lil susie

LiL Susie

Such a sweet name

If only that was all she needed to get that fame

Born through a bitter deed

With a rapist's seed 

Poor mother never got to raise her kid

Died during birth and was gone

Susie did not have anyone

Dad later died in a shootout

While she left different foster homes cause she was kicked out

Despite that she always smiled

Grew up to beautiful woman who was never wild

What caught my attention was she always wore long sleeved shirts

And was always alone when the sun sets

I thought of her as an artist. A perfect saint

I'm a fool because what I never knew was that her body was her canvas

And her blood was paint


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Although you present several

Although you present several obstacles in her life that are heart-wreching, your profound respect for her also gives her victory over them.  This reminds me of certain Roman poets of the Augustan age.

J9thxciv (Januarian)

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Thank you so very much. That

Thank you so very much. That is a fantastic compliment I doubt I deserve.

She is strong and unlike many others will not buckle under the weight of the world, she can show signs of weariness because none of us are superhuman in the physical sense, but mentally we can move mountains or bear their weight with proper motivation/ circumstances 

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Wow. That is deep. I really love that.

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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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Razor Sharp Insight

I felt her pain before the first drop of red - intense write ~~Lady A~~



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thanks :)

thanks :)