Monthly Archive for August 2003

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
أنا لست شاعرْ Poem almouallem love Aug 1st
Ramblings of a fallen angel Poem angels_eyes_only Aug 1st
The Tears Fall Poem ChandaBurton 1 regret Aug 1st
UNDER CONVICTION Poem beaconzbard 1 regret Aug 1st
SILENTLY I STOP Poem beaconzbard regret Aug 1st
F***ing Off Yourself Poem doktoravalanche 2 Suicide Aug 1st
zig zag Poem gemboy Kiss/Kissing Aug 1st
to the future Poem gemboy Aug 1st
loud music Poem gemboy Aug 1st
one too many Poem gemboy Nature/Environment Aug 1st
with no fire Poem gemboy 2 Nature/Environment Aug 1st
santanoni Poem gemboy Nature/Environment Aug 1st
Clam Poem grahf Aug 1st
Untitled5 Poem gunfire Aug 1st
Hatred Poem gunfire Aug 1st
Weasles XD Poem gunfire 3 Aug 1st
Writers Poem hhickson 5 work Aug 1st
soul and god Poem inditanu 1 Aug 1st
Heal Poem jenfool 1 inspiration Aug 1st
Real Poem jenfool Abstract Aug 1st
Pretty in everyway Poem jesusmyjoy 1 Aug 1st
Angst Poem jgupta 1 Angst Aug 1st
Capable Of Begetting Poem jgupta 1 Children Aug 1st
TAKE ME NOW AND HOLD ME FOREVER Poem ladydp2000 1 love Aug 1st
My heart's a garden Poem meso Aug 1st
When it grows dark on this road Poem meso Aug 1st
Darling have my gun in your pot of honey Poem meso Aug 1st
What the people want Poem meso Aug 1st
Another day Poem meso 1 Aug 1st
BAGGAGE RE-EXAMINED (about feeling depressed) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 1st
SOME MORE HAIKU Poem profrksingh Haiku Aug 1st
I ASKED Poem rachela Song Lyrics Aug 1st
The River Poem KristinaMetro 1 Nature/Environment Aug 1st
Sunshine Bringers Poem Sasha_J Angels Aug 1st
Theres a Fire Poem Sasha_J 1 Lust Aug 1st
Heavens Bloom Poem Sasha_J 1 Aug 1st
Drown Me In Your Pool Poem Sasha_J Aug 1st
Burning Needs Poem Sasha_J 1 Aug 1st
Content in My Hollow Poem Sivus choices Aug 1st
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU AUGUST 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 1st
MALAYSIAN HAIKU AUG 1, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 1st
أسير معكِ Poem almouallem love Aug 2nd
Ethoscape of a Dream Poem arindhol 1 Aug 2nd
Dinosaur Shit Poem arindhol 1 Aug 2nd
Death's Journey Poem beautifulgashof... death Aug 2nd
The Storm Poem bluecollarclay 1 Change/Transition Aug 2nd
WhY iS iT Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
EsCaPe Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
A cHiLd Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
DiTcHeD Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
IcE Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
bLoW Poem crimzontearz 1 Aug 2nd
aFrAiD Poem crimzontearz 1 Aug 2nd
To Erase Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
WhY dO i Poem crimzontearz Aug 2nd
Enlightened Darkness Poem doktoravalanche Aug 2nd
Plastic Existence Poem doktoravalanche Human Nature Aug 2nd
Who needs emotion Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Peaceful Poem hatter 1 Aug 2nd
Cactus Poem hatter 1 Aug 2nd
Mirror image Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Ant Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Thorn Poem hatter 1 Aug 2nd
Just Between Us Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Pendulum Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Bottle of water,a clock, and a box of granola bars Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Trees Poem hatter Aug 2nd
I was lost Poem hatter Aug 2nd
Inner-self Spritzer Poem hernameinflames Aug 2nd
i am just like you Poem hushbaby 1 Aug 2nd
Untitled 48 Poem hushbaby 2 Aug 2nd
shit happens Poem hushbaby 2 Aug 2nd
Trust Poem jenfool Abstract Aug 2nd
Sorry Poem jenfool Abstract Aug 2nd
Conscience Poem jgupta 1 Awakening Aug 2nd
I'm to much a hassle(song) Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Aug 2nd
Fritter Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Cut To The Chase pt. I: Hot n Heavy Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Nothing Between pt. I: Opening Welcome Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Carosouls pt. I Poem merkaba11 Word Art (ASCII Art) Aug 2nd
Journal Turmoil pt. I: The Pinch of the Pen Poem merkaba11 Depression Aug 2nd
Rust Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Garfield Poem merkaba11 Short Story Aug 2nd
