bloody rage


ya thats right!

ya you long to see people bow before you

oh that day when they bow

you strut

you walk like you got the biggest balls

world class act

worlds biggest jerk

making a living to hurt

but then you met me

one who wouldn't bow

one who defied you

i am tougher than you

i have more rage than you

i am more nasty than you

i bet if i took everything from you

youd cry like a little bitch

i love rattlen your cage

with my bloody rage

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In the hall it was so cold,

put your coat on outside so he was told.

The man walked to his car,

he didn't get very far.

Blackness surrounded and he fell,

all he heard was the sound of a bell.

A force pulled him away,

He ascended and left for the day.

He saw a color so bright,

the color of joy of white light.

Then it went goodbye,

it flew like a fly.

He woke in the parking lot,

with nothing but a big knot.

The man walked shaken,

and realized that everything he owned

was taken.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A man who owed his debt and god gave him a second chance.

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Good Girl Gone Bad

  Tired of being the good girl, when they don't know how to treat me..


  Tired of being the good girl when you fake n***as always trying to deceive me..

But the time has come for you to pay attention now because the good girl has gone bad..

What do yall know about this mixture of good and bad for real..

Dealn with yall shit over the years has given me a better grasp on thangs..


Meaning why share my heart time and goodies when you want..

Because I'm on a mission, yall bad huh, players huh, get want you want huh...

So how do you feel whe she can flip the scrip on you..

I don't need you or want you at all. I just want to have my way with you and send you on your way.

Cuz I'm a Good Girl Gone Bad

Believe me when I say oh I'm still good very much good, hmmm.

But I'm just as bad and it would be a waste of your time to be trying to play those stupid games, because dear I'm possibly already playing you..

Good Girl Gone Bad, so watch yourselves...


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Small Print

Did you not read it? The small print!  

You really must have done.

It was prepared long ago by our English legal team,

They wrote it for just this state of affairs

And not purely out of fun.

It's really rather good,

So I'm told.

The market and not my team is to blame,

And while I regret the level of your losses,

You should realise that you too, are not free from that shame,

I'm sure you'll find it all in the small print.

We go to great lengths to find and train our personnel,

They must be prepared to take great risks with other peoples money,

In pursuit of that ever elusive profit.

Ruthless, aggressive and aquisative,  

That's our corporate image,

The investor wouldn't want it any other way.

The stress is enormous, as you can well imagine,

That's why we pay so well!

In light of the recent work level,  

We'll have to raise the bonus.

So please, read the small print once more!

In fact, I'd appreciate it, if you would read it to me.

We don't wear glasses here.  

It wouldn't fit in with our corporate image.

So I read to him the small print,

Prepared long ago by an English legal team,

And with the memory of it, still fresh,

I took my pound of flesh!

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'The Crow' or 'Revenge On Devil's Night'

He fell from a window,

High up above,

Protecting the life,

Of his one true love,

Instant death,

Upon the ground,

He made no moves,

He made no sounds,

For 30 hours,

They tried in vain,

To save her life,

But ‘twas all too late,

Both laid to rest,

In a churchyard cold,

Side by side,

Marked with stone,

One year later,

He did awake,

To see a bird,

Before his face,

A visit to,

Their former home,

Memories relived,

But now he’s alone,

He painted his face,

In black and white,

To distinguish him,

On this ‘Devils Night’,

Old friends found,

Answers learnt,

Treasure recovered,

A building burnt,

Revenge he sought,

Through those who wronged,

To find the peace,

For which he longed,

It can’t rain all the time,

That was what he said,

As he fought his enemies,

And left them all for dead,

Till someone stole the precious bird,

And shot it in the foot,

A wound from which,

Recover, he would not,

His deed now done,

Justice claimed,

He did return,

To where his true love lay,

Through the pouring rain,

Her kiss so sweet,

They laid to rest,

Finally at peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired, as many people may recognise, by the *AMAZING* Brandon Lee film 'The Crow'

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Vince Eats Worms

Soggy recollection the dingy fortress

arriving to my psyche with hammer and nail

the sorted prison cells with their ugly shadows

vulgar faced goons and quarter moons

we aboard the quicksand elevator

Never know yourself until blood is under your fingernails

remembering every sentence spewed at my head

confined space with no such grace eats away

the days you'd rather not wake

uncoil seconds before the mess I make

That hopeless, that descpicable, that fine line

always a century of wondering what calamity could push me

before playing the role of soft hearted addict

keep me numb with pills and shrills until dawn

reverse the gorging process into the meager confinement

I've heard but never seen ghosts there

I'm certain they fell asleep next to me

like the dejected jackals draw joker cards

unfortunate is every dull instance lacking feeling

Illuminated across the landfills of cell phone drones

A cloud of horse flies and tooth fairies

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Break your heart

I am about to break your heart.

Be careful, my dear!

I’ll make it bitter from the start.

You have to taste your tear.

Is this revenge? Of course it is!

I may be mean, I may be cruel…

But things will not remain like this;

You’ll have your pain. You’ll have it full.

You will be down the way I was

And you will pray to be with me.

You’ll miss the moon, the stars, and us:

Those happy men we used to be.

Your nights will pass through dread and fear

When you and me are still apart.

So, please, be careful, my dear;

I am about to break your heart.

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Twenty four hours of revenge (The final countdown)

Twenty four

I lie on the floor

Twenty three

You're not with me

Twenty two

Where are you?

Twenty one

You are gone


Tears are plenty


It's now routine


The rope is thin


I won't give in


I hate your grin


I'll take the sin


You know what I mean


This time I win


I take my weapon from the shelve

Eleven, Ten

I'll show you then


I pour you two a little wine


It's now too late

Seven, Six

Let's end the tricks


You broke my life


You've chosen her


But now we'll see


I'm through with her, I'm through with you


It wasn't easy, but I'm done.

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The crow

A sound, a noise I hear, loud and muffled at the same.

It enters my corpse just as air pumping lungs

And there I breathe again, death is tame.

A tapping audible on my forgotten gravestone

Tears me apart from the spirits I was amongst.

And here I am again, made of flesh and bone.

The raven’s finally responded to my call,

Howling for vengeance along with me.

This sharpened pain, an onyx pall,

Will plunge our enemies in agony!

Even though I cry and shake with fear,

I’ll end up giving you your due!

It can’t rain all the time, my dear...

But there I’ll burn, calling out for you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the movie of the same name.

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