Latent Prince





Part I of II



This is the story of Larry Joe Prince

And the way Arizona stole his innocence.

It is written with hope that there may come a day

When a wise judge will grant him his moment to say

All the things so conveniently left out of court,

Made American “justice” look more like a sport,

With a high-priced attorney that didn’t think clear,

And the false testimony of one with much fear,

And the state prosecute thought “I’ll surely reach fame”,

He said, “Hell, I don’t care who the state wants to blame,

It’s a paycheck to me; I don’t care about truths,

It’s my ego I feed, I’m a low lying sleuth!!”


So they all drew their “guns” on that guy Mr. Prince,

Absolutely no shred of secure evidence,

They proceeded to send him to death row to sit,

For the murder of one that he did not commit,

And the biggest and worst sin of all that was done,

Was the way that the people held on to their “guns”,

They embraced all the lies to evade what was clear,

As revenge prevailed justice with each little tear,

And for those in the grave who just watch from above,

With no longer a voice to teach them that real love,

Is not proven by putting the blame on a man,

Just because he is there….cause the courts and you can,


See the proof of one’s love speaks out so very clear,

Even after the grave when one’s body’s not here,

You will hear their soul cry, and you’ll then know for sure,

If they’re resting in peace or they’re haunted some more.


There are families that hide from life’s reality,

The dead man in this case begs you hear his soul’s plea,

Make amends for the errors you’ve made in the past,

And put down all those stones, and those already cast,

If this dead man could speak he’d have something to say,

Of the circus that ran through the courtroom that day,

And if not for the dead man then do it for you,

Cause we all have to answer to God what is true,

Larry Prince knows he’s clear and he wins either way,

                              Cause he’s INNOCENT judge, the state’s in disarray.                                

So please read all with care on this day we implore,

Please don’t look at this life as a game where you score,

It’s integrity that is of stake in this court,

And it’s not mine or yours it’s this country’s that’s short

Of a quality no longer active today,

If it dies, it’s the lives of our loved one’s…they’ll pay.

Take your time, read it all, and be true to your heart,

And we’ll all pray it’s not too late for a new start.



Part II of II



They all loved cocaine but they hid it from Dad,

He just couldn’t believe that his kids could be “bad”,

So his eyes he did close, and they stayed tightly shut,

While his best offspring died with that stuff in his gut,

And they said, “It was murder”, and placed the blame there,

Yes, it’s true ‘bout that bullet and blood in his hair,

And the roots of that crime have been hidden so well,

By the real guilty ones with the lies they did tell,

For those self-righteous ones that just stared and stood by,

And condoned this deceit without batting an eye,

For the cowards that watched as the killers went free,

Be aware this could happen to you or to me,

And your sons or your daughters could one day be led

To a place where they wish they would rather be dead,

So now don’t be afraid to let truths in your ears

When your children are hurting with eyes full of tears,

Don’t you cower or shudder, don’t whine and don’t wince,

And remember the story of Larry Joe Prince.


Written in parts, from 2000-2002

Original Copyright 2002 

Registration Number / Date:

                   TXu001112792 / 2002-12-02




07/21/13 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of how justice can go awry when emotions rule instead of justice ruling.



Dear Jan


My one dearest Jan,

Where are you now?

I see you've been gone

From our hometown


It's been three years since I last saw you

I regret that I ever knew you

It was nothing but disgrace

You made me fall far from grace


I was 15 

and knew nothing

You were old enough

To fool my young heart


I loved you too much

And soon when we touched

I never knew when to stop

Then you put me down to drop


That deep feeling was too high

It seemed too new to me

Those sad times were full of lies

But doubts never crossed me


They said I was  lucky to have you

I guess they just don't know the true you

Your sick self that frightened me is far from

Your sweet face you displayed in our last prom


You acted so good

You fooled her too

She fell to your traps

Like me with your match


But you never loved her

Bet her clear vision blurred

'Cause she loved you too

The way I used to


Dear Jan, I'm turning 18 now

But Jan, I still remember how

You lost my trust and love

Replaced by tears and grudge


I played fair through your rules

I played games though so cruel

Then you laughed at the end of it all

Then I cried, "I should have known"


