[verse x-1]

I'll be here when you need me

Said the Hammer to the Man

I'll be here when you need me

Said I to all my "friends"

[verse x-2]

They picked me up and used me

Like a tool at their command

But now they will feel sorry

Without me anymore


[pre chorus x-1]

I'm the fire on your wick

That kept you from burning out


But now (Like "I had" in Skin O My Teeth)

I'm sick of (Say it like "Sicka") bein' warmhearted

When life starts getting cold


Don't get pissed when I fight back

When you know that I'm right

Don't get distraught with me

When you know you're wrong

(Higher vocals/guitar start here)

I will fight til you back away

Like I always do



[verse xx-1]

I was your backbone so long

It felt so right for us both

Through thick and thin I was there

Never letting you down

[verse xx-2]

I'm done being the pillars

That held you up when you slumped

I crumble right beneath you

And watch as you tumble

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song = Skin O' My Teeth
Band = Megadeth

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Fuck It

I put my mother through pain
'Cause I’m a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt,
I lower myself in shame
'Cause I’m a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt,
I seek to pickle my brain
'Cause Im a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt
I need to forget my name
'Cause Im a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt a cunt.

“My pain is four times as great as yours, so why are you hurting me??”
Because I reject your pain.
I hate your pain.
Your pain infected me,
And became my pain.
And my pain,
My pain,
My precious, precious, pain.
Is really all I have.
That and the escape coin.
Flip it;
Heads you succeed,
Tails you indulge,
And edge along life’s narrow corridors.

The fact that you tried to quantify it, implies you’re trying to win,
So you can fuck off.
Less than a year to go...
Hopefully I won’t have to come back here.

I want to hurt other people.
I enjoy it.
I the hurt look on their faces;
The “how could you?”
I enjoy it.
I hate other people,
Their content lives and tenement flats,
Easy cocksure self-reassurance.
Content cunts.
I’m too fucked up to live with these cunts,
Even though I am a cunt.
I tried. Believe you me I tried.
But there is no beautiful poem inside this scarred tissue
(Oh, my face, why those scars there? Rub off, rub off)
Just an uncomprehending gibbon,
Rattling his bars.
Always failing.
Going forwards and sliding down.

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Revenge, Love & other Revelations a poem collection by CM

Says the Tortoise to the Hare

In your glory
For it
Will be
Short lived



Pretty porcelain dolls
Perfect size
How I wish



We are like clay
Changing form
Until we become molded
Glazed and heated
Made fragile
By our permanent conditions


Who we are

Who we are
Is our own concern
Buried deep
Are the scars we hide
It keeps us from ourselves
And from others
Who we are
Keeps us second guessing
As our fears run wild
Who we are
Keeps us lock
Only we can
Save ourselves
From who we are



Perfectly secure
An imperfection to behold
Will you rise to meet
The challenge
Or just enjoy the chase?



If I give it words
It will dissipate
I’m reading too much into this
I need a distraction
Somehow my thoughts
Wander again
Back to you
How did you get
Under my skin
So quickly?


Lost Lover

I heard your breath on my window pane
Take a ticket
Take a seat
It’s happening all over again
I felt your lips on mine
Your fingers tangled in my hair
The scent of your cologne
Warm and soft like I remember
Revisiting spirit
Haunted memories
Of steamy car windows
And rainy nights
Kissing you makes everything better
Your words soft and kind
Haunting me forever
I heard your breath on the window pane
My soft spirit visiting again


The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Tan goddesses
Litter the street
One day
You too
Will be old



I once worshipped
Pretty porcelain goddess
I wish to throw you
And bleeding
To the sharks


Just another skeleton

Definitely defining you
its indefinite
To label you and put you in a box
That’s the only way to make sense
of this
Defining the shadows that you case
On the wall
In the middle of the night
So I’m not afraid
And my imagination doesn’t run amuck
It’s all I can do
To keep myself away
It’s all I have now
To keep myself sane
Defining you
Labeling you
And putting you
In a box for storage

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Observations in human nature is what this collection should be called...I may change the title yet. Comments are welcome.

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The Crossing of the T

And Then They Bled

Waiting for it to aim straight,

click click click, you better take the bait.

Waiting, waiting, line up the shot,

your life is all for not.

The end begins, as the hour strikes,

the sun is hot, like a power that smites.

click, click, click, fix the scope,

for my target there is no hope.

He walks along the way,

but to many people out today.

patience must be used for this,

so I can take vengeful bliss.

A betrayal so cold and sick,

a cold and heartless trick.

His life is forfeit for his evils,

his life as insignificant as a beetle.

So he stand, all alone,

I call him on his phone.

Tell him of his fate about to unfold,

with no one to see him fall and fold.

A mighty crack echoes across the sky,

a bullet slices through his skull and he does die.

My revenge is finally taken,

all for his theft of my bacon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Boredom breeds some odd things within the human mind. For me to write such a thing is usually out of pure boredom. I thought it was rather hilarious at the time of writing it...which was, like always, a five minute endeavor. If you don't include running for snacks as part of the writing phase.

