experimental poem

The Conqueror








The Conqueror





She is the conqueror..
—a girl from the
Spanish conquest


As if dawning like
the sky, —instead of
conquering, she got


Indeed, ingenue and young,
If only we all knew
Carl Jung


Never faulted in our

fault-finding sphere,
the casuists called
her dear


Fragility of the heart,
too insurmountable
to be broken by concrete blocks
—that some called art


Hell no! (Millennials disagree!)
We are all just suffering

from anomie!








Author's Notes/Comments: 

This particular poem is dedicated to a co-worker of mine.. in my third (current) part-time job in the US.

befallen heavily on a dreary window








befallen heavily on a dreary window






doused, but not

teary eyed, for someone

as haughtily remembered



her commanding spirit

stoking the carbon's fire

to let her own sulfur

in the nightsky—fall



just when the twinkly

sky holes under

the blackness of

his inimical blacklight



how many renaissance

should there

be in the starlight—



the beauty therein

laid down starless

in her dark gown

—darkly galore!



should their passionate

voice(s) be emptied

like a shell


a gunslinging

bad actor in a

criminal film or gore

in all its horror—



it's never a fight to

the finish,
still remaining in

their leashes



love undefined

for contrasting viewpoints

like untoppled realism

how the angels speak

in religious experiences

studied in mysticism



say hello to the Great Flood

and the world of the

we can't all be fishes—

stoners name-calling stoners








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the peaceable reed








the peaceable reed





the peaceable reed
(of their ilk),
like the bountiful
rice variety



so nice to look at

—those slender




like the idylls
of European creativity

in this case,
any person that talks




all conversations
that have that potential
for explosive eruption




the friction is everywhere,
a gruelling task


normal life's allusion



now, may i ask
how she
managed to endure
such horridity?



(answering the plea—)



boy, it's not love..
just affinity!




reed, reeds, stalks, etc.

calling it love (yet involving cultural variances)

skyscrapers, tall buildings, city buildings, commercial buildings, etc.








calling it love (yet involving cultural variances)





it's as if they know—

how to lift their wings
to fly



only to be able to reach
that glorious blue sky




it's when city dreamers
really, really
could dream high


yet trying to go on their
own particular ways—
not even finding relief, sigh!
would you still hold me
until the golden dawn?

tell me what year are we now, again?
we're here, olden.. but then
we still have  
fallen apart, as you joked

—that you bleed—
(unrequited love?)

that's how we
pass the blame to reality
but really, it could just be
an untranslatable word

for perfect love




mere affinity—







 skyscrapers, high rise buildings, city buildings, built environment, etc.

untitled (true music)








untitled (former working title: true music)





as if one have
all the value judgements

in this—


tribulation period,



if only wind
instruments were
invented to share
a message, —


would souls
truly speak
in the present moment?



time & its insignificance





like metanoia
—a paradigm shift—
suddenly, anxiety
changing one's drift





from kabbalah
to phonetics
linguistics, semantics
hermeneutics of the Torah


from ancient

to the renaissance

what more can
one presage?









if a believer

prays to a false God

[of an othered religion]

permitted but








wronged sainthood






senile syllogisms & oblivion








candy tears

candy tears

in the dead of the night
she whispers
again while

i knew she was
the music
that she listens


it is the unfoldment
that scares
us mortals

because of
our undistinguished


we long for
the perfect honeyed



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to come to know another (a breakaway discovered among groups of birds)








to come to know another

(a breakaway discovered

among groups of birds)





to come to know me is
to deep dive to me



to not resent
the unanticipated
cavernous dark
sides or hues



what an awful
surprise that would
be if you had
that false image
before you love



an idea far-flung
gets into your
then let birds
fly away

forgetting everything
in their flight—








in that one-way mirror again








in that one-way mirror again







high up in his flying train,
he gathers up his
thoughts once again




a seeming intersection
while the Tokyo music
was revivified in his
digital song collections




sure, they never admitted
their needful urges just to
warrant their utmost desires




to live in heaven peacefully
but the firmament,
where was that exactly?




we may forever escape
our scathing and snide
remarks thrown unto each other




the overarching cultural
relativism, capitalism,
individual differences,

language barriers,

denialism & its power




your misdeeds are forgiven
by him, like a muscle twitch
unlike when he needed to scratch
whatever it is when compared

to an itch




he came along
she was the song
but just without words
and tender caresses
of samurai swords










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moonless twilight (original working title: —like a moonless twilight)








—like a moonless twilight





the dead of winter
make things
not right



not all countries
dusted by snow
to their heads alight



it does speak
through our fallacies
and biases alike



our dreariness,

like a moonless twilight








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