Other Woman

Party Pinata





Mexican Pinata

(image from fiestapinata.com)





Hung low 

upon the strongest branch

of your oak tree,

I allowed my own slaughter,

our blindfolded children

you and that other woman

so kindly raised to master 

use of your verbal machetes, 

you spun them

'round and 'round with twisted truths,

cunningly directed them for many years,

by your pathetic, hopeless fears,

with skillful cowardice,

weilding their innocence

to carve the gashes just so,

slicing me open,

like a party pinata 

at a reunion,



and your sick family,

you always used to say

how much you hated being 

outnumbered by women 

growing up,

i hang lifeless now

in their eyes,

from the butchering,

the tree branches curved,

and the leaves withered,

and as my blood drips down 

to feed your roots,

 the only scintilla 

of honesty you seem to 

be able to muster from all those years,

 --that you have not changed at all,

and for myself, 

my once empty hand is full of

what is left,

--only compassion for you,

feeling what it must be like 

to be you,

and who i was 

long ago.


2:34 AM 8/13/2013 ©



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I think my ears are broken –
did you say you have a date?
I’m thinking that I’ve lost my mind
or perhaps its something I ate.
Because it simply is not possible
that as it grows so late
you could have just announced
that tonight you have a date.

Let me see if I understand –
You’re dressing for your date?
You simply have to dash right off
you can’t afford to wait
You must hurry now to prepare
to pick her up at eight
and you are always right on time
when you show up for a date.

The words you said confuse me –
You’re going on a date?
Pardon me if at first
I seem to be irate
I’m not going to engage with you
in some kind of a debate
I’m telling you I’m quite pissed off
at you and your precious date.

But don’t you worry, never fear
for the safety of your date.
Understand quite clearly
that though my anger’s great,
I have no desire whatsoever
to become a new inmate.
So later on, don’t come back here,
just make it a permanent date.

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