Prophetic Nightmare

This anger inside has rattled my cage

I hide it in a bottle labled rage

I;m sick of its tormenting lies

As it pokes and prys

And searches for a release

It begs pretty please

I keep telling it no, but it gets harder with time

I grab a bottle of tequilla and fuck the lime

I drown my sarrows and shatter my memories

With this broken bottle I sever my arteries

Laying there feeling guilty, I let my soul leave

I sigh and mutter, I just wanted one to believe

My blood's thickening, please just cauterize

'Cause in my final thoughts I finally realize

I take a breath and start to fight

Don't give up, I can see the light

My wife and kids are there crying

Please stop, I'm not dying

Then I hear them praying a prayer

As I look down at my cold dead stare

Laying in my coffin, I know it's too late

But, then I wake up sweating, It's not my fate

I roll over to kiss my wife

She's not there, is this still my life?


Fuck this world, fuck this life, fuck you if you give me strife

I don't care, I don't wanna care

This world is doing nothing but leaving me bare.

Tell me, what's stopping me,

from grabbing this blade, cutting, and watching me bleed?

You don't care, so why should I?

You'll just walk if you see me die.

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Have you ever…


Thought someone cared,
And then they didn’t?
Thought you cared,
And you didn’t?


Would you ever…


Trust someone,
If you knew they didn’t care?
Be entrusted,
When you know you don’t care?


Why do we…


Lead each other on?
Break each other’s hearts?
Crush each other’s hopes?
Leave each other broken in the dust?


Why do we pretend
To care at all.

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You put your life in the hands of others.
You trust them,
You believe them,
And in turn they fail you.


You hope that they will take care of you,
You know deep down they will,
They will never do anything to compromise you…
Until they do.


It is amazing the lack of trust in our lives,
But who can blame us,
Nobody can be trusted,
Especially those we thought we could trust the most.


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In Case You Didn't Notice


In case you were gone,

the puppet strings inside me

collapsed and hit the ground.


And you say I couldn’t ever

get you

but I don’t have to understand to be in



In case you weren’t watching,

my tears were filling up the street.


And you say the water’s


but there’s a difference between beautiful and



and right now the bitter is stronger.


In case it was just a blur for you,

that was the first time the nightmares subsided


and for a while I was sipping on clover

and blue printed paper

and your skin

instead of train tracks and brokenness

and everything about this memory.


In case you weren’t listening,

I stood by the cliff’s edge

and called your name again and again and again and again and


in case you didn’t notice,

I was falling apart at the seams for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/26/16

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A Piece of Advice


When boy meets girl from the other side,

Things were moving very fast.

No one could have ever imagined,

Things have gotten so serious.


Lots of secrets need to expose,

Lots of lies need to explain.

Hearts torn into pieces,

Don't know which way to go.


During that short time,

Things felt real, sadly its not.

Choose your man wisely,

That's all I have to say.



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You were nothing but lies.

Baby you helped me up when

I fell down

You held my head up when 

I was drowning

But now your gone

And guess what baby?

I'm falling

And I can't stop

I'm drowning

My head is not coming back up

Baby you made the darkness go away

You were my light


Baby the darkness is coming back


The light is going out

Baby you said you loved me


You kept me going


Baby you were nothing but lies.


I Am Free

I was a stone, skipping frantically over the water’s surface, only to sink to the unending depths, choking; desperate.

I was a leaf, briefly flashing stunning hue, then tumbling from the tree, slowly swirling to meet the hard, cold ground.

I was the setting sun, incredible beauty, bands of soft and radiant color, only to slip into the horizon, greeting the pitch of night.

I was a bird, soaring the open azure skies, only to be brought down with a violent arrow; overwhelming agony.

I was a rose, fragrant, full of life, breaking out of the bud, but petals soon fall, I crumble.

Never inhaling, loving warmth withheld, fear of the dark, the unknown, unbearable pain, shattered.  I felt, despaired, experienced; yet battled.  I was broken, but yet not…I fought, I rallied, finally breaking the chains that bound; unfettered. 


I am free! 

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The tainted foul flesh of a hideous beast
With a mouth that spread rumours no longer deceased
For they thought she was fair and trustworthy 
Before the true traits became unearthly 
The lightening summoned to hit its place
Where they pointed, spat, and stared in disgrace 
Her rage, her anger, of misplaced attacks known
Now they know where their seeds are not to be sewn
The humiliating attacks she though she had made
Only backfired as this one wants her slain
She tried to retreat back into her cold shell 
But she knew it was far too late to dwell
The tainted flesh of a foul hideous beast
Where the eyes which were led, looked no more
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