Last Dance

hate me

as you wish to

i will not oppose

beat me

like you want to

i can take the blows

block me

if you have to

i could care less

taint me

should you need to

i can take the stress


if you EEVER hit my heart

the way you did before

i WILL stand up and do my part

and MAKE you

hit the floor

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God Forgive Me...

The Dark Side

I want to witness

their destruction,

as they have destroyed.

I want to see them hurting,

as we have hurt.

I want to hear them cry,

as we have cried.

For what they have done,

they should suffer!

They NEED to suffer

as we have suffered!

It causes me great anguish

to feel such hatred

towards others.


they are the cause

of that emotion too.

What they did

is unforgivable.

A brutal act of violent terrorism

can only be met with

brutal retaliation.

They have no remorse!

They have no soul!

They laughed at the misery

and grief they caused!

They mocked and proudly boasted

their crime!


I want to laugh at

and mock

those filthy animals!

I want to laugh in the face

of THEIR misery,


and demise!

God forgive me...

I want to laugh

at their suffering

and anihalation!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written:08/20/02 regarding the terrorists of, and all terrorosist involved in, 09-11-01

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Payback's a Bitch

You said you want your payback

You must think I owe you now

You must think the game ain’t over

How much more will I allow?

You’re saying that I stole from you

You’re telling folks these lies

You’re using your so-called info

You say that you’ve got spies

You seem to think I took so much

But how quickly we forget

Everything you stole from me

You’re way beyond your debt

And now you’ve got the nerve

To come back and start with me

I thought you learned you’re lesson

That you’d finally leave me be

And now that I’ve forgotten you

I completely disappeared

Why is it you’re still around

I thought I made it clear

I don’t ever want to see you

I don’t want to hear your voice

I don’t want you hangin’ around

I left you behind by choice

You think you might have found me

I must admit I’d never

Never thought you’d take that route

You must think you’re doggone clever

But soon you’re lies will trap you

You’ve dug yourself so deep

This ditch just keeps gettin’ bigger

You’re now sowing what you reap

You really want some payback?

You really want my dime?

Fat chance you’ll get a cent from me

I’m through with games this time

Now you’re getting mad at me

I’ve got better things to do

Your misery wants some company

I am so done with you

You say you want your payback

Your greed has made you thirst

But you ain’t getting shit from me

Give back what you stole first

© LJ Rodriguez 2006

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The Moonlit Duel

Dressed in alluring robes of mourning and sorrow

I approach my master's enemy with parasol unrestrained.

Pale moonlight dances upon fluttering cherry blossoms.

Alone, you and I, at our empty stage.

After endless searching for this killer

I finally can challenge "him" myself.

Hateful, vindictive, sad were once my tears.

Yet all of this ends tonight.

How it torments my mind to know that my revered master is no more

and that his enemy still breaths.

In my master's stead, I will defeat you.

I will strike you dead, my enemy, just as you struck him.

I reminisce all that happened to me before as I draw near.

Every single pain felt in the past ached my heart.

But my master's tender, overwhelming love blew it all away.

Then I look at "him" before me.

"The devilish fool must not live," I whispered.

That demon's duel with my father destroyed him.

Concealed is my rage for this demon.

Concealed is the Iai in my oil paper umbrella.

Forgive me master as I take vengeance against your volition.

The man before me draws his blade.

I draw mine.

We begin.

Master, all that you've taught me lives through this shade and sword.

All the love you've shown me is cared by this kimono.

You taught me to live freely, Master, and I swear, I'll survive this fight until the very end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my "fan"-based  peom for a favorite character of mine, Setsuka, in Soul Calibur III.  I hope you enjoy this poem even if you don't know what this is about.

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Sweet Revenge

You cut me deep

You made me hurt

The blood is draining quickly

Seeping through my shirt

I thought you loved me

But look what you've done

You left me here to die

My revenge will soon come

You will never love again

No, not after this

You'll join in my misery

You'll pay for this

When you least expect it

I'll be there by your side

To take your last breath

Just like you toook mine

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Suck it , Arlington


You are nothing but a joke.

