I slip, falling hopelessly.

I hold my breathe relentlessly.

I stumble, trying to get back up.

Only to be pushed back down.

They yell at me, throw things at me.

All these obstacles keep popping up.

I dodge, I fight, just trying to do what’s right.

I don’t give up, I won’t back down.

I barely make it through each day,

I’m oppressed by this world of pain.

Then I finally hit the cold hard ground;

I lay there and stare up at the cold dark sky.

I curse, I cry, I beg to die. 

I try holding my breath to stop my cries. 

This pain is endless,

my body is now a canvas to the scars that cover me.

I try hiding in the dark so they stay hidden,

then my inner demon breaks free.

Then all that anger that was built up inside of me,

is released I’ve been set free.

I glow red with anger,

It’s like an inner flame has taken over I now show no shame.

I will seek out revenge on this hateful life. 

No longer dying I feel alive.

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