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Growing up is optional  but growing old is mandatory 

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Home, closed down... I'll be wandering around town on a longboard for awhile. Two books written here at Brash Coffee, the local coffee shop I walked in the first hour of being in Chattanooga.


Cheers, Brash.

An Ode to Ages Ahead

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With falsity and neglictory,
With lies and efiface,
With hope begone a truth,
Thy soul bounded  multiude.

Begone a hopeless dreams.
Beyond  a place unseen.
An  abyss of solitude,
Ages of things begone.

Beyond a mighty shield,
A pile moves/grows,
Not Delay  taint unclean,
Ever  vigilant of change.

An act  that lies,
Can only be ugly,
A move made already,
Cannot be taken back.

We see  an illusion.
They show a mirage.
A move already made,
And they keep it so.

Rebel Rebel hopeless soul.
Fight, Fight lest unfilled,
Through thy Red blood,
Keep the fight  alive.

Thy hand hold another,
lest be bad end.
A fight continue definite,
A fight won Indefinite.

A world unseen granted,
For those beyond grasp,
A rising sun uncovers,
For they deserve it.

And it all started,
With a single phrase,
"Let it be so."
Will it be though?

- Eventim

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I Wish I Could Stop Myself From Getting Any older

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Growing Up

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Golden Age

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