Leftovers Cooked Just So Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Approachings Poem merkaba11 1 Abstract Aug 2nd
Sound Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Uterus Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Oval Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Poorsapp Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 2nd
Stethoscope Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Sandbox Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Charm Of Doledrums Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Juices Flown Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Doorway Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Rowboat Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Portrait Picturesque pt I Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Rhinoceurosis pt. I: Eden's Tongue is Never Wrong Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Boomerang pt. I: Karma Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Age and Dust Poem merkaba11 Life/Living Aug 2nd
Poet Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Cowardice pt.I Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Doppelganger Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Cup + Saucer Poem merkaba11 Abstract Aug 2nd
Ogre Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Baby Bears Poem merkaba11 Stress Aug 2nd
Misery Mystique Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Moths Ethereal Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Measles Poem merkaba11 1 Aug 2nd
Drab Continuum Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Famine pt. I: Hyphen Bent at the Belt Poem merkaba11 Depression Aug 2nd
Story & Strategy Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Driftwood Poem merkaba11 Aug 2nd
Ooo baby Poem oh_so_odd 1 Aug 2nd
Austin--Coming Back Home Poem onelilartist 2 Aug 2nd
Austin--Family Traits Poem onelilartist 1 Aug 2nd
My demise Poem raminastar 1 Aug 2nd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU AUGUST 2, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 2nd
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU AUGUST 2, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo 1 Aug 2nd
Time Poem adam03cc Aug 3rd
Entre mis lلgrimas Poem amores 1 Aug 3rd
Damn You Keith Logan For Stealing My Word Poem arindhol Aug 3rd
Reply to Zesty Poem arindhol 1 Aug 3rd
!!!!! رســــول الـمـــحبـــة !!!!! Poem asaihati Aug 3rd
Panic Attack Poem beautifulgashof... 2 Fear Aug 3rd
Secret Feeling Poem beautifulgashof... 2 Lost love Aug 3rd
Perfect Place Poem beautifulgashof... 1 love Aug 3rd
Maybe Poem casper06 1 Aug 3rd
DoNt Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
NiGhTs Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
HeR Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
LoVe Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
CaRe Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
iDiOt Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
MoOdS Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
RaGe Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
OoPs Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
MiStAkEs Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
dEsTiNy Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
TiMeS Poem crimzontearz Aug 3rd
Reminded Poem dhoomedprincess Aug 3rd
YOU HATE ME Poem doktoravalanche Hate Aug 3rd
Part 2 Poem fo0l4u Aug 3rd
No Life At All Poem fo0l4u Aug 3rd
It Hurts Poem fo0l4u 3 Aug 3rd
Fly By Poem fo0l4u Aug 3rd
Part 1 Poem fo0l4u Aug 3rd
*You-Sue* Poem fo0l4u Aug 3rd
Home Again Poem fo0l4u 1 Aug 3rd
A Broken Promise Poem fo0l4u 1 Aug 3rd
* Poem fo0l4u 3 Aug 3rd
white light at night Poem gemboy Nature/Environment Aug 3rd
shade tree mechanic Poem gemboy Word Play Aug 3rd
summer rain at midnight Poem gemboy 2 Loneliness Aug 3rd
generic love poem Poem gemboy Kiss/Kissing Aug 3rd
time and youth Poem hardgal Aug 3rd
unrequired love Poem hardgal Aug 3rd
Tennis the Menace Poem hernameinflames Aug 3rd
Emptyness Poem h_town_poet 1 Being Loved Aug 3rd
These Last Days Poem h_town_poet 1 Goodbye Aug 3rd
The Dreamer Poem h_town_poet 1 Abstract Aug 3rd
