Watching you

Watching you

By Jfarrell



I love how you wrinkle your nose like that,

When something gets your attention;

Yes, you, look up from your keyboard.


Yep, right there, you see me?

Silly question, you can’t see me…

The small blue light…

Just look up…

Just beside your webcam…

Yay :-) you found me,



Don’t panic (I see how your chest rises and falls with fear);

I’m not the creepy greasy-haired guy, who lives opposite;

(He’s quite a nice dude, by the way, helps old ladies across the road);

He can’t help it if he sees you… then his jaw drops and he just stares…

You are stunning…


If you see me looking…

I’m not slack-jawed and mesmerised;

I look; I visualize…. in lurid, sweat and blood-soaked detail;

You can see the dark, calculating hunger in my eyes


That’s why I watch you from here

Through your webcam… your phone…

I am one of the million different faces who sit in the darkness…

Paid to watch you…

Recommended to watch you..

Excited by watching you…

All you do… in detail…

In digital technicolour.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm not, really.

you can trust me, i'm a serial killer :)

Don’t Look

Don’t Look

By JFarrell


Don’t look

You won’t, can’t see it;

What stalks you smiles, wide

It wants you to look


And fail.

You know it’s there

You feel its breath on your neck

You can hear its hunger.


Look ahead, straight forward

Look nowhere else;

Take the tiniest bit of your perception

And focus on the corner of your eye


You’re not looking

You’re not using your eyes

You’re just focussing….



You saw it, didn’t you?

The watcher from the deeps

The devourer of all

Your loving shadow.


Don’t look

Don’t waste time looking

It’s really time for you to…..



Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's behind you :)

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ambrosia's desire

naughty ramblings

I have not touched you in the place I'd like to be touched
I have no way to describe its clutch
You may think that place we'll go is too much
I think it's a high we deserve as such

Emotions we'll share are like no other
This love had been known to smother
But I feel your need to be my lover

My heart is slow to accept another
Remembering you blinds me to all others

To feel you close is all I require
To shift my heart and take me higher

This place is where I long to be
This place we go where we are we

Malevolence *Mature Readers*

Volume Three


“You're a downright creeper,
welcome to my nightmare, as I take you even deeper
down, down the rabbit hole, In the end not even god will want your soul”

Hey you,
Yes you. I know that you beat that little girl down,
wrapped her bloody body and buried her in the ground.
As you whistled your sorry ass back to town.

Hey you,
Just let me get my hands on you,
and I will teach you something new.
Suffering is something you only thought you knew.
Welcome to my horror show, your nightmare now made real,
Now I will whistle as I slowly stalk you through the field.
The suspense, is a killer. Every brutal second you will feel.
You did not expect that I would sink to your level,
dumb ass did not even know I am evil.
For I have embraced the monster inside,
It became as easy as shedding your pride.

Hey you,
I saw that man you beat to death,
pleading to you even in his last breath.
Then like a coward you ran, leaving him to die
and to everyone you breath as easy as you lie.

Best lock your door, drop to the floor.
For the beast is back and hungry for more,
could not quite grasp the beauty of the last attack.
For I will be the shadow over your shoulder,
I will be your doubts, that haunt what you are even about.
The fear that will consume you, as you start making mistakes
tripping on the paranoia, lets raise the stakes
If you make it out of my trap alive,
I'll finish you slow with my dull knife.

“The fool who plays the jester in the lions den”

“Which way do you go? Each direction leaves you in my pull.
My prize you may ask? It is your vary soul. The high stakes
game, where no one survives, no one gets out alive.
Now this is where you drop to your knees to pray,
crying for someone else to come save the day.
Let me lock you in my dungeon, headed straight for the guillotine
In the age of decay; Beauty is obscene

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to go to a vary dark place for this piece, and honestly do not believe I came out the same on the other end..... I finished this sonnet last night, however decided to hold off from posting it till today; for a few reasons but the main one was that I had to reflect on this one. Because this will not be the last from this set, (even though I had decided to post it in my Third Volume.)

So let me know what you think....

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Stalk me eternally

Here as I sit 
I feel your eyes watching me
I turn my cheek and you're looking at me
Class ends as I watch you stand when I do
Racing me to the door 
you push, rush to get through 
Next class I won't see you
I'm sure you think of me too 
My boyfriend kisses my face 
Stalker kid watch me as I embrace 

Home I lay, enjoy my music
You're obsessed, your souls sick 
Drawing my name into your arm 
Open wound you're hurt inside 
Stalker kid, wish you could charm
Your dreams are a wild ride
Longing for me but can't you see
You and I could never be 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little something I came up with . Inspiration from a creepy kid. [: thank you creepy kid.