Take a bite of the lemon,

So sweet it gives you a bitter taste in your mouth,

It's such a pleasant sensation until it kicks you in the ass,

Leaving you with the tingly feeling of a come back,

You don't know how to react,

Just pucker your lips and try to move on.

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The victim

English poems

Left half naked in a quiet, darkened street

Crying of fright, pain, shame – of purity lost

A victim of cruelty – of human heat

Five dark souls were feasting as the cold night crossed

Another dark one conspiring with eclipse

As a poor stained soul fought the plight at all cost

As pleadings flood from the head through shaking lips

The heart prayed for angels to come in defense

But the night went on and she was torn by grips

Now in the darkened street anger grew intense

Plotting revenge for the violations pressed

Then she looked up – stood and walk in all suspense

Now she fights against dark souls, she now obsessed

To regain the lost dignity she possessed

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اختفاء الكتاب عن شارع النجفي هل هو دليل تراجع للثقافة ا


الموصل / مكتب المدى / نوزت شمدين

     كان شارع النجفي والى زمن قريب واحداً من أهم الرموز الثقافية لمدينة الموصل ومعلماً مهماً من معالمها ، حيث اشتهر هذا الشارع الذي يربط باب الطوب بسوقي الشعارين والسرجخانة ، ومنذ بدايات القرن الماضي كسوق متخصصة في بيع الكتب وإعارتها وتصحيفها ، يلتقي فيه المثقفون من أدباء وصحفيين وباحثين وفنانين ، فيجتمعون في مكتباته الكثيرة أو يتحلقون حول ( بسطيات ) الكتب في مدخل السوق خصوصاً في أيام الجمع والعطل فيبدو الأمر وكانه مهرجان أو احتفالية ثقافية بدعوة عامة . اليوم والنجفي يقترب من مئويته لا يمكن العثور بسهولة على ملامحه القديمة التي تغيرت بفعل الحصارات والحروب ، وهجرة الكتب لرفوفها بعد أن تخلى المثقفون لضيق ذات اليد عن إدمانهم العتيق في اقتناء الكتب . فتحولت مكتبات الشارع إلى محال للصاغة والعطور والقرطاسية والكرزات والحلويات واللحم بعجين !؟ .

                           ( شارع النجفي بين الحاضر والماضي )  

كان لابد لنا من مرشد نستعين بذاكرته أو رؤيته في مسح الغبار عن صورة شارع النجفي  القديمة ، فوجدنا في قيصرية ( الشبخون ) ضالتنا وهو الأستاذ الكاتب ( شريف هزاع شريف ) صاحب مكتب الرواق للاستنساخ ، سألناه عن سر تسمية ( النجفي ) التي أكتسبها هذا   الشارع ، وأسباب تحوله إلى نشاط بعيد كل البعد عما عرف به في السابق ؟ .

- سمي الشارع باسم النجفي نسبة إلى عائلة ال ( أنجيفي ) التي كانت تملكه ومازالت تحتفظ بملكية الكثير من محاله ، وهي عائلة موصلية عريقة ذكر لي والدي أنها كانت تعمل في بيع نوع من الخيوط يطلق عليه ( النجيفيات ) وهكذا فهي قد استمدت أسمها من مهنتها شأنها في ذلك شأن العديد من العائلات الموصلية العريقة كعوائل ( البزاز ، والصابونجي ، والديوجي ) وغيرها . ثم وبمرور الأيام تحول أسم العائلة والشارع إلى النجفي وليست بينهما وبين مدينة النجف الأشرف أية صلة .

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I found you dead on the kitchen floor,

I found you dead, and nothing more.

I found you dead over by the stairs,

I found you dead without a care.

I found you dead beneath all the lies,

I found you dead with my own two eyes.

I found you dead right where I left you before,

I found you dead, but what did he kill you for?

...He killed you for pleasure, he killed you for game,

No one knows what he looks like; nobody knows his name.

He killed you for revenge, he killed you for fame,

It shouldn't have ended like this, what a horrible shame...

I found you dead right outside my door,

I found you dead, and nothing more.

I found you dead with your mouth open wide,

I found you dead, was it suicide?