My First Time Poem h_town_poet 1 Abstract Aug 3rd
Truth Behind Love Poem h_town_poet 1 love Aug 3rd
Untitiled Poem h_town_poet 1 Abstract Aug 3rd
Blind Justice Poem h_town_poet Acceptance Aug 3rd
To Take A Leap Poem h_town_poet Fate/Destiny Aug 3rd
In Your Eyes Poem h_town_poet 1 Aug 3rd
1000 Miles Poem h_town_poet 1 Aug 3rd
Time Poem h_town_poet Aug 3rd
Brew Poem jenfool Abstract Aug 3rd
EVERY DAY Poem ladydp2000 friendship Aug 3rd
GUARDIAN ANGEL Poem ladydp2000 friendship Aug 3rd
ODE TO BOB HOPE Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Aug 3rd
Soilstorm Poem merkaba11 1 Short Story Aug 3rd
College Essay Poem merkaba11 1 Devotion Aug 3rd
Neanderthallergic Primatizations Poem merkaba11 Life/Living Aug 3rd
Gazebo Panorama of the Inevitable Parable pt. I: Wrinkling Waters Poem merkaba11 2 Aug 3rd
" Rainbow Promises " Poem onelilartist 1 Aug 3rd
Halloween Poem onelilartist 2 Aug 3rd
What do you see Poem sweetiepeachy Aug 3rd
MALAYSIAN HAIKU AUG 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 3rd
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU AUGUST 3, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 3rd
Daugther of a Goddess Poem zendog8 confusion Aug 3rd
CRAZY Poem zendog8 Aug 3rd
Dark and Lonely Poem zendog8 Aug 3rd
A Beautiful Girl From Above Poem zendog8 2 Aug 3rd
Angel Poem zendog8 1 Aug 3rd
A message Poem zendog8 2 Aug 3rd
I Notice Poem zendog8 Aug 3rd
A Wish Granted Poem cjhickman68 Poetry/Writing Aug 4th
Questions Poem crystal_chicka2006 confusion Aug 4th
C'est Lamour Poem doktoravalanche love Aug 4th
Reminder Poem dyingpoetkr love Aug 4th
SunShine Poem elliot_jordan2003 Compassion Aug 4th
TIME FOR A CHANGE Poem elliot_jordan2003 Aug 4th
(Cocain Addiction) Poem elliot_jordan2003 1 Faith Aug 4th
ELOPE!!!! ????? Poem elliot_jordan2003 Apathy Aug 4th
Escape From Reality Poem elliot_jordan2003 1 Aug 4th
Tiny Blades, Tiny Scars Poem eyesreadvacancy 1 Aug 4th
Brand New Promises Poem eyesreadvacancy Aug 4th
!Dear Diary! Poem fo0l4u 1 Aug 4th
Rumble in the Jungle Poem grahf Aug 4th
The Truth About Danger Poem grahf Aug 4th
Dreams Poem hernameinflames 1 Aug 4th
Beaches Poem hernameinflames Aug 4th
shipwreck'd Poem hernameinflames 1 Aug 4th
Untitled 49 Poem hushbaby Aug 4th
Untitled 50 Poem hushbaby 2 Aug 4th
Notice Poem jagedpyro 1 Aug 4th
~Would You Like A Donut?~ Poem kat 2 Aug 4th
Drizzle Poem merkaba11 Aug 4th
Over The Windowsill Poem merkaba11 Aug 4th
Wunce Poem merkaba11 Aug 4th
Strains Poem mywrittings Aug 4th
Sailing in the clouds Poem otuyaxpresses Aug 4th
Reminiscing Poem phil_carcione 1 Change/Transition Aug 4th
Recently Poem respectedpoet Aug 4th
The Enchanted Forest Poem KristinaMetro 1 Aug 4th
CINQUAIN-The Model Poem serene 1 Abstract Aug 4th
MALAYSIAN HAIKU AUG 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 4th
PRECIOUS HAIKU FOR YOU AUGUST 4, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 4th
HEALTHY CHILDREN POETRY - AUGUST 04, 2003 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Aug 4th
Real or Not? Poem twiztid_girl_ 1 religion Aug 4th
False School Poem twiztid_girl_ 3 School Aug 4th
One Last Plea Poem twiztid_girl_ 1 Drugs Aug 4th
The Signs Poem twiztid_girl_ 1 Suicide Aug 4th
Pow Poem twiztid_girl_ 1 Anger Violent Aug 4th
Pool of Blood Poem twiztid_girl_ 4 Suicide Aug 4th
Only Fifteen Poem twiztid_girl_ 3 Escapism Aug 4th
You thought... Poem twiztid_girl_ 1 death Aug 4th
Coming to an End Poem twiztid_girl_ 6 Depression Aug 4th
What I remember... Poem twiztid_girl_ 3 family Aug 4th
Doubt Poem withpen_inhand confusion Aug 4th
Drifting Smoke Poem withpen_inhand Lost love Aug 4th
Cuando menos te lo esperas Poem amores 1 Aug 5th
I Believe... Poem cathycavalcante Acceptance Aug 5th
Chessboard of Life Poem doktoravalanche Spirituality Aug 5th
They Say Don't Poem elham Aug 5th
They Say & I Say Poem elham Aug 5th
ميرمية تسكن بردتها Poem esmat11211 Aug 5th
Another Dream Poem eyesreadvacancy 2 Aug 5th
Your Promise Poem fo0l4u 2 Aug 5th
Learn Poem fo0l4u 1 Aug 5th
Miles Poem grahf Aug 5th
Natural Disaster Poem grahf Aug 5th
That Night Poem jagedpyro Aug 5th
----------- Poem jagedpyro Aug 5th
Her Poem jagedpyro Aug 5th
Aimee Poem jagedpyro Aug 5th
When Tiger Lilies Bloom Poem kenneth_ameigh love Aug 5th