move on


I kept on pushing, believing it will work

But I’m terribly wrong.

You never cared, you never loved

What kind of a person are you?

Was I never special to you?


Series of girls’ names I’ve heard

Looks like they got the same treatment as me.

But I was there longer.


You never appreciate the things I’ve done.

Let alone the amount of sleep I’ve lost.


With those decisions you made,

I’ve arrived to a conclusion,

It was nice knowing you.

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Bedtime By Myself

It began by thinking of the way we used to ride
When I moaned and you groaned
Hours of strong delight bursting inside
I remember the scent when I’d taste your skin


Like hypnotizing perfume, it always stayed.
The warmth that our arms genesized with a mutual grasp
Created synced movement that’d reliably bedazzle and then fade.
I’ve known in my heart we were approaching the end.


Now I’m just here, you’re over there
I cannot hurt you over dreadful things you’d do and call it fair.
Fascinating how further apart is the distance we share
It could be like we were never there.


Try to erase you from a pure mind
Mutilated by aggressive, psychotic, lustrous tendencies
That way I can have a free mind
As always, good riddance brings such sweet sorrow.


We burned as a star til its light burns out
Fast and magnetic
Like our love that we hurried to surmount.
I believed in you undoubtedly, you'll never find that true.
I wished you’d find peace of self and happiness divine
I prayed if I could give mine, you could feel happy too.


But you severed a relationship we didn’t want to die
Faith, help me through this; alone in sheets here I do lie.