Chessboard of Life


On the table of cosmos, at the very far end

Is the corner of life, and shuns from the sin

Gazing the board are the king and his wife,

Gazing over the chessboard of life.

The field is grisly, the men, war torn

They feel as if their lives are forlorn

The feel as if they are forsaken,

Every time a piece is taken.

Black and white, the colors of war

Good and evil, a cliché seen before

And all the kings horses and all the kings men

Charge into battle, again and again.

Righteous pieces, are the white

Jesus rides upon the knight

A holy bishop standing tall,

Ready to obey God’s call

A rook stands ready, his name, St. Peter

The Queen is Mary, no one can beat her

A row of good hearted pawns stand steady

Their weapons of truth are at the ready

The king who reigns from his golden throne

Is none other than God, and God alone.

Cross the field, to evil’s dominion

Ripped apart by bias opinion

The harlot of Babylon, the queen for the black

A row of demons, prepared for attack

Four horsemen are ready to start their ride,

And the bishop preaches Satan’s lies

The rook is the tower of Babel so tall,

Ready to stand?  Or ready to fall

And on the throne of blood and pain

Sits Lucifer, upon evil reign.

In the chessboard of life, there’s no guarentee

That what you do is righteous you see

There’s no guarentee, it’s life as is

So you must have faith, as God is bliss

On the chessboard of life, you’ll lose a few

Will it be worth it when the battle’s through?

When all is over, and all is gone

Your most valuable piece, was that tiny pawn

The little ragged soldier, with the beady eyes

The beady eyes, that always cry

The tattered clothes, the feet with no shoes

But that pawn was willing to fight for YOU.

In the chessboard of life, there’s more than a knight

There’s more than a rook, there’s more men to fight

Even the tiniest pawn so serine

Can cross the board, and turn into a QUEEN.

In the chessboard of life, there’s the black and the white

Tell me my friend, for which side will you fight?

Satan and his ill willed army of spite?

Or God and his glorious fire of light

The battle has started, across the field

Move’s a demon, bearing hate’s shield

The shield was broken by none other than love,

Another piece taken by God, up above.

A counter strike, is underway

A horsemen rides, early that day

St. Peter is killed, mourn his death

A point fort the black, Satan does jest

The war torn land is fought for all day,

And in the end, scattered astray

The pieces are beaten, on both sides, a tie

And all accomplished was fighting to DIE

But what’s this I see in the corner, a pawn?

The ragged old pawn is making a run

To the corner of the board, he is changed

Into a queen, set to win the game

Horse has fallen, Jesus is crushed

Under the weight of his mare, he thrusts

An open hand to the ragged old man,

Who will save the future of life, if he can

Revived in a instant, Jesus’ Horse

He ride’s on a bearing, a strictly set course

With the queen, they defeat, in moments last stand

Satan is dead, no more plague to man

Armaggedon was won that night

A battle was fought, like no other fight

And what did you learn from the game just won?

A scrawny old pawn, can save God’s own son

A meager old pawn can cross the field

And take the game, with new power to wield.

On the chessboard of life, ragged old men

Have potential to become queens again.

On the chessboard of life, when up against hate

The tiniest pawn can whisper "Checkmate."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even the tiniest pawn can become a queen.

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