What Was And Is


I know I have said before

That I was a shaved lamb

And I was the the angel

With the dirty hands


I know I still have them

I know they are still dirty

But even worse

They are stained


They are now crimson

Yes, with blood

I have murdered

But not on purpose


No, not at all

But still I was convicted

“Unintentional manslaughter”

But I didn't go to jail


I was instead forced to live

With my parents at their house

For 3 years, and as if that wasn't enough

I still have another 12 years on probation


What do I do now?

Wait? Well, I guess I have to

Until what? These 15 years are over?

I guess I have to


Not like I want to

But still, I have to

Until I'm 42 it seems that I must

Live by their constricting ways



Written on

March 22, 2013



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as an ode to my sentence. I was convicted of unintentional manslaughter. No I don't think that I will have to wait for my life to start in my fourties. It's already starting. Smile

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Blood Stained Wings

Trapped within a
That started as a
Pleasant dream
I rattle the bars of my cage,
Hoping for release.

When did my happy home,
Turn into such a painful place?
When did this so-called love,
Turn into firey Hate?

So now I wait,
To awake from my restless
sleep, and hope for a
Better tomorrow,
And fight for a chance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments/Thoughts appreciated.