A Poem About Summer




I heard you’re seeing someone,


As if it’s any of my business,


It’s not as if we were together,


Or I ever really loved you,


I mean sure,


I dipped my feet in that laugh,


Interned as confidant,


I have fond memories of your splendid show,


Your performance raw and magnificent,


On days we’d walk to the cemetery,


The Sidewalks seemed to sing to me,


You made even the dead more alive,


You awoke the world from its slumber with your radiant magic,


The hot summer sun no match for your luminosity,


Of course, I would never go back to see it,


Your enchanting act,


Though isn't it curious?


That the longer it’s been,


The more it pierces me,


That I can’t make the world look as beautiful with anyone else.


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You never deserved anything

Nor did I


But I did not deserve

Any of the secrets you held

And any of the things you've done


On your own

When you told me I couldn't

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Jealousy in Love

Controlled jealousy in love is not bad,

Since it does prove strong love for the beloved,

If jealousy starts controlling us instead,

Then sadness crawls like a lethal snake ahead.


The lovers should believe each other,

Since trust is like that inevitable pillar,

Without which love’s backbone is easily broken,

Then almost impossible it is to mend; none can.


Like body and soul, love and trust go hand in hand,

One without the other can be doomed within a second.

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Simple Things


each and every moment
is a sky full of stars
until he turns to her


I’m bursting and bursting
with leftover butterflies
from weeks and weeks and lifetimes ago


and then she leaves simple things,
a scarf on the wall,
shoes by the door


he glances at the simple things and
lights up from the inside
and I’m a shadow on the wall


he meets her eyes
and my heart explodes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/23/15

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Crime of love

Growing in time, Hard and strong

A disease existing, Dead is good

Let it not break you, Confused is anger.

God of jealous! Go where you belong

For my heart is his, So posses him not.

A dose indeed, I'm blind of men

The one i see, My heart has peeped.

Swear to pillars of love, This promise i keep

To the God's of evil, And good you believe

Will be with you forever, Eternity it is.

Land your trust, Slowly but true

Then hold my hand, We make it through.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello friends! Apology for taking time to post a new poem, i've been a little busy lately.  i hope you all like it!Smile

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I kept on pushing, believing it will work

But I’m terribly wrong.

You never cared, you never loved

What kind of a person are you?

Was I never special to you?


Series of girls’ names I’ve heard

Looks like they got the same treatment as me.

But I was there longer.


You never appreciate the things I’ve done.

Let alone the amount of sleep I’ve lost.


With those decisions you made,

I’ve arrived to a conclusion,

It was nice knowing you.

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The Sun is Jealous of the Moon!

The sun is jealous of the moon,

Since she is never alone,

Ever surrounded by the myriad pearls of the sky,

The stars appear as if they would tersely fly!


On the other hand,

The sun appears to be abandoned,

Merely the clouds and a few birds momentarily,

Give him company.


The sun is upset so,

In anger he does ever glow!

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When it comes to a shot at happiness

I usually run in fear

I put on a show that night for

you, just for



I'm not really like this.

My greatest offense is

laughing too loudly.

My dramatic walk is for

you, just for



She sits up

high on her throne, 

the top of the monkey bars

on a playground I used to love

But now it reminds me of that night.


She talks, 



without asking any questions, 

without doubting herself, 

smiling and sweeping

she brings in the boys.


She's a storm, 

rain pounding harder

until you have no choice

but to let yourself get wet.


I sprint after her, 

always a follower, 

always her beta, 

always second in line.

But it's too late.

She's already moved on

to another town

another set of monkey bars

another boy who will kiss her

laugh with her

and think he loves her.


I'm not like her.

But that night

I played her game

I showed off my best side for

you, just for


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/27/14

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A Face and A Mirror

and I'll find my way back and fill every crack
of what I dared to abandon and lack
As I hid under a shadow and erased my name
Because all others thought I was just a game

To take the needles called imperfections out of my heart
and use them as the strength to guide me a better part
Where the papers of my chapter aren't so wrinkled and illegible anymore
and I open my real eyes and to the light, beckoning, a real door

To my surprise, all is shining and ever free
and the clear sparkle of waters bring to reflect the real me
So, then, what brings you, what monster are you, foul mirror?
To sacrifice my time and what I hold ever dearer?

I ask you then, will it be a face, or will it be my words?
Or do my words mean nothing, flocking appeal to idle herds?

Bring to me please, the powerful quality and grace of personality
and let beauty paint my face, beauty associated with the pureness of my mentality