Eternal Hatred {Vlad The Impaler}

The sun had died

The moon shall rise

Wloves howl at its light

Down in the basement

Of Dracula's estate

He awakes.........

Rising vertically

From His coffin

His jaws bear the fangs of death

Caped in black silk & satin

Preparing for the bloodfeast

Demonic eyes

Widow's peak

He grins.........

And flies up into the night.........

Dining amongst impaled corpses

Mixing their blood in the wine

Tyrant-ruler in the Carpathian Mountains

Commanding minstrels to play

Stench of rotting bowels polluting the air

He smirks & revels with his concubines

Unrivalled, His evil, so powerful here

Fortress of Sodom, He holds so dear

Chests of treasures taken in battles

Rewards of victorious exploits

None dare to speak His name

For the terrible things to follow.....

Cursed in a church by a priest

Damned to walk the earth

In perpetual redemption

Child of perdition

To live off the blood of maidens

Never again to know the light of day


Prince of Darkness

Feels the pain

Of his everlasting curse


Lord of Vampires

Feels the hate

Despising the light

And all it represents


Quells within

Burning in his black heart

Swearing his revenge upon....."God"!

Arriving on the balcony

Of a damsel's home

Beckoning her to join him

In Darkness to roam

Feeding on her tender neck

Rich oozing blood

Drips down the sides of his lips

She falls frail in his dark embrace

Branded by Count Dracula

Bride of the King of the Undead

Black Mass Wedding to take place

She will be his forever!

But still.........

Prince of Darkness

Feels the pain

Of his everlasting curse


Lord of Vampires

Feels the hate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tale of vengeance from beyond the grave - the dark figure gains revenge for the disturbance of his nocturnal peace and nightly activities.

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My Plan

Ian L.

I planned to cease all conversation

Cut you off without a warning

I thought you wouldn't know the difference

Cause of the way you're always actin

But you cut my plan in half

And I knew it wouldn't last

You ask me random questions

Ones you've asked a time before

Now I can see the difference

Cayse you're actin kind nervous

Your arms are a little shaky

And you stand closer to me

I used to be the nervous one

Begging for your attention

Now I'm in your line of vision

Am I the object of your affection

This isn't how I planned it

But either way it's perfect

Cause I got you feelin hopeless

But I want you feelin worthless

I want you down on your knees

I wanna haunt your dreams

The way you plagued me

I hope your heart is breaking

I hope your head is spinning

I hope love is what you're feeling

Cause love is nothin but pain

You look emotionally drained this days

This isn't how I planned it

But I wouldn't have it either way

The tables have finally turned

And you're starting to hurt

All I need you to do

Is witness what I went through

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written December 9, 2004

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Long poems

I'm crying inside

But I don’t care

Its you who have made me this way

Made me cold

Angry confused

Every inch of my body hates you

Loathes you

Welling up inside me is this pain

This anger

Wanting to make you pay

Pay for everything you’ve done

You will do

And are doing

You are tearing me apart

No, not tearing me

Relising my hatred

My anger

My true self

You have done this to me

And for that you have to be punished

I curse you with long life

Filled with pain



And most importantly of all

No Love

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not today


You wait for my mistakes to crucify my life.

You wait in darkness to bring my darkest fears to life.

Tell me how do you feel when i no longer fear you i no longer wait for your credit to be given now it's time for someone to erase your face from the things you love to inflict.

Forget not what has been done to me but instead not give you the benefit of the doubt and grow from your wiles and strengthen myself.

Your fear is to lose control and be disgraced and put to shame and as results gain fame  but the race i run is at a pace you can't even begin to run i may fall from grace  but i'll never quit the race atleast not today.

You take and take and take when it comes down to the truth you run and run to afraid to face the facts you feed on peoples lives in life you lust for more stop the clock the times up and the track is set when its all done tomarrow you will reap what you sow you should of quit when you had the chance now your greed has overwhelmed you and when you stop at the pace you'll be put out of the race.

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So tell me

can you spit his come

between the gap in

your front teeth?

Or does he not want to

put his dick in

your virgin mouth?

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little bo peep

some nights i think i'm dieing

and others i may live too long

watching bears dance about

and angels fucking around

(and you wonder why they're never there)

gonna eat me some lamb

till mary comes

crying crying

about the sheep's clothing

i like mutton

yes i do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Alright, bitch, you want to leave your sheep on my block? I'll eat your goddamn lambs and send you the skin." Those are the words of revenge.

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1998 - 2010

Torture the boy because you don't understand

Leaves bruises so he'll remember the back of your hand

Laugh at him till he cries and push him again

When he puts a gun to your head will you be laughin then

When he pulls the trigger what will you do to him them

The "funny" things you do come back to you

And ripples will form a new kind of truth

The media can call him crazy till it doesn't make any sense

At the very same time they're recreating a fence

They'll ridicule him and say you didn't deserve to die

But he didn't take your life, you commited suicide

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 7, 2004

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Mental Stuff

Ha ha ha

Look at all you little fools

You thought I was harmless

You thought I was weak

You thought you could

beat me down

Heh, well guess what?

You thought wrong

You underestimated

The powers of my mind

While your back was turned

I attacked from behind

This should show

Never to underestimate

Someone who you think

Has gone of her bloody rocker.

Now you cry

To me for help

To save you from

A horrible destruction

To end all the worlds corruption.

But what makes you think

I will try to help

Those who hurt me

And those who beat me down?

You underestimated

The powers of my mind

While your back was turned

I attacked from behind

This should show

Never to underestimate

Someone who you think

Has gone of her bloody rocker.

Your insolence has been

of great entertainment

But now you're all great bores.

Now you see

This underestimated girl,

Who now laughs

At all you below.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all those who have underestimated me, be prepared.

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Satan Is A Female

One minute she's sweet and loving and gentle...

All it takes however, is one wrong doing to

Make her seem psychotic and mental...

Evil words flow smoothly...

From her silver forked tongue...

Directed at those whom she believes

To have done her wrong....

She is not at all the woman you

Perceive her to be...

After all, her best quality is her

Astounding ability to deceive...

She will make you feel confident

Upon your pedestal...

She will make you feel as if

You are invincible...

You'd better watch your back though...

Because within the blink of an eye...

She'll cut you down at your knees...

She'll make you grovel and cry...

With no explanation, she'll then walk away...

Leaving you to wonder...

"How could she do this!?"

"Why did it have to be this way!?"

She is evil, I tell you...

Her sweetness...

Just a game...

One encounter with Satan...

Will leave your life forever changed.

With all of this said...

I shall now concur...

Satan Is A Female...

I should know...

For, I am Her.

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