self choices

Love’s fate


 A girl I met a match in heaven,

 More dark as me could be no better than my old lucky number seven.

Our lives started so grand the faults so small,

Being without each other just makes my skin crawl.

The people came against us one by one,

As every year that past we became that much strong.

Almost seven years now under our belt,

When she is not drinking she makes my heart melt

To wake every morning her face I first see.

The feelings in my heart larger than the sea.

To realize after time I have choices make,

 These choices so hard that will certainly control our fate

Written by,  Rob Casteel

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The Path We Walk

How can we walk down this path,

Where light and dark so violently clash?


The darkness is always pulling and tearing,

So unlike the light, always loving and caring.


They twist and mingle, making slight spots of gray,

But you shouldn't even harbor a single thought to stray.


To stray from the light would mean such corruption,

That your mind'd be lost, you wouldn't even function!


Though the light can be at times so stark and so strict,

To disobey would mean that you'd be made a convict!


And convicts they absolutely don't stand for,

You'd be banished, with them kicking you right out of the door!


It still makes you wonder though,

Could I just place in it, a single toe?


To feel what it's like to love and to hate,

Not to be emotionally barren, like such a clean slate.


It matters not to me though,

For I will always know.


That this is my path, and mine alone,

Though everyone else has their own.


And I was born for it, as it was made for me,

It shall never escape from me, nor shall I flee.


Because we were meant for each other,

And there shall never be a chance for another.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

     This poem was originally based on the jedi and their code, and I started to write it soley based on that. But, during the proccesse of typing it, I accidentally hit the refresh button and the page reloaded, deleting all of what I'd just typed. And my memory is terrible, so of course I couldn't remember what I'd just typed. I was unhappy to say the least. Oh well, I hope you liked it anyway.

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