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white girl rap... lol... untitled

you say i'm past dwellin

constantly sellin a felon

contradicting myself in

all the stories i'm tellin

how bout ya quit fucking yellin

kicking me while i'm failin

you know i should be excellin

cuz my talents compellin

you need a lyrical spellin

stop this train from derailin

the only smoke i'm exhalin

from addictions i fell in

nothing for show, just tellin

see to believe what's unveiln

need proof, try emailin

leave behind people bailin

you assumed i'd been snailin

keepin all of this held in

i'm hell bent on rebellin

blazin my own trail in

i want the world to hear it

every rhyme and lyric

cuz i'm in the spirit

has it gotten clear yet

so stop sayin you wanna say it and say it already

one two three take it steady


skeetered geetered repeater

you really should meet her

there's no one else sweeter

and no one else meaner

she's a sociopathic serial killer clown

with 6 eyes and her head down

she's always clownin and frownin

she'll bring ya down man

i think i'll go drown her

wait did i just say that


i'm so excited i found this

rockin out this new outlet

of artistic expression

and subliminal messages

perpetrator... alas! i was a hater.

til mock-one and highateus made her

listen to creators

of words that would cater to her and relate to it

twisted up lyrical shit

and a new way to deliver it

i haven't quit spittin it since

it's gettin intense

oh shit. is this the end of it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hung out with local fort worth hip hop artists, mock-one and highateus over fourth of july weekend. they made this rockstar finally appreciate rap as an art form. although we only spent the one weekend hanging out and ended up deciding NOT to be friends, they inspired me to write the most difficult thing i've ever written... well so far anyway... it took me a day and a half to write this. i wrote it directly to those two hip hop artists... mock-one and highateus. my hand hurt for three days from writing for almost 8 days straight... everytime i get around other writers and lyricists... alot of crazy stuff comes out of me. :)

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Sweet Revenge

-Your sins of lust are the result
of my misguided trust.-

-I will piss out the flames of your desire,
from hell my hate will transpire.-

-Killing you is only the beginning,
the final chapter with you as the ending.-

-A mangled corpse is all that will remain,
a bloody canvas to display my pain.-

-Injecting my life just once more,
raping a cunt I tried to adore.-

-Defecating into that cock hungry orifice,
your acts of betrayal deserve every bit of this.-

-Wishing you could hear his soon to come screams,
while sewing shut your tool for my pain at the seams.-

-Parting the cold flesh with red stained steel,
a symbol to him that nightmares are real.-

-Washing my hands clean of your lies,
once I've removed them deceitful eyes.-

-My sick mind stopping to realize what I have done,
laughing as it was all to fun.-

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The Deed of Revenge

Embrace a dying memory of a false emotion,
Fake smiles hiding a hostile notion.
The time of us has come for you to leave me,
One night, One knife, One decision will determine my destiny.
Killing you only banishes a corrupt soul to my personal hell,
May the torturing begin as the lock clicks on your cell.

You picked a game where I make the rules,
Your blood only one of the many stains upon my tools.
Pushing and pushing, you finally have found a mans breaking point,
So as I push back close your eyes and embrace the cold.
Open your eyes now to witness what comes next,
Is it death? You couldn't get that lucky bitch.

Allow me to peel back your skin and,
take a bite before the end.
Screams of your agony provoke a smile,
My pleasure grows as you choke on your own bile.
Watching the color leave your lips,
Structures of a ruined mind began to collapse,
Leaving you to your own personal annihilation.

My games driving you insane,
Tearing out the workings of a puny brain.
Feeble, your to pathetic to even compete with me,
I ran this fiasco before the realization of the situation,
So as you try to think of way to survive,
Excuse me while I part your throat.

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You Will Be Repaid

I don't know what I am screaming,

But I believe your name is ringing;

In my ears continuously,

What pain I have received.

I have locked up,

And thrown away the key;

And slowly, but surely,

I continue moving forward;

Away from that grip

You once held on my heart.

No more can my past torment me;

Nor will I feel the suffering—

Of the humility, I must now face.

Innocent and naive,

You trapped me with ease.

These walls cave,

and the dam gives into its power.

What pride I have is weak,

As I try now, to rebuild my strength.

One day, you will be repaid.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002

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Tearing back your eyelids,

For you to see more clearly;

Feel them dry, and fall out.

Look at me; smell my vengeance;

See my war path; know my presence.

Hear me coming up your alley;

Think of a way out, a way to escape.

Know, there is no way;

You cannot escape.

What you have done, I see.

You are no good;

So it means nothing,

To see your body fall over the edge;

Watch your mind stumble over.

I feel a sensation crawl over my body,

As I hear your screams;

My heart shudders.

To know I can hurt you—

More then you did me;

To feel the triumph of overtaking.

No taking back;

What is done is finished.

You're at the bottom;

Your body diminished.

Know I am up here—watching you

Wonder what wrong you put me through,

To deserve to die and rot in hell;

For eternity; forever more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2004

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