All I Ever Asked

All I ever asked was for love
To be loved for who I am
All I ever wanted was to love
To have someone take me by the hand
All I ever wished was to be loved
To give everything that I am
But all I ever really had was none


Sleepless nights. Scared of the dark.
Cry myself to sleep. With an empty broken heart.
I wished I could break free. But I'm broken and on my knees.
Frozen to the core. I dreamt I hurt and bleed.


Believing I was worth it.
But all I ever am was worthless.
I wished I could be right beside you.
Yet I'll always be right there behind you
I pray that I could have someone.
To love for the rest of my years.
Though all my hope has gone.
For my prayers have fallen on deaf ears.

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A Face and A Mirror

and I'll find my way back and fill every crack
of what I dared to abandon and lack
As I hid under a shadow and erased my name
Because all others thought I was just a game

To take the needles called imperfections out of my heart
and use them as the strength to guide me a better part
Where the papers of my chapter aren't so wrinkled and illegible anymore
and I open my real eyes and to the light, beckoning, a real door

To my surprise, all is shining and ever free
and the clear sparkle of waters bring to reflect the real me
So, then, what brings you, what monster are you, foul mirror?
To sacrifice my time and what I hold ever dearer?

I ask you then, will it be a face, or will it be my words?
Or do my words mean nothing, flocking appeal to idle herds?

Bring to me please, the powerful quality and grace of personality
and let beauty paint my face, beauty associated with the pureness of my mentality

Brave Face

Brave Face

see me now,
Look at my brave face
I can be a charmer
Saying such nice things
Meant to disarm you
See me
I can be a liar
Saying the things
The real me cannot say
See my brave face
So patient and understanding
Hides the real me
I can be so unforgiving
Because I see now
I am not worthy
I am though
I am worthy of forgetting

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