The poet

I used to write lines with barren words,
as I strung them together haphazardly.
Now I write poems of hearts in bloom,
because you are the words in my poetry.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again a poem I was to give to my girlfriend for valentines day until I discovered that she had been unfaithful

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Started With A Kiss


My vision starts to fade,

my heart starts to slow,

I sit on the street,

under the street-light glow.


I don't know what happened,

it went by so fast.

Started with a kiss,

ended with a blast.


How could I do this?

Let myself go?

Considering the circumstances,

I'm at an all time low.


Sitting in the cold,

a hole in my chest,

couple more seconds and,

I take my final rest.


No more pulse,

I see only black,

can't breathe anymore,

brain function I lack.


Blood on my hands,

the last sight I see.

I spoke the truth,

She was the death of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And here we have the second piece of what im putting up today, a rather tragic break-up gone wrong. One more is on it's way, then I promise to post regularly until my work is all posted. And, of course, all criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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The Betrayal

A single kiss of goodbye with false intention

How you played me like a fool

Making me believe in such pseudo-factions

All for this betrayal of avarice

Allowing me to be swallowed by the beast


Do you enjoy seeing people suffer?

Obviously using others as a mere tool

Gaining something that’s wrongly yours

Using nepotism as your weapon

Calibrating your next move on the board


Retaliation is in repetition!

Your ultimate demise will come!

Perish with your filthy lies and die!

Prepare yourself, demeaning nepotistic!

Become Satan’s bitch and be sodomized!


Like a cockroach, you roll back and forth

Doing the meaningless shit in repeat

You can’t be saved by other insects you killed

You have already slain your brothers

You savagely raped your sisters


No one will help you

Your true visage has shown

Why do you insist on living?

Why don’t you just give up already?

The beast is wanting to fuck you badly


Let the miasma consume you

The void will assist your reluctance to go

Prepare yourself, the beast thirsts to lust

Demoting you to nothing more than a toy

You will continue being fucked by the beast


The arousal you once had is now gone

The beast has taken your pain into pleasure

As you suffer from the penetration

The beast is lusting to release his seed inside

You will become barren and rendered unless


Be happy for your faults!

A toast to your achievements of lies!

A kiss for your despair!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Caution: This poem contains strong language and suggestive themes that is not suitable for those under 18 years of age. Viewer discertion is highly advised.

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sick woman

for how long did you 


actually believe you 


were pulling the wool 


over their eyes?


pretending to be me,


the lies, the betrayal to me,


playing, pretending to


care. you are sick.


i pity you. please 


do not ever speak to 


me again.



5:43 AM 7/7/2013 ©



My name was Sarah Anne

Pain and Heartache

Dear Internet at large,


  My name is Sarah Anne, I turned seventeen three days ago, and I have cancer. That is the extent that you need to know about me. For almost all of my life, I have never had a boyfriend nor have I ever been in love. Four months before my birthday I believed I had finally found it. However, now I believe I may have just been subjecting myself to fantasies of grandeur. I just want to explain my story before all of this is over. I would appreciate it if you would listen but I have no control over your actions.



 Seven months ago from this day exactly was the day I found out, that I had cancer I mean. I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. My father cried his eyes out at the thought of losing me, he hadn't cried since my mother's funeral last year. I remember trying to explain to him that having cancer doesn't necessarily mean I will die, when the doctor halted my speech. He told me with a look of grave pity in his eyes, that in my case however it did. 

  Perhaps, dear reader, you could understand my frustration. I was only sixteen and found out that, inevitably, I was going to die. I listened vaguelly as the doctor told my father I had less than a year to live... 9 months if I were lucky. My head was clouded with angry thoughts. How could this happen to me? I've never done anything wrong. Had God turned his back on me? Surely, he hadn't.... right? What about everything I've never gotten to do? I've never been in love, I've never been in a relationship, I've never even kissed a boy. What about my friends? Would they miss me at all? Should I even tell them? As soon as I thought it, I knew that I wouldn't. I couldn't walk with them knowing deep inside their heads they pity me.

  I was forced to spent the next month watching my father gaze at me with his eyes full of despair. I often snapped at him saying I'm not dead yet and he shouldn't look at me as if I were. He burst into tears after that and I immeadiately felt horrible.

  I walked throughout the school looking at everyone. I saw all of these happy couples. I saw people talking about prom next year. I saw them sneaking kisses when they thought no one was looking. I saw all of this and yet all I felt was envy. I often wished someone else was in my place. I realize now that this was wrong. No one deserves the pain my body endured lately, not even my worse enemy.

 I sat in class, staring blankly out of the window and the teacher thankfully ignored me. She knew what was going to happen to me... all of my teachers knew. Someone pulled up a chair next to me causing me to look over. I cut myself off from everyone... even my friends, no one sits next to me. But there he was, sexy in a nerdy kind of way with tousled hair and horn-rimmed glasses. He smiled warmly at me, ignoring the fact that I scowled back. His name was Daniel.

  Long story short, Daniel followed me around constantly, insisting that I should give dating him a try. Five months ago was the day I reluctantly agreed. He took me many places always making sure I enjoyed myself. I was happy when I was with him and often forgot I was going to die. He just had that sort of affect on me. By the time a month had passed... I knew I was already hopelessly in love. I couldn't tell him that though, I hadn't even told him I had cancer, I convinced myself I would though. There aren't many things I can tell you about the time we were together. Though he was gorgeous he was extremely shy. It took a month and a half before he could even work up the nerve to kiss me.

  On our anniversary, three months of dating and five months since the day I found out I was going to die, something amazing happened... we made love. It was the most glorious thing I could ever imagine doing with my body. Once we finished, I cried and didn't stop crying. I am sure this all confused Daniel, maybe even frightened him, all he did was hold me until my sobs ceased. He asked me what was wrong, but I couldn't tell him... I didn't want to ruin this.

