Gee Off

Even if i had pictures

And from from i scuplted immaculate figurines

Even if they looked like your flesh, your bones

And real strands of hair hung from their heads

if i doused them in gasoline

then set them on fire, all the time ranting and raving

"Burn you motherfuckers, burn!"

My eyes would be on fire too

Until my pupils smoldered away to grey ashes

  And they burned

  You'd still be around to smile another day

  My pedestal would still be rust and weakness

   (dreaming of gold)

   drowning out the days in jealousy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't find that these boxes are very much fun unless the explanation is cryptic and not much of an explanation at all.

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Brutale Männer hِren

Brutalität im Gespräch Friedens


Unverschämt Frechheit

Eh, kluge Gedanken

In alle Aktivitäten


Findet Böses!

Obwohl man

Gar nichts mit Krieg

zu tun haben möchte.

Arrogant, Albern

Urteil: „Er war brutal. Er hat ausgenutzt“

Die rede, von denen, brutal sind

„Wer redet gegen friedliche Menschen,

gesetzmäßig, ohne Gewalt blieb. Anstatt pöbeln Kampagnen!“

Immer wieder Angriff; immer wieder Rufmord

Motiv? Klar; böser Wille; Neid und Eifersucht!

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Why do I try?

High School Love

Why do I?

Why do I try so hard

to be loved

to be cared for

Why do I go and write

love notes to the one girl

I write it and

and I get silence

What's the point?

I show my friends and they say they like it

Why do I feel more appreciated by my friends

then the by the one I love?

I don't know... Maybe it's cause...

I try...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just me getting mad, not feeling loved.

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Is It True?

Did her lips every kiss you,

The way I hope mine will?

Or did you find her body,

To be just a cheap thrill?

Did your arms ever hold her,

The way they will hold me?

Or were there no embraces,

To evoke my jealousy?

Did she ever have appeal to you,

The way a lover should?

Or would you gladly take it back,

If anyway you could?

Do you ever secretly fantasize,

About the way she did you then?

Or don’t you ever wonder,

… Just what COULD have been?

Did you ever even love her,

Half as much as I love you?

Or is she just another memory,

That time will soon undo?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What am I supposed to think about my boyfriend's ex? I'm just PRAYING that he won't fall for her again.

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Beauty Is Her Curse

The moonbeams meekly whisper,

And the twilight’s beauty fair,

While envious shooting stars,

Stream through her shaded hair.

Locks of darkened velvet,

Black as the mid of night.

Flow beside her cat-like eyes,

With sight so true and bright.

Emerald glimmering green,

With the light of day sky blue,

Contrasting with the ruby lips,

With a red and off-shade hue.

How could lips so soft and gentle,

Cause ill with just one breath,

And with one touch to a crimson brim,

The fatality could be death?

How could eyes so sweet an charming,

Tempt one to be so sad,

And with one look inside her mind,

Provoke one until he’s mad?

It’s because of her pure beauty,

That men are often slain.

She causes wars, inside their minds,

And makes them live in vain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate how some gorgeous women can be so manipulative and careless with guy's emotions.

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Effortless (unfinished)

I could sit here for an hour or more,

Thinking about some whore..

That you're..

Probably screwing right now.

Even though you're so damn far away..

You seem so close to my heart..

And I..

Just want to feel you somehow..

But it's kinda.. like a plot in my head..

Something thought up, never said..

Cause I'm too damn frustrated...


Even though.. You're fucking far away.

Wish I could mutter things I strive to say..

And it's not effortless..

To feel like this.. Everyday..

But your heart is to damn good for mine,

I'm still picking up the pieces today..

But I can't get it all together..

It's a mess, just like me..

Wish there was something I could say to change it all,

Maybe if you could see..

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Your Place For Me

Second place is made for me

It seems I never get the gold

Runner-up in everything I do

The prize once again passed over me

It's starting to get old

That's why, I guess, it seems I always knew

Someone else would get the gold

Someone else would get the prize

Someone else would take first place

Some other guy would beat me

Some other guy would do better

Some other guy would keep me in my place

What is there yet that I have to learn?

I just wish I knew when it would be my turn

These feelings welling up inside

Got to conquer, got to hide

What's really going on in me

It feels as though my heart has died

If I said I'm fine, surprise, I lied

Now I beg just to leave me be

Somebody else got the gold

Somebody else got the prize

Somebody else took first place

Someone else again beat me

Someone else again did best

Someone else has kept me in my place

Is it me who will always have to burn?

I thought for sure that this was my turn

Then I open my eyes and see

Everything that You've done for me

You've given more than I've thought to ask

I had forgotten what I've heard

All Your promises in Your word

With You there's no need for any mask

In Your eyes I'm more than gold

In Your eyes I am the prize

In Your eyes I see I took first place

No-one else can ever beat me

No-one else can do better

No-one else will ever take my place

Though it may be hard to see

Though inside it's killing me

Every seed must die to sprout

That is all this is about

First I the pain must know

Before I can even start to grow

And as I bloom from my very core

I know You're preparing me for more


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just trying to get what I'm feeling matched up with what I know...

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girl of pleasure

wouldn’t be cool if you

could control who desires who

as in, four drinks into the night

and lips that slip

maybe you are the girl of pleasure

wouldn’t it be cool if pleasure

was not something to hide from

if i could hear what was

to be said

of course i am jealous

of your traveling friends

and your kissing friends

because you are the girl

of pleasure to me

it is always good to know

there is happiness in erin*land

i am nothing

i am easily bored

and days with time

looking to fill

and wishing you well

fall in love and dance around

i think  of you as the girl of pleasure

and i am so easily distracted, but please


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Loss of Trust,

Strong suspision,

Things she shouldn't be feeling.

Where's he been?

What's he doing?

Maybe she's just overreacting...

she believes him when he says

I love you

But when he's gone the love is too,

And she doesn't know if it's really true.

Jealousy grow strong within her

Stronger than her passion for him.

All she wants is to see him suffer

Just as she has all along.

The jealousy will grow and take over

And until she gets her own revenge,

Her jealousy will stay buried deep within.

The feeling takes over her entire body

Until finally she catches him

And regret replaces that jealousy that's been...

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