A Little Jealous


Everyday you degrade


me because I speak


correct English

should I apologize

sorry nigga

because highschool you

decided not to finish

Everyday I pass this corner

you insult me


at least I know which one of

us will make it in this society

You call me a sellout and say

I'm a sugar-fag

just because I carry a briefcase

& my pants don't sag

You've told everyone my veins hold

no black blood


should I apologize for not being a thug

sorry nigga

You call me whipped because I spend time

with my lady

one love

should I be like you get a girl pregnant

then ignore the baby


I hope me on your mind raises your self-esteem


I hope your dick gets hard when you see my face on

the cover of magazines


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Envious Thoughts


She has everything in the world

She has drank gallons and never hurled

He is a super athelete

He is the winner and nobody can compete

They are perfect together

They will be happy forever

She has the most amazing and beautiful looks

She gets perfect grades and never studies the books

He has always been the most polite and congenial

He is a tall handsome and loaded with sex appeal

They are the most gorgeous people on earth

They have both been super popular since birth

I have nothing and i'm not even pretty

I'll grow in to a nasty, bitter old bitty

I have been a loser all my life

I have nothing to show for all my strife

We are "weird" and stupid and have bad moods

We are treated  hatred and with bad attitudes

I hate her she is so perfect and cool

My own boyfriend see's her and starts to drool

I can't stand him he's so neat and fun

My girlfriend compared to her is a bad pun

We Are jealous of those two

We are together but want another who would have knew?

She is sympathetic to me

I have no desire to be treated like a flea

He is nice to me but I hate wish I was like Tim

I don't to be treated like that by him

They are too nice and it makes us sick

We know they are just playing a mean trick

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem si about jealousy, although it does not relate to me personally it was written by me in a friedn's point of view and what im thought they were feeling.

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The Virgin

The Virgin

Once upon a time, a story teller spoke

of a woman who lived to be free.

With open anxious arms

She reached out with her charms

True love would always fill her needs.

The seasons they remain

And love still works the same

To give respect or steal your charity.

Born of faithful mind she gave her best time

To the man who made her life complete.

He knew he had it all

He knew she'd never fall.

True love would always fill her needs.

This story should be through

Where love does bond the two.

And happy ever after ends the scene.

The years that rolled along saw her satisfy the one

Who stole her youth from the virgin seed.

With innocence and warmth

She burned the passion torch.

True love would always fill her needs.

A home and cedar hedge

To her the reasons edge

On those who tossed thier will to defeat.

Her yeilding love did pour on the one she adored.

A drink to his health was in her speech.

In stride she carried on

And kept her vision strong.

True love would always fill her needs.

The years still season all,

And time does take it's toll.

And the wrinkles of the term show on the cheeks.

In the soft light of the dawn one day she woke alone

Faithful in the bed she'd always keep.

And pinned up on the wall

Was a note to change it all

True love had always filled her needs.

With tears she came undone

Her true love left to run.

Her years of faith were stoned to hollow grief.

The days drug on like weeks and soiled her beliefs

That love so strong would always be complete.

And waitin by the phone

She cried and slept alone

True love had always filled her needs.

Those days that hemmed her in

Reminded her of him

And how her heart was broken by the breech.

That powerful old force a love that runs it's course

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A Lesson In Life


Once...There was a race of people, not too unlike ourselves.  All of them were alike, except that on their backs, each of them had a beautiful jewel that shined and glimmered.  These people though, upon seeing the jewel on another's back, became jealous and full of envy and hate.  None of these people though, could see the own wonderful jewel they had themselves, only the one that others had...

The meaning of this story?

Others are always quick to see what qualities you have that they do not, so they compliment you, and envy you...But you are never quick to see your own beauty...So you always wish for what others have that you don't.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I didn't make this story up...but I think it's so very true

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If only you knew...

The dreamgirl with nice clothes and all

Do you not know who she really is deep down?

I do not understand

what does she have that i cannot?

Is the fault mine that I do not posess the admirable beauty she owns

or that seductive charm?

