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Newport ,Tennessee,United States

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I love to write poems....sing....and sleep..I like to cook and dance....and cleaning and organizing.I enjoy knowing that I am a very intricate person who knows what she wants out of life!!!

I am a 35year old mixed girl...I am a daddy's girl...I hold the world in my hands and I don't need anything from anyone...The only thing i need is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my children. The way I express myself satisfies me and that's all I am required to do. If I satisfy someone else it's just a bonus.My kids and I are doing great and that's also a bonus! I have written a book called "Faith in Clearview" I would love feedback on it.God Bless you all!!

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It's not an's not an's just there...It's also pierced

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Life, it's the ultimate sin, a game with no rules you are expected to win!!


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