  Two weeks ago, I finally worked up the courage to tell him. We walked through the neighborhood park and sat beneath the shade of a tree. The sun was out and blazing but I would have begun to sweat without it. I was afraid of how he would react to this but I couldn't hold it in any longer. So I told him, and he reacted exactly how I thought he would only ten times worse. He accused me of using him, making him fall in love with me when I knew I was going to die. I admitted as much because being around him made me happy and forget that I was going to die. He glared at me claiming I infected him. I told him this was stupid, cancer isn't contagious. This only made him angrier and he stormed away from me.

  He told everyone at school, now I can't avoid their pitying looks. He doesn't speak to me or answer when I call, he won't even look at me. I feel like a monster deep inside my heart. What makes it worse is the pain is setting in. The doctor explained this may happen when my body is starting to give up and die. Can heartbreak fuel and early death? I'd like to think so....

  Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to live in a world without love. I wanted to experience all I was missing and I did. Dating, kissing, sex, love, and eventually heartache. As you read this, I am dead.... I killed myself because the pain was too much, both physical and emotional. But please, Dear reader don't forget me. Remember my name was Sarah Anne.



And to Daniel:


Happy Anniversary


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Okay so while writing this I teared up a little. It may not be well written but it gets my point accros I believe. We all struggle to experience it all so quickly as if our lives are slipping away. Also that just because lying is easier doesn't mean its okay. Please read and enjoy :)

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The Pain Amoeba


Thoughts drip from my mind as

globulous glassy fluids of emotion.


The curtains drawn,

the veil of love lifted and

bare truths litter the ground

at my feet.


Starry dreamlike flickers

each turned into glaring suns of acceptance;

the loss confounds me.


Amoebas shifting, pushing.

Meniscus pulls back each rush of liquid mess

my heart squeezes through new eyes

in its feeble attempt to fill the void

so glaringly obvious now 

with something, anything.


All sense of knowing lost.

The fabric of my undestanding

torn from under me.


As I fall 

Betrayal nudges the corners of realisation

but its too loud an echo to pay attention.


Not ready yet.


As the liquid marbles

load up and fire their last

passionate pleas for compassion

the reality knocks intently

I push to keep it out 

A long and useless fight.


Ameobas of pain Take me over.


nothing left to try.

I brace;

waiting for the tears to run dry... 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's all relative... 

Pother ideas to add amoebas clawing fingerlike projections calling pain into existence drawing attention like a virus... Etc... 

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Sugar Coated Lies

Those smiling eyes

Such a sweet deceive

They made me fall for you

Over again I must say

Gave you everything

Yet you could not wait

To go so far away


It is not the loneliness

That hurts me the most

It is not your warmth

I miss the most

But your sugar coated lies

When I think of it

Air still running in my veins

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The most difficult situation to cope is telling yourself that people are breaking your trust.. Even after knowing this we tend to fall for the same person over and over again..

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This was once a simple walk through the park

We were friends and nothing was difficult

But a twisted plot came to play

And now you are trying to play me in a game of chess

I only want to remain safe and out of a war

As I try to give you space you try to build an army

But what you fail to understand is that you have lost too much

Your reckless strategy has left you almost alone

You have sacrificed your pawns when things were good for you

But when things grew rough, they were all gone

You've alienated your rooks and a knight

Who then came to my side

Your bishops were taken as well

Your queen even fell before your senseless plays

Now you stand as the king, with only your knight to guard you

While I stand here with not a single piece taken

You are bragging now and deluding yourself into thinking you can win

While I try to walk away and leave you alone

You still try to push it, and you try to take my pieces

But I see your moves, I protect my own pieces

As you and your knight attack them

You are gaining nothing, but still trying

Girl, can't you see you are playing with fire here?

You are simply playing in a game you can't win

I am trying to let you walk away

But as you taunt and attack

You make it so much harder to keep stalling

Why don't you understand

I could crush you if I decided to play

This game you are making us all play

All it can do is hurt you and make you fall

All that can happen is I will grow in strength

Please, back up and look at the board

See your only two pieces and understand

I don't want to hurt you, I want to let you go

I want to stand aside and let you leave

I want to help you, protect you

But you are trying so hard to play this game

When you are playing someone much better

I've been playing this game all my life

You can't win, please stop

You are going to play though

Attacking at those I have

I my pieces where they need to be

You are trapped now

Your knight cut off

I am asking you now to stop

To surrender and end this war

To stop me from finishing the game you started

It's your choice now

You can surrender before I call it


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This turned out much longer than I originally planned, but I really like it. I just let it flow, and it sounded great. I know it doesn't rhyme, but I couldn't figure out how to convey my thoughts so well and still rhyme, so I just did away with the rhyme. This is not really about a chess game, but a situation in my life that is easily compared to a chess game, so that's what I went with. Enjoy.

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time heals all wounds they say

u weaken Me as u can c
there doesn't seem 2 b much left
what u've done 2 Me is break Me down, tore Me apart and left a heaping Mess
I couldn't guess I wouldn't guess in a million years
that I had so damn many Tears and undiscovered Fears
y would u do this 2 Me I was just yer Friend
I was there 4 u always 2 the bitter End
the whole Time u just pretended and couldn't stand
when I would stand up and be a Man
u just didn't like that plan
now I just kick a can
I should of ran
u got Me where u want Me by My head in the sand
the colors in there have bleed out and become quite bland
u became so predictable, I feel like I went to school
just to be a better fool, to be yer perfect Tool
u made Me who I am

Author's Notes/Comments: 

more musing I'm sure

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