Communication Melted Down

Personal World

My life is one great big no communication zone,

Even at home,

With the wifi we own. 

No life, no friends, no social skills of any kind,

It's a bind

When I feel left behind. 

I love people, people love me, and it's free,

But they flee

When the going gets tough and bloody 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As my signal died and then the person I was trying to contact signal died... this popped into my head. 

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Inspired by English exercise to write a news report

Inspired by English exercise to write a news report


In an astounding interview yesterday the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, apologised for his involvement in the Brexit campaign.

He said “It is clear people were misled badly over the consequences of Brexit. I deeply and humbly apologize for my role in this deception and will do all I can to fix the mess I’ve made.”

He went on to say that he feels it is his “responsibility” to initiate a vote of “no confidence” in the Prime Minister, Teresa May. “In these times of crisis, it is clear that my Right honourable friend is not up to the task of providing the “strong and stable leadership” we need. El dolce est decorum… or some other meaningless Latin expression to baffle the stupid.”

When asked how he intends to fix it, he answered “I will urge for a second referendum and lead the Remain campaign.”

In response to this announcement LBC presenter and former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, dragged himself away from his pint to say “I think it is a very noble and courageous act that Boris has performed today. It is bravery like this that demands my full support and convinces me that Boris would be an excellent prime minister.”

Michael Gove was unavailable for comment, though he could be heard screaming “Devious bastard!” from within his parliamentary office.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

breaking news...

Nothing, Like You

Nothing, Like You

By JFarrell


I am not the messiah

I am not a celebrity

Not wealthy, not important; I am

Nothing, like you


I am not particularly intelligent

Nor talented, special or anything other than average

I am a nobody; I am

Nothing, like you


I am a faceless, voiceless, meaningless statistic

A number on a piece of paper

It is cost effective to give me

Nothing, like you


Nothing; empty; space; absent; irrelevant;

Nothing; zero; zilch; sweet F. A.

I am absolutely

Nothing, just like You.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just because i dream i exist, do i have to choose to believe i do? :-)

A Change is a Coming

A Change is a Coming


(inspired by a Bob Dylan masterpiece)


Can you feel it in the air?

A subtle change in temperature;

A noticeable change in the wind;

An electrical charge in the atmosphere;

Change is a coming.


North Korean nuclear tension;

An Arab spring, turned to ISIS slaughter;

Right wing groups, vocal, and on the rise;

Young people stabbing each other to death;

A change is a coming.


The West feasts until it vomits, to feast again,

While the rest of the world starves;

The West closes its borders,

Abandoning the world;

Change is coming.


Change is coming;

But, is it the change we need?

It’s not a change I like the look of;

The world does need a change,

But a change for the better,

For all.


Change is a coming.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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caged souls

New world order

Every city have a border

Mfm is penny hoarder

More games

Less brains

More debt

Less resistance

More slavery

Less bravery

Broken dreams

Comission streams

Numbers over names

Charts and statistics

Life is cheap

Runned by the barels

Mass production

For consuption

Infusion fed mushroom

Color lies

Poisoned fries

Tamed faces

Unsecure places

Lab viruses flies

Boxed lifes

Moving one way lines

Wrong directions

Fake reflections

Less words used

More guns abused

Kids can't choose

Nothing else to loose

Childhood is app

Battery always low

Uniformed choices

Silenced voices

Caged souls

Fight wrong wars

Peace banned

Closed doors

Paradise lost

Profit by any cost

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Oh, how they travel! 

Fast like a wildfire and with a burn far superior.

Oh, how they begin!

Should not those lips burn with such flavor?


And though words fall like poison,

whispered like snakes and gentle

wind; and then they all unfold. 


Dare you say another word?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Vague writing, and randomly at that. This was actually (surprisingly) not inspired by any events pertaining to myself or others (tough obviously could!). 

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Bound by the cities

Bound by another one's pity's

Expect a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


And I'll take you as walking money

I see you as a pretty big funny

We and I, all have found our place

And you my dear, have barely found a face

Bound to me, and to my briefcase

I'll lend you a smile, but you're a secret disgrace


Find the comfort in another's eyes

But in reality, another girl will have them hooked on their clever disguise

Find a place to be

Or expect not want to be seen


Stuck in a rut

With no qualities, not knowing what

Who are you and what are you in this city?

Gone and withdrawn, alone and all shitty?

Expect a place to see

Or expect us to be mean


For you are bound

What goes around, comes around

You are stuck here, forever with me

With no voice, or founding plea


For you are bound

My slave, to paint my sacred ground


Fearing for the breath I've wasted,

partnerships I've complicated,

feelings spoken, understated,

notes that had been mistranslated;

I thought it best to rein by choice

the strident mewling of my voice

and after which I could rejoice,

as those I'd lost returned to me.

Like waves colliding with the shore,

my words will light upon their door

and press themselves against the floor

to pass beneath and beg, implore

their presence to return to mine.

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Million Secrets


Social connection
Paralized to commnicate
Backed into a corner
In one final destination
Avoid contact
Outcast from the public
Individually unaccepted

Considered all rejects
Reopened closed doors
Shut in from the inside
Parallel universe
From the humanity
In a mystery
Hiding a million secrets

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Anti-Social, Mysterious and Private.

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