I was 15 and thoughtless

I danced through your flames and traps

You were 18 and ruthless

You planned that sad, heartless match


Dear Jan, I cried back then so hard

'Cause Jan, I gave you all my heart

You made me lose all of my faith

Yet I stood up after those fails


Jan, I'm smiling again now

Jan, I can love again now

Though they failed too

They weren't like you


Even if you answer things I ask

They can never bring back the past

You made myself hide for some time

You made my heart cry the whole time


Lessons from you should be learned

Pictures of you should be burned

Three years ago, I was naïve with you

Recalling you, I now know what to do

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Facade of a clown

Seems I worry for no reason.. I fall asleep wishing for a change of season.. 

so much for surrounding yourself with "people that care" ..  we all need some fucking fresh air.


in matrimony you bled, everything twisted backwards..

you fled, flew away from your mistake..

she hurt you, it's something that can't be erased..

newly wed, lay in bed... with sorrow written all over your face.


was I but your placid escape..? like a rope thrown out to sea, for you who was drowning..

age doesn't matter, because who was counting..?


my thigh hurts now.. at least it's only my fault, & no one else.

funny how when people hurt you, they blame you for it..

& when you hurt them unintentionally, they still place blame.

either way, it's all the same.

so that's why I alone, will be the one to hurt myself.

you just stay the fuck away.

the damage is already done, no need for you to put me down.. i'm not a silly clown..

your laughter brings disgrace... I want to rip out your teeth... 

everything you've said to me won't be tossed to the side so willingly..

but i'll try to forget.. & let God take care of my revenge. 


whatever you've inflicted upon me, will come back to you.. 

you think you're so righteous, so holy.. the one & only...

you think you've crushed me...

silence will be my greatest defense.. a smile will be my shield..

i'll carry a knife, dug within this heart..

& next time you start, i'll dig it right into you.


this battle is far beyond our comprehension.. it's between the angels & demons, God & the devil..

so it might not look like i'm doing anything.. but I have both on my side, both defending me.

because he who knows the war runs deeper then words..

deeper then feeling.. deeper then anything you could possibly see..

will be the one winning. 

the angels know what you've done.. they touch my hand, to re-assure me of their loyalty..

the demons have a chamber for you, down in hell.. you'll be put to work, under a spell..


my fragile existence will not crumble..

this crippled mind will not give in... 

you'll be entranced by the spell of eternal misery...

working to pay back the debts you owe, to those whom you've put down..

criticised, judged... beneath that facade, you're the clown.. 

Your feathered friend by Dfx

I wish I were a bird so that I could fly
You may see me take wing to soar upon high
Riding air currents, upward I'd sail
With the sun on my face and the wind at my tail
Closer to heaven in hopes I may find
The strength to forgive to obtain peace of mind . . .
. . . On second thought . . .
. . . I'd glide low, search from too and fro
for road kill, carrion and corpses
On all of these I would feed with greed
Until struck with the urge and filled with the need
Then, across the horizon, swift wing beats would lead me to perch in that tree just outside your homestead
And when you came out, taking careful aim
I'd shit it all out all over your head
Tweet, tweet A**H==e

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When revenge is what you desire in your soul
Anger and hate have taken control
be careful not to call upon the one named Samael
for he brings only suffering and death and none shall be saved
even those who call him from hell,
even those will suffer a fate worse than the grave
the price of revenge is set very high
for the soul of the caller must take his place
to bind and be bound to walk in torment and never to die…

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Malevolence *Mature Readers*

Volume Three


“You're a downright creeper,
welcome to my nightmare, as I take you even deeper
down, down the rabbit hole, In the end not even god will want your soul”

Hey you,
Yes you. I know that you beat that little girl down,
wrapped her bloody body and buried her in the ground.
As you whistled your sorry ass back to town.

