*Help Me Understand*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


How do I go on

When someone dear to me was wrongfully taken

How do I deal with the fact she is gone

God is putting us through hell

The hurt we can't explain

This pain put upon us was mistaken

The way we feel with her loss

We don't know how to tell

The memory of her still fresh in our minds

To bring her back for my mother I'd pay any cost 

Now only above is a lasting storm a lasting rain


I'd do whatever it takes to find

A way to put her memory to rest

And help my mother cope and be strong

And make my mom remember all is for the best 

Make her understand

That she's done nothing wrong


But how do you help someone go on

How do we go on with our lives 

When she's lost most of all

When she's lost her only angel..her mother 

One who she can no longer call

Even our God

Our one above

Our holy father 

Can't help her up after she may fall

She can no longer tell her mom "I love you"


Or celebrate any holiday

Because she is in heaven surrounded by blue

She has no way to talk with her mother

No way to say

The things she holds in her heart

The way my mom really does feel

Now that her mother has part

No one who tries can heal


Only her mother had that power

From the start 

But now she's above

With God and his angels in the sky

We can no longer experience her love

Just answer me this 

At a young age of 75 

Why did she have to die

Making memories with her mother she will always miss



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my nana. I love you and miss you so much. She died of cancer