Started With A Kiss


My vision starts to fade,

my heart starts to slow,

I sit on the street,

under the street-light glow.


I don't know what happened,

it went by so fast.

Started with a kiss,

ended with a blast.


How could I do this?

Let myself go?

Considering the circumstances,

I'm at an all time low.


Sitting in the cold,

a hole in my chest,

couple more seconds and,

I take my final rest.


No more pulse,

I see only black,

can't breathe anymore,

brain function I lack.


Blood on my hands,

the last sight I see.

I spoke the truth,

She was the death of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And here we have the second piece of what im putting up today, a rather tragic break-up gone wrong. One more is on it's way, then I promise to post regularly until my work is all posted. And, of course, all criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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