I Believe...




I believe my lot in life,
Was carefully chosen and planned.
Set in motion for a purpose-
Not so, that I am damned.


I believe my fate was sealed,
Much long before I cried;
Long before I knew the pain,
Of the diseases I have inside.


I believe its been two-fold,
By way of ability to write.
That through my words, I can help,
Others to see some light.


I believe it was always His intention,
For me to be a guiding source.
Of understanding, comfort and support,
To those who walk, my same said course.


I believe its a sacrifice,
That He has requested I take.
And after all that He has given,
Its the least one, I could make.




I believe its destiny,
And won't be all for naught.
That for all the question's 'Why?' I've asked,
Its the answer that I sought.



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