experimental poem










it is our gentle
strides along the shore
after all

nothing like
escaping our
personal persecutions
like fences
are so tall

we held each other's hands
like broken vessels
as if crushed, fine sand

at least in these trials and tribulations,


help us understand

that we are still roaming around

this earth like spirits

surely reincarnating

this view is telling me
how rocks are cute pebbles

which can be awe-inspiring

bidding farewell
seems another
wonderful story
to tell

songs that play forever

life that's duller can be
fuller, brighter

—like a creative healing miracle








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N./Inspired by N.

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beach bunny

beach bunny

it's rare to find a
cute bunny on a beach
with a tropical rainforest

often the
price for the
oceanside homes

but why?

I'd like to contemplate
but escape
is just a word that
resemble a getaway

yet the
dreaded city streets
in my town
seemed a trap

are we all
getting stuck
just like that?

—That's what's up

where else
would I want
to go, if you may ask

It's not that my
already dimmed skin
wanted to bask

in the amber sky
but this can also sound
like doing a task

And if you OR I shall
cry one day when we
figured it is a cask

a picturesque view
it is not anymore
something that we can

still mask

ocean, oceanview, oceanside, beach, beachfront, amber sky, seashore, shore, sea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N.


Reedited 05.04.2024 [02:15] (Added a hashtag #escapism to the "Tags" box/space provided.)


Reedited 05.02.2024 [23:51] ("no longer"= "still" - I replaced a double negative in a verse, which was unnoticed before during its composition; therefore I had simply replaced "no longer" with "still")

the thing i have for her

the thing i have for her

what is it really
that drives
this business
of the heart

to feel the pulse,
the energy,
the vibes,
the market's
upward trends?

Is it high art?

the clashing views
and tastes
in society's

i am but an
of this self-study

which I hope
one day:  that I could
face the sunset
or what they call

Is she the starlight?
I dream only:  her
soul whispering
to my delight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N.

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The beauty of paradise overlooking the horizon

The beauty of paradise
overlooking the horizon

There's nothing more
that she could have ever

wanted in life

Hers is a sun-kissed
white-complected skin,
in the tropical
rainforest clime

Knowing her
has given me
an outburst
like my inner child,
as I grappled within,
still wandering
innocently—thru time

but she is not your
basic woman,

I never did see her
to be a typical lass

that is influenced
by social artifice

because she grew up
according to her
own terms, not foisted
as if by any other
person or an opinion

—she knows herself
well, to know what it is
that she likes;
which she signifies
whatever she would want;
yet coy of her dislikes

in a world that is totally
hers & hers alone

how I wished I can
understand this mystery of
to know more about

& the gift of life sublime!








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N.

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city mirk








city mirk

roaring subway car
a dreary mind
oblivious of
his own life track

blustering voice
adding to

annoying noise

buildings that
are drab yet towering
concrete structures

what once was
a very beautiful flower
cropping up in a

pavement crack

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Reedited:  04.26.2024 [07:43] added "in" after "cropping up"; Reedited some wordings and other elements at least, maybe, three times..because I am a bit groggy and could not get it right.)

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The Grey Cosmos








The Grey Cosmos





She is coming from a
faraway galaxy,
hauled into
this sick and sad
world of ruin
—it seems!




If I am to seek out
the gods of
the numberless galaxies
in the multiverse,

I'm pretty sure
the angel Jophiel
will intervene!




Because here
we are..again,
entwined in my
own orchestration

which does not
even speak like
a Neruda, or any
of the symbolists or
poets for that matter.


Oh, how I




So I think these thoughts...

because I
am amazed
by glancing upon
your starlight
once again




this unspoken








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to R.


(Reedited:  04.24.2024 [05:23] edited "far away" and used "faraway" in its place  instead.)


(This particular poem was inspired also by those mystical circumstances surrounding its creation which, up until now, is deemed to be incessantly inspiring me that also seeming to catapult me into something far different than I have understood myself or about the world & the multiverse/universe so to speak.  It was composed around April 16, 2024.)

—just a frightful, forgotten lore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to R.

Beautyganda (in Filipino language with a coined word)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This expermental poem has also been partially inspired by my most recent researches on A.I. generated images which had consequently catapulted me to write/compose something relating to the ideal beauty in my own predilection that coincided or have had happened at this particular time..during my studies about aesthetics and aestheticism...and my actual notions on Love, expressed in Filipino.


The term was invented by myself [I hope I coined it first] as I cannot translate what I have in mind at this time to denote both beautiful and cute [I often refer to it as, perhaps in my own invented word, "Cutieganda"..] which was also supposed to be formerly included or have been used in this particular poem. Thanks for reading on.