Satire on Justice

Perverse & Bazaar

Satyre on Justice 

All rise , to the honourable Name that we Mention
In Justice we stand , or fall at her discretion
Yes, its Her honour,  Yor honour,  and Mine
And it'd be Her honour to Kiss my Behind.
Why, whats This you say, Mocking my Court?
She will say, and expect no retort.
Why your honour, your supremeness of grace
May i modestly comment? I speak in good taste?
Bespake me  I did to that shrew with conviction 
Decidedly earthbound the jaws of who listen
May i candidly mention your honor,
Your judgement, not right, my life it did squander
Ponder a moment, or maybe for two
How easy it is to be courtship, like you.
The grife and hardship left in your wake
Too proud to think as you make no mistake
Take this and note it, your court is a farce;
 Its The taxpayer dollar that greases your arse
Truth makes you Shudder at ev'ry  mention
So long to your poet,  dragged off to detention.
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The Masterpiece




I thought I'd draw the silhouette

Of how it made me feel

When you died,

But since there was nothing inside,

The page remains blank to this day.

I never want to see that masterpiece.



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Her Perspective

I found a girl, and saw her perspective
Silent, yet surprisingly reflective
They claimed she was away, entirely defective

But I knew otherwise just from the look in her eyes
I saw through the silent, and closed off disguise

And from there, I saw the immediate connection
Completely dissected, but still searches for true affection


Her warm, yet crooked emotion
A calmed, yet broken devotion


Silent, but struggling for her sound
and yet, still not a face found


Her skin torn, gone and rotten.
Her mouth stolen, words lost, ignored and forgotten.


She was exposed to all of the morbid things
Corrupted lies, and uneven broken wings


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew


And she left sudden, without a word,
Her existence she seen was too blurred


Before I could realize, she was gone and done
Did you ever wonder what life can become?


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew..


Many years ago I had a friend whose life came suddenly to an end.


What could have caused my friend to die before I chanced to say goodbye?


For a while I drifted aimlessly as I tried to understand this tragedy.


What could have caused his life to go?  Why so sudden? Why didn’t I know?


It was a passing that was unforeseen, what, if anything, could it mean?


It showed me how we never know our time to come or our time to go.


I made a vow at his gravesite then, to never let that happen again.


To tell my family and all my friends before our lives come to an end


How lucky I am in their lives to be and how very much they all mean to me.


It’s funny how the simplest things that set our world aglow are oftentimes things we already know.


But sometimes it takes a tragedy to help us be the person we’d like to be.


I think of my friend often with a smile and a sigh and I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye.


Even today there is nothing I wouldn’t give to tell him how his death taught me to live.


I’d thank him for teaching me long ago to tell people how I feel before we go.


So I will never again have to wonder why...or have regrets when we say goodbye.



Thanks old friend for helping me keep that vow...Hmmm...I wonder if he hears me now?

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When someone is taken senselessly, like the victims of Sandy Hook

We don’t know where to go for answers, we don’t know where to look.


We are angry, no we are furious, we are bitter…we are sad

As we not only mourn the loss of their life… but the life they should have had.


When a hurricane randomly destroys whole towns as it did on the Eastern shore

People begin to lose their faith, “Why me, God?” they implore.


The truth is there are no answers and any reasons would be imprecise

Besides when you stop to think about it, is there any answer that would suffice?


A firefighter from New Jersey combined with a host of volunteers

Has found a way to ease the pain…to substitute laughter for the tears.


It’s called the Sandy Ground Project and it was started as a way

To provide hope where there was none…at a place where angels can play.


26 playgrounds are being built so that in time we won’t overlook

The teachers… the children…the families…the victims of Sandy Hook.


They’re being built to help the people who perhaps now need them the most

The people and families who lost everything when Sandy roared up the coast.

We all have tragedies in our lives and must cope with the sadness they spawn

We turn to our friends and family as we search for reasons to go on.


Then one day we smile, not that we’re over our loss, for that sorrow will never end

But we ask ourselves a question and the answer helps our heart start to mend.


We think of the person whose life was cut short, we are forced to reflect…to review

Then slowly we step out of the darkness and ask…what would they want us to do?


And though it doesn’t help ease the sorrow it does help us all to survive

Because the answer to that simple question helps welcome joy back into our lives.


And if we’re lucky the joy and the sorrow coexist, yes they find a way


Perhaps together they form the hope we all need…at a place where the angels can play.

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beautiful tragedies






to live life within the virtue of hope,

much easier done, 

when there is no one to help you cope,

living every day 

under an umbrella of protection,

gives you no hope at all,

it just feeds a lack of introspection,

but fall into the darkness,

of being bound and blindfolded,

with a gun at your head,

not knowing if you'll survive,

hope rises from the depths 

of a soul meant to be here,

and when the trauma is healed,

you know you're meant to be alive,

like milk that is warmed,

with all the right stuff,

hope rose to the top,

and taught me hope, 

brings more than enough,

hold a grateful heart,

always conscience as your guide,

but if you face desperation,

make sure hope is at your side,

all in our lives,

happens to us for a good reason,

as long as you do your best,

your healing will find it's season.





5:57 PM 7/13/201 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ultimate Salvation

One, Two

My wrists I slit because of you,

You were a bully;

Life wasn't fair.

My punnishment ultimate;

The consequence here.


I seek death,

I seek eternal rest,

An end to pain,

An end to the pest.


The ultimate salvation,

The best of the best.


This is your punnishment;

This is because of you.

I hope you know this,

I hate you.


My note, 

written of blood ,

Shall describe my death at the fault of few.

Take message from this, 

My unlikely friend,

Life will take,

All it gave to you.....






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I am dead

I am dead, that is that, right now my only friend, is this scary rat, I'm in a sewer, it smells real bad, a man shoved my body here, it was real sad, he killed me with a gun, a blow in my chest, then he put me in this sewer, and laid me to rest, the funny thing is, I wasn't completely dead, he put me down here, and thought in his head, " she must be dead, I shot her heart", no actually, you missed that part, so for a few hours I laid, in agony and pain, trying to keep, myself sane, now I am dead, I'm sad to be, and I haunt the man who murdered me.

lil susie

LiL Susie

Such a sweet name

If only that was all she needed to get that fame

Born through a bitter deed

With a rapist's seed 

Poor mother never got to raise her kid

Died during birth and was gone

Susie did not have anyone

Dad later died in a shootout

While she left different foster homes cause she was kicked out

Despite that she always smiled

Grew up to beautiful woman who was never wild

What caught my attention was she always wore long sleeved shirts

And was always alone when the sun sets

I thought of her as an artist. A perfect saint

I'm a fool because what I never knew was that her body was her canvas

And her blood was paint


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