Silent Jay

How can I let you know

There's a reason I go

To such great lengths to impress you

Or to put on a show


If I could transition

Straight from my position

Of translucency

Without showing submission


Well, then I'd be less aloof

Maybe gather some proof

That we should stick together

Not unlike a shoe on a hoof


Perhaps I'd make you smile

One that lasts for awhile

Just trying to charm the pants off you

I'm not here to beguile


I swear that, girl

If you step into my world

You'll never need a vacation

Step back, watch it unfurl


But with my oration

I'm trying to put in summation

That my feelings for you are like

Colloquials in translation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one for a poetry slam with a beat behind it. Once I found out no musical accompaniment was allowed, I had to scrap it.

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