It’s My Time to Fly!

The sky of success is not far away,

It can easily be kissed I can say,

So many miles I have to go,

So many things to know!


I have myriad hearts to win,

Loads of works to begin,

The ocean of creativity,

I must cross utterly.



It’s my time to reach the sky,


It’s my time to fly!

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Sweet Surrender


Someday, sweet surrender

You'll have me by your means

Will you take me softly?

Will you make me scream?

Someday, sweet surrender

Your laugh will be the last

Upon my deafening ears, linger

I'm falling to your grasp

Someday, sweet surrender

My memories will surface, tenfold

Hushing my mind to silence

A lonely descent into the cold

Someday, sweet surrender

The fireflies will fly, high

Above, below, around me

Ashes dance upon the sky

*If I Were An Angel (2)*


 December.10.2007 3:28am/ May.24.2015

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


If I were an angel

I'd sit down and cry

Because I feel so helpless

I can't do anything as I watch the world die

I can't seem to figure a way to clean up the mess

All I can do is linger and wait

Wait here above the clouds in the sky

Once again a life is taken because of hate 

As I caress my wings I sit and begin to sigh

Today no one can help not even fate

I must go now

I better hurry before I am late

So many souls not enough time to do it all

I don't know how

Greeting each man woman and child at the golden gate

Each waiting for me to to do my name call

There are too many rushing to get in 

I ask them to line up against the cloud wall

I then tell them

This isn't a competition no ones going to win

So please walk slow

Your turn wil come around

Even though in the back of my mind

I know the line will only begin to grow

So please wait and be kind

People stand there sad as can be 

Walking without making a sound

Their loved ones they no longer can see

But if they look into thier heart

The loved ones can be found

They truely never did part

The pain they felt is free


If I were an angel I would find a way

To put this evil vibe in the world to rest

Every night I pray for that very day

But every day seems to be a test

I don't know what to do or say

All I can do is my best

Greet each person with respect

Wrap my wings around them and hold on tight

I will guard them from neglect

I will try to make things right 

I'm their angel now

I will protect them the best that I can

Living in heaven I will show them how

Right next to thier side

I will forever stand

The truth to them I will never hide



*On The Wings Of An Angel*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The wind on my face

The clouds thick before my eyes

So soft like cotton balls

The feeling like lace

My angel calls

Keeping my grip

As my angel flies

Holding on so tight 

As we take to the bluest of skies

Such a beautiful sight

As we get up so high


Such an awesome view

From my angels wings

Flying next to the birds

Who fly among us


Up in this heavenly blis

I feel so light

So free

Down on earth

I surely don't miss

It is definitely a gorgeous sight

I can not wait until that day

I have a pair of of my own wings

I can't wait until I'm on my way

Because up here 

Time for me stands still


I have no fear 

I have stress

With the pink blues and reds

This joy it fills my heart 

Up here my life is calm

Not a complete mess

Unlike down on earth

Where my mind is never at rest 

Always fighting the demons inside me 

Everyday God putting us through these tests


I want to stay up here with my angel

I want to remain free as I do 

I want to remain as I be

On my angels wing

Feeling happy and free

And listen to the melody she sings



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my daughter shaniya helped me type up this poem. she read it and i typed it. I love her so much

*How Long Till I Fly*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

How long till I fly
The time spent
It's as it's meant 
Wondering if I'll get that high

For now I can only sigh
Wanting to know how long till I fly
Wanting to know if I will reach the sky
If I don't reach it soon I'll just die

So close I could touch
Finally I see the stars
This moment means too much


This is the time I will fly
I will reach my goal
Today I will pay the toll
I will reach the never ending sky



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is an old one and just now rereading it well ive gotten better and my poems have gotten longer lol..its always good to see how far ive come

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Al Azif

Cthulhu Mythos

Original Arabic title,

Al Azif, Necronomicon;

Noise of desert insects,

Buzzing around...


The howling of demons

Is this very sound.

When one day you read aloud

From the pages of a Grimoire

And a insect, a fly, comes out

Then stop reading or shout out!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

Mortal Angel

Light and Dark

They think I’m an angel

And they’re right, I guess

A fallen being of light

Now just a shadow of former glory


I gave my immortality

To the mortal I loved

And she threw it away

Without second thought


I can no longer fly

I try to repair these torn off wings

With the broken pieces of wedding rings


As the air around me turns to ash

Ashes to ashes and from ash to dust

Is this what mortality is like?

Is this the ravages of time on me?


But with my death, I find life

With my mortality, I enter the immortal


For Death, is only the beginning.

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Rock Me Free

RoC me gently,

RoC me boldly,

You smoothe me out,

You heart and soul me,

Wave the wonder of your words,

Like flower petals luring hummingbirds.


Rock me tender,

Rock me sweet,

This stardust lands upon my feet,

Tingling toes and inch by inch,

So freely twirling, it's a cinch,

Fly me, fling me, let me soar,

Now and forever, my love,

More, more, more!!!


2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Free!!! Inspired by no other than...RoC~~~~~READ



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Home Sweet Home

There comes a time when your surroundings becomes too familiar.

you know every pothole, 

every crack in the pavement, 

even the clouds seem never changing. 

it's then that you know you must break from the comfort of your shell and fly.