I hate when people twist my words

and say something that's so absurd

their misconception gets transferred

and so my words remain unheard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a tweet that was twisted by some idiot and had a bunch of other idiots reading into that...crazy stuff...had to mute the conversation. I debated about deleting my original tweet but then thought I would rather leave it as is so maybe somebody might actually read what I said and realize it wasn't me but some twisted idiot that misquoted me. I can't imagine what it is like for celebrities constantly being attacked by stupid stuff like that. I guess you just have to tune it out.I am sure everyone is misunderstood at some point and it's no fun.  At least it inspired a poem I guess. Ended up deleting and blocking. Frustrating stuff but inspired this poem and one more for tomorrow so far...so some good came out of it. #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #April2021 #PoemADay #Day 16 about six hours early but who's counting?

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That smart girl

That smart girl in front of the class

Hand always raised.

It seems like it`s all so easy for her.

And to the sky she is praised

That smart girl goes home

Sit down and study for 8 hours straight

Wanting to be great

For each failure cuts her to the bone.


People not understanding why she`s to erratic

Calling her dramatic, fanatic, and problematic.

Frustrated to the point of crying
She acts like she`s dying

People don’t understand the meaning of that low grade
But her mind goes on a self-crusade, feeling betrayed.

She does her best and still it`s not enough

Because this stuff

Is just too rough

And she can´t bluff

So, home she scuffs

Here she has to discuss

If in her, her parents put to much of their trust.

Being ready to combust

She is hushed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is simply for fun and people should be free to make their own interpretations.


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Amidst the fertile loam of teenage angst, the battling suffragist,
Passion rages, tears cried in vain,

And budding futures bright, begin to fill the pages,
But feelings never felt in wholeness, become habit to the thorn,
A tender heart beguiled and blamed, brings bitterness and scorn.

They wander down the road where other travelers pass them by,
Without a word, no stories heard, of when or where, or why,
The fragments of what could have been are hardly ever seen,
Tied in knots, the path is charted, the soul in silence keens.

The years they pass with savage blunder, utter wrecklessness,
With hollow heart and acrid thoughts ensued, no niche to rest,
A pocket full of wonder that cannot afford to dream,
A misdirected vessel cursed with the odds it will careen.

But if by chance a passer-by is sensitive to light,
The splintered pieces of a soul like this could shine, despite,
One second of compassion can determine years to come,
One smile can start a caring flame,

Reviving some old pleasantries and bringing back

A blithesome nature to a life derailed by rejection.

Practice kindness all your life, don't underestimate,
Be not stingy with your heart, or you'll reap second rate,
You'll reap what you sow and get back as you give,
And just how much means little when you've inspired a life to live.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about some of what authentic kindness and compassion can do.

I Remain

Nobody else can see
The glow
Of evil eyes in
The darkness.
They are used to the shadows
And Give up themselves
Though I remain

They try to convince
This anxious soul
To settle down
And sleep.
They all have grown tired
And they surrender quickly
Though I remain
To fight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments please. :D

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just a nobody

i always try my best

to get pass any obstacle

yes i succeed

but, yet i still fail

because im a nobody

the things i do isn't good enough

because im a nobody

i can get every ones attention

and stiil be unnoticed

because im a nobody

i can save a life

people would say it was a luck

because im a nobody

im tired of feelin like a nobody

because i am somebody

the only people that look at me as nobody

are the ones that think they are perfect

but, when they need me in the end

they will look at me as a somebody

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