I'll smoke if I want to smoke.

Fitness obsessed and in hate with the way that I dress.

Hating my style, hating my hair, hating my me so much that I couldn't care.

Yes, I change my hair more than most change their underwear.

Yes, the bunch of you make me sick.

And yes, I do have a dick.

Get down on your knees Arlington.

And suck it.

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Finally today

Nine days after

For the first time

I didn’t START crying

I took out your photograph

From the velvet lined case

And on my be half

It didn’t stain my face

But the more I thought

The more it hurt

The more it hurt

The more I fought

The memories built

As well as the fear

Then there was guilt

Of all of my fears

“Was I the one

Who caused the pain

Was it truly I

Who commit

All that time

Was I the one

Who pushed you away

And now sadly won?”

Thinking of these

Again I cried

Because even with my please

His feelings for me died

Each time I look

At the picture and ring

My heart’s again took

For another emotional swing

I’ll cry and cry

And yet try not to

But from that I can’t shy

As old feelings renew

I wish I could let go

So I could stop the crying

I hate to let it show

But the pain is un-denying

Why can’t I forget

The memories hurt

And I’ve been so upset

Because of my mind’s revert

“You get what you give”

Did I cause him this pain

If so I hope he could forgive

That I caused him this such strain

Now I know how it feels

When I broke a heart

And for all these ordeals

My heart is tearing apart

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Gerald E. Lindberg

Created on: January 19, 2006 – 17:40

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dear friend

Dear friend

what should i say

yes. i'm hurt

i don't understand how it all started

i thought you didnt like him

You'd tell me how you couldn't trust him

how he'd hurt your feelings

how can it be you are his?

and mainly him who mostly everyone including you knew

knew how much i wanted and liked him

You were with someone elses' and you gave up on him

and told him it was the distance

he atleast deserved to know the truth

the one that hurts the most

if you can't do that its because you are unsure

tell you what i dont care that you're his

though that's just what i tell myself

what hurts me the most

is knowing that eventhough you knew

you would actually accept

i'll be here when you need me

but don't expect me to help or be there when he's involved

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Killer #8


Funny how the mind works,

Every day and night,

I try to erase it,

With every inch of my might.

Forget the goodbye's,

They don't mean a thing,

Because when I'm through with you,

For mercy you will sing.

Remember when we met?

Love at first sight.

But ever since then,

Nothing has gone right.

Forget your friends,

They never liked you anyway,

Talking behind your back,

To only leave you in dismay.

I've dreampt about you,

Can't get you out of my head,

I'm sorry to say,

Only unpleasent things my mind does shed.

Hanging by your toes,

As blood stains the floor,

Its probably better,

If you don't come through my door.

Your fingernails digging into the floorboards,

Scraping for outside in the heat,

Instead of freezing in the closet,

And admitting defeat.

Your hair, so soft,

So curly and stained,

Nothing to help you,

Neither things lost nor gained.

Shouldn't have lied,

Told me I was the one,

And go with another girl,

Till the day was done.

I bet you had fun,

To bad it didn't last,

But you'll still have time,

Your death won't come fast.

I'll dunk your head beneath cold water,

Watch you struggle with all your might,

Maybe give you a breath or two,

Before doing it again, Oh what a sight.

Wriggle from my hands,

But your chains hold tight,

You won't escape,

At least not tonight.

You're mine,

And thats final,

Now feel the wrath,

Of your God's little angel.

You hurt me,

I hurt you,

Simple payment,

For what you put me through.

Don't worry though,

You'll still live,

Maybe if your lucky,

Your sin I'll forgive.

But if not,

Then scream all you want,

Either way,

Your dreams I will haunt.

A tight little noose,

Would look so well,

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