Hey you,
Just let me get my hands on you,
and I will teach you something new.
Suffering is something you only thought you knew.
Welcome to my horror show, your nightmare now made real,
Now I will whistle as I slowly stalk you through the field.
The suspense, is a killer. Every brutal second you will feel.
You did not expect that I would sink to your level,
dumb ass did not even know I am evil.
For I have embraced the monster inside,
It became as easy as shedding your pride.

Hey you,
I saw that man you beat to death,
pleading to you even in his last breath.
Then like a coward you ran, leaving him to die
and to everyone you breath as easy as you lie.

Best lock your door, drop to the floor.
For the beast is back and hungry for more,
could not quite grasp the beauty of the last attack.
For I will be the shadow over your shoulder,
I will be your doubts, that haunt what you are even about.
The fear that will consume you, as you start making mistakes
tripping on the paranoia, lets raise the stakes
If you make it out of my trap alive,
I'll finish you slow with my dull knife.

“The fool who plays the jester in the lions den”

“Which way do you go? Each direction leaves you in my pull.
My prize you may ask? It is your vary soul. The high stakes
game, where no one survives, no one gets out alive.
Now this is where you drop to your knees to pray,
crying for someone else to come save the day.
Let me lock you in my dungeon, headed straight for the guillotine
In the age of decay; Beauty is obscene

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to go to a vary dark place for this piece, and honestly do not believe I came out the same on the other end..... I finished this sonnet last night, however decided to hold off from posting it till today; for a few reasons but the main one was that I had to reflect on this one. Because this will not be the last from this set, (even though I had decided to post it in my Third Volume.)

So let me know what you think....

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My eyes fill up with tears.
Is there anything I can do to stop it?
they flow out.
I want to erase you.
Out of my heart
Out of my mind
Out of my soul

It isn't easy.
Thinking of you

It hurts so much.

Please make it stop.
I beg you.
For all the good things
I have done for you.

This is how you repay me?

By ripping my heart in half.

I feel empty.
I no longer live.

You have made me into a lifeless monster.
The only thing I have to do now
Is take my revenge.

I begged you
To stop.
I told you
It hurts.

But you didn't listen.
You never do.

You flaunt to all your friends
At what you have done to me.

My tears have dried.
They have run out.
Because of you.

It isn't fair.

You get to live peacefully and happily
While I suffer in this bottomless pit.
My heart is gone.
I am alone.

It isn't over
Not yet.
Not until I have made you feel what I felt like.

By the end of this,
You'll be begging me
To stop.

And then,
Even then,
I won't stop.

I won't stop,
Everything you made me go through.

The humiliation.
The fear.
The depression.
Except 100 times worse.

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Anger in my soul

Some men killed my brother so I killed them.
I realize that one day I'll pay for my sins.
I hunted those men down and killed them one by one.
They didn't have a chance and killing them was fun.
My judgement may have been clouded because of the anger in my soul.
The hatred inside me took over and it took its toll.
I loved my brother and he was violently taken away.
I decided to make certain that those men would pay.
The grief and hatred that I felt made me become unhinged.
I will probably go to hell but at least my brother is avenged.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on a true story that took place during the early 20th century.

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His Final Revenge

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

He who lives below the sun
Knows nothing but himself
To he who knows but anyone
He suffers from your health

He who cannot hear or see
Lives to speak a final word
His final word that speaks to thee
To thee who only overheard

The rock that kicks the person's feet
The sun that sings the heavy tones
A life of crime he soon shall meet
His life will fall just like the stones

The crows that have blood ready eyes
The pathway seems so clear from now
And grey clouds formed into the skies
Hearing screams of why and how

The pinnacle of easy that sits and laughs
The pinstripe suit that mocks his worth
No tears been cried on his behalf
The fat cats full with men of earth

The shadows filled with his demise
Where the chew toy of a man doth lie
His eyes fill with our despise
With knife in hand his freedom die

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Co-write with Colt

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