Tourniquet of my love

Love Poems

Turn me around to see your eyes,

rape me with affectionate lips.

Sping me with figner tracing my sides,

love me tomorrow is our last.

A silhouette of envey contours my face, as you wishper in her ear.

Following your gaze, it leads to mine, a flash of delight straightens my look.

A mystery you are to me,

why must you taunt me with your glorious smell.

Purposely you near me, eyes to mine; flushed with redness I try to hide.

Intrusive and longing you enter my dreams; pinning me down you have your way.

Confusing you are, though I must decode the deep pitts of your honey eyes.

Sudden and firm is the shock from you smile;

an urge to taste your glistening lips,

to twine your fingers with mine.

You are my death, but now my life,

so let's meet again when the time is right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~*Brittany Ann Beasley*~

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Seans poems

First i had you,

Then i lost you.

When he took you,

i just missed you.

Now you call me,

like you used to.

Yuu start crying,

cause he beat you.

Want me back,

but i won't take you.

Yes i love you,

and i miss you.

Heart was broken,

when he kissed you.

Heart ripped in two,

one half wants you,

  the other hates you.

I don't trust you,

  i see through you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If she did it once then shed do it again. please if you felt like this please critique or if you liked my poem.

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i've tryed to pretend and not notice, the fact hell has been placed upon me, i am the target.

do you know what it feels like to be blamed for somthing you didn't do?

To feel the agony i feel right now?

Do you know what it feels like, to walk down the side walk that was once a friendly atmosphere and now it's a step into social suicide.  

suddenly people i didint know before, know me. and not for the right reasons.

when no one knows the truth except for you

all you can hope for has alredy gone.

i am a mess and have twisted into a turmoil of a social disater.

who knew? such a small rumor can transform to an untrue small town battle.

so you can all keep staring at me, keep moking me, saying these stupid little things becasue you dont know the truth.

all im going to do is laugh.

you people are 15 even 20 years older than i am, and to be that imature about a situation that didint even happen,

well that's something.

becasue i know who the real losers are.

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Here i am... this right or wrong?

Hope this time i'm right.

Hoping that you don't leave me and put me at lost.

Praying for you to love me just as much as you say you do.

Wishing that maybe one day i could be her.

Would you ever consider it or is my purpose here just to elude you from your past, make you forget, drown all memories of her out.

How long must i much time will this take?

How, How could you let me torture myself with these thoughts. Thoughts of you not being mine completely, thoughts of you still being some other ones man.

Ouch... don't you know how much that hurts? It attacks all my dreams of you and me. Tainted.

What do i have to look forward to if every time i dream of you its abolished by her image.

This could not be what you want. Who would want all their hopes and dreams and wishes lead to be believed...Impossible!

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The way to her house

The way to her house is covered with flowers;

They bloom as you silently walk through the night.

You step among daffodils counting the hours

Straight to her door, hypnotized by the light.

The way to her house is covered with guilt;

She gives you a kiss and pushes your back.

The road is well known and daffodils wilt

Squeezed by your feet as you make your way back.

The way to her house is covered with blame;

My curse has been written on all of the trees.

I rue her embraces, her lips and her name

That left me alone to crawl on my knees.

The way to her house is covered with trust;

I open the door believing your vows

And then in the darkness, guided by lust,

You make one more step on the way to her house.

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No where is there such stupendous love

Not even from the virgin press of creation

As if the first ignition repeated itself.

Haven't your wondered why the gods were jealous

And if for a moment they would become torrid flesh;

Yes, our love though mortal took on the immemorial.

It wasn't as if the immortals could not cognize love,

they could, but even in their noetic immensity they

could not gauge what was birth though our valences.

We loved, and though incipient as measured by eternity,

No Archon of an aon would understand the press of our

Wine. We loved and the gods became insanely jealous.

Balalaikas played by themselves, and new eruptions of

ancient seeds buries in Pharaoh's chambers gave birth

To only what could be called the most ardent of lilies.

Yes, we loved, and that is not all. Though mellenia  will

Pass, our love will be the primordial root though which all

The fruits of love will will bloom from the tree we planted.

Didn't you know that love is the heartbeat of creation? It

Is well that the universe is synchronized in such a way that

Our love is part of the sinusoidal wave of that love ocean.

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Funny Thing Is...

The funny thing is

I would have told you

Would have been honest

Tell you, you weren’t the only one.

Even If it was platonic

These games we play

Should be left to children

My heart forever now Is broken.

With each teardrop

Like raindrops

My heart stops


Just to hear you say

There is another who steals your heart away, with each meeting.

Someone else on your mind today

I thought those eyes only stared my way

And that sweet smile perfectly made just for me..

Nothing hurts more than to be deceived

By someone you’ve invested your trust in

Dreams of holding you in my arms now broken

Every concept of you now stained

My bleeding heart painfully remains

What glory it once knew,

To simply look at you

Now replaced by bitter heartache

And endless tears of shame.

It’s this heart of mine, not you I blame.

So the paintings in my mind of you

Are just fading into

A composite of every shade of blue.

Remember the first day we met?

How we both were shy to admit

But everything just fell in place

Every smile on your angelic face

Was meant for me, so secretly

And slowly I began to fall

What I swore I’d never do

But what could stop this feeling, so appealing

So powerful each time I looked at you?

Dark skies and bad days

Would turn to golden sunny days

with each warm touch from the sun's rays

Flowers blossomed with every thought of you

Nightingales would sing melodies that would

rescue me and you.

Those eyes ocean deep

Hypnotized and made me weak.

Gave me butterflies from head to feet.

How in love was I

How alive I felt to close my eyes,

and simply die.

Now I’ve torn you from my heart

To face my nightmares alone

in the abysmal dark.

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Faze This Jealousy

You never seem to faze me

When you do the things you do

You rarely seem to surprise me

When you don't even need a clue

People are always amazed

By the great heights of your feats

And to think so much talent

Came from the filthy streets

But you were never made for that

You weren't birthed straight from the hood

Just like I was meant for second best

I can't do the things you could

But was I ever jealous?

If so, you could never tell

I'm not looking for attention

I'm accustomed to my cell

I'm content to stay in shadows

Hide behind another's deeds

All the while feigning devotion

Pretending that I don't need

I don't need to move along

Because I'm happy where I'm at

Deep down inside it may be a lie

Deep down I don't think that

But all I want to see in you

Is joy, happiness, and glee

Don't worry about the places I'm going

It's just not meant to be

(C) LJ Rodriguez 2006

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My Jealous Heart

                                                              You say I have a jealous heart

but that's just one small part of me.

Oh how I wish that you could see

All of my positive qualities.

It hurts when you avoid me.

It hurts when you don't speak.

It makes me feel as if back into

the darkness I should slowly shrink.


Back to the place I was before the

day that I met you...

I could emerge a different person,

start everything anew.

The only thing I wanted was a chance

to be every woman that you want..

every woman that you need..

                                                              All I have to offer though,

is nothing more than Me.

And though I know my jealous heart

is pushing you away...I ask you from

the depths of my soul, don't leave,

please Papi, stay.

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