Budding child

Budding child
Cried for joy
laboured books
Arrested for hours
Exploring the nature
Strong desire of hour
Realising all stress
Father took out for ride
Joyfull looks
tried capturing all around
All at once a gentle blow
Hammered by mom
How did u do!
I did well mom
Double hammed mom
Was it just well or best
I did very best mom
Oh! god you are so kind
My son! did best in test
Shuttered all joy
Hammer upon hammer
Or father drove home quick
All at once
Remembered how i were
In screwed childhood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A child reaction to mother for being over concerned .

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The Mission Beyond





(photo from lightworkers.org)



he feels dejected,

grim, down-in-the-mouth,

mirthless, mournful, 

moody and droopy,

dragged, trite,

and nothing is right, 

anguished, forlorn,

woeful in the depths of despair.


he tries to think 

of sweetest memories,

but as he casts his 

grappling hook to 

secure his ascent

over the walls he's built,

the rope becomes 

frayed and breaks.


the weight of his 

guilt has grown too 

ponderous, and his

spine too soft to

bear the rigors 

of the climb that he

now sees he must 

journey on his own.


sinking deeper into

his abyss he struggles 

to remember something 

other than this limbo

of darkness and dread,

the disbelief of this reality

he fails again and again

to overcome, and desperation sets in.


clinging to old feelings,

and the desire for a love 

long gone, he withers

in a sea of hopelessness,

and every good memory

takes him back to the 

bottom of this wallowing 

pit of sorrow and pain.


people pass by,

some with compassionate

flurries of empathy

that quickly ferment to feed 

the destruction of any 

aspirations for change,

and the nature of his misery

flourishes unto his bitter end.


he thought she was his world,

and now she's gone,

moved on to another dimension

on the wings of a dove,

to blaze new trails without him,

but his mind cannot accept

that was the whole purpose of 

their meeting in this life.


she came to prepare him

for this dark night of the soul,

and his task is to overcome it,

he listens for her voice

to soothe him as it did before,

and the scorching fires of 

truth that strip his soul naked

have left him angry and inflexible.


and when he sleeps, 

she watches 

through timeless portals,

the man she left behind, 

and wonders 

if he'll ever pass

the test 

of this lifetime.


he doesn't seem 

to understand her whispers in the dark,

he only understands the love they had so long ago,

he's trapped in something 

only he can bring unto an end,

or wander in his denial, his heart never to mend,

for unbeknownst to him this lifetime is his only chance

for them to ever have another lifetime in this dance.



11:41 PM 8/7/2013  ©



This is a test

To truly test a person's integrity,
To seek out and find one's hidden identity.
The careful predator watches his prey,
Through the night and every day.
Persistence is key, devotion a must,
Burrow in deep and attain their trust.
Be mindful of this sacred oath,
Be conscious of your personal growth.
Remaining unseen, the permanent mask,
The unrelenting, the arduous task.
Revealing yourself, the most dangerous game,
Comes not with love, fortune, or fame.
They watch, they listen, they think, they speak,
The notch has risen, a link in their clique.
The truth will not rise from what lies in their eyes,
The cries of their lies scream behind their disguise.

A final thought before we part,
Trusted you take this lesson to heart.
Remain true to yourself, and never lose hope,
You can always trust the lens of your scope.
Keep reeling, keep feeling, play the hands that they're dealing.
Keep talking, keep walking, the monster still stalking.
The jaded persuaded and degraded the faded.
They graded, they rated, they hated, the jaded.


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Math MSA (Maryland School Assessment)

Never knew probability
Do not like a math theory
Always make a mistake
Use chances I should'nt take

I learn then forget
It's something I wish I never met
Whether it's adding or diving
From my grade it'll be subtracting

But then they go and give me it all
Just to sit and watch me fall
It's like torture in a test
MSA, killing kids East to West

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