In My Mouth

We should be more than this.
Every time I close my eyes we kiss.
Just want your snake bitten lip, in my mouth,
with my hands moving South.
It's about time we found an end,
to this game we call pretend.
We both know this is more,
and it's time we explore.
I won't runway if you give in,
it's about time to sin.
See I've been waiting for you,
I know you love how we do.
And I got all the time in the world for this....
just to feel your snake bitten lip,
in my mouth.....
-Jay Pierce
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about one night 2 years ago that has never let me go! 

Bird of paradise

Lessons in life,

come hard once they start-

Like you can’t unkiss a mouth

And you can’t unbreak a heart.

Every action, a consequence

And every move, a mark.

Channeling spirits in love and in fear

Holding me in the dark

What can I say, but I’m sorry?

And what can you do but be gone?

I’ll see ya’ in the next life.

You’ll recognise my song.

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