothing but you"


I've told you this a million times

I've said this to you through a million rhymes

your beauty goes beyond that of a million minds

and those of infinite finds

You are my heaven, without you I'm left with nothing

and trapped in the darkness

you are my heaven, my queen

hoping that I can be your king


"The sky is blue,

bringing my angel something new

Heaven is everything about you"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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