The One

To Be My Self

To be self.

Do you love self?

I give All to my ALL.




The Great Witch Of ALL

HarliieQwiin Ireland ALL

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*Sometimes People Search Forever*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Sometimes people search forever

For that special kiss

Sometimes people wait a lifetime

For that loving bliss

To beable to feel that connection

And to experience an angels pertection

Sometimes people come together

To share the lasting affection


To get lost in eachothers eyes

To hold eachother with their embracing arms

To share their feelings with heavens of all skies

Dreaming of that true special one 

Smiling with memories of nothing but fun  


Sometimes people search forever

Just to feel the comfort of a lovers touch

The thought of "just being together"

Just thinking about it makes me want it as much

Sometimes people wish for that specialness

To be pampered with that loveliness


Sometimes just sometimes

People search for a wonderful dream

That may take forever to get here

But atleast It'll get here soon

Well before the thoght loses its shine 


Sometimes people search forever

For that one special love

That one you can always be together 

A special angel from above 


To make memories of the past 

And to make plans in the future to come 

Just one look at that someone 

Makes your heart beat fast

Knowing forever that person is the one 



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She Told Me

She told me that she didn't know

anymore what I thought we knew. 

She told me she was thinking still

of where to go and what to do.


She told me that she loved me still

yet she thought it best she go.

She told me that she always would

but in her eyes it didn't show. 


She left, and there I stood alone

as she swore I'd never be.

She left, and there I stood alone,

lost at home with her memory. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on a conversation had on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend of this year. It is raw and painful and I don't know what to do.

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The One

From climbing mountains and swimming seas,

To crawling on my hands and knees.

From satiated and all thirsts quenched,

To deathly starved and all heartwrenched.

Sunny skies now clouded dim,

The days ahead are destined grim.

Enduring love hath rendered ill.

A cure which but one can fulfill.

Just tell me it can never be,

A gesture which would set me free.

Or help my death to quickly come,

By telling me that I'm the one.

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Then I met “Me”


I have been building my place of hiding, my shell, since I was born,

At first the sole purpose was purely for safety from a possible storm

But as years progressed, my shell became tattered and torn,

So, I rebuilt my shell so indestructibly that it can always be worn


I was always “me”, but never for the world to see

My shell became my permanent home, where I found my safety

My tears were always my own, never to be spilt or shown to anyone not even me

Decades later, I came to realize that I’ve hidden “me” so deeply that I lost my very own identity


“Who am I?”

“Who am I supposed to be?”

“Panic stricken! I might as well not be…..”

I Raced my car, aimed - just so that I could “accidently” crash into a tree..

But then……, I met the “one” and I met “me”


A Total stranger whom I met coincidentally,

Who uttered only a few harsh words, and ended with a cold glance.

A man who stabbed my soul so intense and deeply without even giving me a chance

Little did he know, that he would be the one who brings me back to reality





Written by 


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Letters and Whispers

A dream within a dream,

I read your letters;

my pen circles your name like a forbidden dance;

the edges daring to touch the corners of your letters

as if some mystical way,

it might find a way to transfer that touch to your soul.


Do you ever think of me as deeply as I dip my thoughts into this ink well,

I often Ponder this.

Is it my soul you call through your love letters?

Let me find a way to procure your love

so that our souls transfuse into ink and light,

swirling into the most beautiful ode of love ever written


If there is a way, whisper it to my soul;

I circle your name and mine

I won't pen them together,

instead I wait;
waiting for the right whisper in your letters.


Signed with soul

and  love's messy ink.



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Clueless And Confused

The Lost One

We traveled these long roads leading to the country side
I found that place, that one special place, no longer willing to hide

Years of emotions, were welcomed with the same
By the next day her feelings changed, too brief, to soon it came

If I could only live forever, in that moment, and time would freeze
But, it is gone, just as the fallen leaves of autumn in a breeze

I have those memories, while gazing into her eyes, of her voice
Those loving words made my soul tremble, made by her choice

The tears she gave in expressing our same fate
Confirming we are without a doubt, each other soulmate

The following morning, she said without a laughter
She can't have those feelings, a wolf is what she after

She knows a wolf only a short while, and us for most of our lives
Prefers the predator, stabbing my heart with a thousand knives

So, here I am, the "Nice Guy", just like "Girlfriends"
The one, the beat of my heart... wants to be "Just Friends"

Being cold and dismissive, for years that was how I did act
Assholes always gets the girl and that's a cold hard fact

The reason to all my pain here in recent days
Was my refinement from animal, to more of the gentlemen ways

Say to me as you will, that I should or should not leave it to fate
For every time my heart beats, I love her, she is my soulmate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's been used and abused, in and out of bad relationships her entire life. She doesn't know, never felt and can't see true love, for she is clueless and blind.

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