Pilgrimage of Life

Pilgrimage of life
Birth to promise and elation
Probability of contrary
Conundrum to commence

Ready at the foot

Voyage broken upon a path
Adversaries of nature
Aghast at the burden of the future

Drumming ten thousand forward 
Sojourn to harken
Blurs with voices 
Epistles in the dirt

Past of echoing
Distortion of a journey
Antique of earth 
Written in stone
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The Poet

No, the poet does not strive to "make 
the reader understand." The reader (that 
intangible abstraction) cannot mold

the poet's path, the poem which, of itself, 
is born upon the page, chasing nothing 
but its own sweet dream. It is I, tangible, 

individual reader, who must rise 
to exigencies the poem dares me 
try and find significant—it is I, 

always I, must climb the heights the poem 
lures me climb, with all due dangers posed, 
all delights unveiled before my eyes,

until finally I have found the path, and made
myself worthy of the poem's infinite beauty 
and deep significance.

It is then the poem will open up its calyx,
give off its fragrance and sweet scent,
to transform our lives with unspeakable,
sublime Wonder.