If only you knew she was nothing but empty inside

I wish you would learn that looks could be deceiving

It only takes one simple glance

Where you turn into a rug

And she steps all over you

You become a ant in open space

For my love is worth more then hers

It would last forever


that is

if you weren't so busy admiring her

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Before Graduation

When I acutally thought about graduation

Was going to be hard

I had to think again

Because now my best friend

Is leaving Wall when she is a Junior

I still have a year and half with her

But that isn't long

I would do anything for her to stay

But she won't

When she leaves Wall

That will probably be the hardest thing

But she doesn't realize

When You leave

You loose friends

Because I know

Because I left and

Then came back

You loose your best friend and your close friends

They will never be your close friends again

Just friends

And your best friend

Is just a friend

She'll move on

Especially with best friends

I'll Probably be either

Her ex-best friend

Or a best in the past

But one thing I will forget

Is when I asked her if she could be my friend

And the great memories

But I think the saddess thing is

She'll move on

Being happy

And forget about me

But I'll dwell on my best friend

Or you can just say friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my best friend, Morgan, she never left though and won't

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You’re always on my mind

You make my thoughts unwind

I haven’t past a test

Or had a night of rest

I close my eyes real tight

And see your face at night

Somehow this feels so right

And I can’t help but stair

At the object of my prayer

I only wish they knew

All I’d do for you

If given the chance

To turn love into romance

Set your picture on the nightstand

And take hold of your hand

But I can see behind your eyes

Your not concealing many lies

But Damn I wish you were

Because the way you look at her

Makes my stomach turn inside

It makes me wanna run and hide

Denying All I feel for you

But you’d know it wasn’t true

I’d die to have you look at me

Like you do her, and see what you see

I’d live to have you touch my face

Wrapped tightly in a warm embrace

Say you love me; you can lie

‘Cause if you don’t I’ll simply cry

And I’m loving you so much more

Than I ever did all those nights before

And I lay in bed

And I see your face

Suddenly it’s gone

Without a Trace

And I know its love

For there is no doubt

I won’t listen or hear what

You think it’s about

And you don’t have to infer

All the things you feel for her

So come on now, let’s Pretend

That I am her,

And you are you,

Come on know, and I’ll Pretend,

What you Pretend,

Is true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to: Christopher

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Tracks in the Snow


A dream is only a dream.

And Love is nothing but love.

You may believe that dreams are pure fantasy,

but they come true often enough.

Sometimes you try so hard you get skeptical,

because of the way things seem.

But that's not the way that you should stay.

You should rest on what you dream.

But the dreams that I've been having lately

make me see how love can come and go.

And I can't understand why it hurts so bad

to see the tracks in the snow.

A woman is only a woman.

Though sometimes they seem like more.

And when I first met you I let my heart

pull me up from the floor.

You know it's hard to find real truthfulness.

You won't find it out in the street.

And when a girl is a friend and also a love

that's the one you should keep.

But the women I've been seeing lately

have left me feeling really low.

And I can't understand why it hurts so bad

to see the tracks in the snow.

And the snow may fall for hours

until none of the tracks even show.

Still I don't understand why it hurts so bad

to see the tracks in the snow.

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You alone know what in my heart there is :

thoughts of pure joy, dreams of real peace.

              Hearts entwined by moments of love;

              Meanings so hard to tell, yet we must.

              Words which seem our very souls to move;

              lives enshrined in loving moments of trust.

Life became instantly lovely; the sun always shone.

It is YOUR voice, YOUR laughter, thoughts of YOUR eyes, alone!

              The budding, blooming flower of love

              shyly emerging from a heart, towards the sun,

              gently, innocently exploring??most afraid to move?

              is as completely consumed by a gentle fire as by a raging one;

it can be exterminated by but a single tear-drop of doubt, & yet

it can survive a flood of false tears from anxiety & regret.

{Shakespearean,  curtal couplets}

   Where does love come from when come it does?

   Does it arrive in full-bloom, or does it slowly grow?

   We say it buds & grows, but that feeling may just be US;

   We simply realize it, a bit at a time: Truth, who can know?

   Does such love leave a void in Eternity when coming to us?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An attempt to express the inexpressible, in Life & Love, & how the combination of Love & Friendship is so fine & very inspiring.  I wanted to use as many sonnet-forms as I could, & I ran out of effable feelings before I did sonnet-forms.  But I'll finish it soon: Muses don't let poets rest for long!!!  They continually pervade their dreams!!!

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