I found you dead with Jesus on your chest,

I found you dead, leaving me really depressed.

I found you dead right where I left you before,

I found you dead, another victim of war.

...He killed you for pleasure, he killed you for game,

He killed you with just one shot, what a mighty fine aim.

He killed you for revenge, he killed you for fame,

He drained your life, and left a permanent stain...

I found you dead over by the ocean shore,

I found you dead, and nothing more.

I found you dead and we were frozen in time,

I found you dead, then shivers shot up my spine.

I found you dead with a knife in your back,

I found you dead, then my world went black.

I found you dead right where I left you before,

I found you dead, and then I came to the fore.

...He killed you for pleasure, he killed you for game,

My tears fell down and burned like acid rain.

He killed you for revenge, he killed you for fame,

You may be gone, but I'm left with all of the pain...

I found you dead on your way to the store,

I found you dead, and nothing more.

I found you dead with the gun in my hand,

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the crimson curse


Not long ago

waiting in blood

falling in darkness

broken glass it cuts deep

the dreams come i watch them go

the fire in my soul lights up my eyes

the flames from my heart burst out of control

deliver me from my rage

free me from my damnation

i sign my name on the crimson curse in blood

at all the things i feel burn like fire

haunting me ashing everything i touch

burning everything in sight

beware of me

run from me

i harbor

i live

the crimson curse

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He said it

I want to get him

A knife for his throat

Gun for his heart

My fist for his face

Revenge is sweet



Is a obsession

Revenge is my goal

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Fuck You For Loving Me In The First Place

You're all alone,

Shivering and wet in the tears you've cried,

And the blood you've drawn from your sick and tired veins.

Weeping because you've got nobody

To hold you, touch you. Fuck you!

You say you love me.

I love me, too.

I'm all the woman you needed and more.

Could've been everything,

Could've had it all.

Instead I'd rather watch you fall.

Trip over your lies,

Spiral into your hate.

Run into the next bitch's arms,

But this is your fate.

You're going to choke,

You're going to burn,

Oh you're going to suffer,

But when will you learn?

Just turn your back,

I'll be ok,

Because I smile thinking of that coming day.

It won't be long, it ain't far off.

It's coming, honey, sure enough.

You'll ask me why,

You're dying to know,

How I could ever hurt you?


All I can say to that my dear,

Is "fuck you for loving me in the first place."

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Sitting On The Bench

I knew when it started it was too good to be true.

You were so attentive and flattering,

Was it just a game to you?

Hell, you think you're such a player.

Well indeed, you've got game - but not one that will get you where you wanna be in life.

Look where you are now.

You played with my hair,

You played with my trust,

You played with my heart and you played with my lust.

My passions, my fears,

My dreams and my life.

You had them all in your hands and now they're fucking crushed.

I'm just sitting on the bench,

Like I knew I would be.

Hovering inbetween a 'no' and a 'maybe'.

I'm not your toy and I'm not playing your game,

The sad thing is, we're just the same.

I hate you for pissing me about,

For taking everything I knew and turning it around,

But I've done it to you, too.

No. I'm not innocent in this.

Just remember that when I next give you a kiss.

But just for now, I'll just sit on this God damn bench.

Because, afterall,

I'm just a substitute, aren't I?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about him. Again. How he made me feel second best, even though I wasn't. He was.

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old misc.

fighting for my freedom

fighting for my world

fighting against bad people

am i strong enough

fighting for my future

fighting for my love

fighting for my happiness

here is the problem

i know she is just a friend

i know that you two just hangout

but she is a two-faced person

and i frankly don't trust either of you together

she is starting to look towards you more and i don't like it

your mine and if only i could let people know that

then there would be no problems

to trust you though is hard

i don't know why but all these girls drive me nuts

what am i supposed to do

i love you and u know that

but i need to know more then ever that your there for me

i never ment to be so jealous

but i want you with me and want this relationship to grow

theres things we both have problems with but just stick with me

i am there for you all the time

i help you out so much

if only you could do that for me

but neither of us no how

i will fight till the ends of the earth for you

and if need be i will take ANYONE out who gets in my way

you are mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this because i hate  this person so much and she is a bitch and is two faced...he's mine lay off!

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