Cut To The Chase pt. I: Hot n Heavy

Extended Poetry

“Pt I: Hot N Heavy”

Oh, grievances I behold in my cold arms

In my cold fur shivering so hard

That it stands up by hind legs

Hot air balloon ascends like the sun

Moving slowly by my nippy nose

Like the circus big top

Inflating with the audience

That is too much a mouthful to behold

Oh, grievances that sink into the snow

And disappear

That sink into my eyes

That are installed so neatly so ever cruel

So they’ll never catch loose

Like a snowball on the move

Like dripping poetry

Ever growing slow as sap

As slow as snow adds up

As slow as a deep breath

Oh, dire, oh, the morn weeps low

Early in the sky

Tears so hot it melts the snow

Spray-painted on the soil

Oh, my, oh, so little toes!

As the hot air balloon rises high as heat

And cries away the snowball fight

Rain washing windows

Hot and heavy as gravity

As tears peer in to catch a little glimpse

Behind glass

Behind backs

So unaware

Oh, eyes see the grievance in her

See the loss inside the empty hole

Submarine surfaces

Slowly, slowly, slowly

Sticking out the periscope

To sniff the cold air and take a dip

And take a breath

And flex the muscles of control

It pretends to have

A bully he is

But snooping around for a clear size

And an easy pocket to shove his fist into

Oh, grievances me

He smells my blood

Fee fey foe fum

Oh me, oh my, where to go, where to run

My hands but full of snow and shivers

All tickling me to marionette me to a dance

What’s a boy to do?

Eyelids slowly close over the sun

Like a weary baby

As it yawns itself a slow tune

Lullabyed to slow sleep

With still cold feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The final Decay poem, it's about bullies, and is also used as a sum-up to the ideals and feelings of the book. I actually won an honorable mention with this poem. I had submitted it to a statewide student magazine: Connecticut Student Writer...

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