I Have an Unknown Friend

I have an unknown friend, who lives in the sky

Why I question him, I do not know why

I should not go to look for him, they say

But I know he'll want to look for me someday

I wonder, I ponder, even as I sleep

I dare not awake, for I have gone too deep

But again, the sun calls to another abrupt wake

Alone again, to find an answer for my sake

I take another step foward, for this I will fight

Forever wrapped in this question, how it echoes through the burning light


I may be under this small roof today
I don't care, I am on a translational wheel
I believe would propel me to a greater height

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My Gospel

Here's the gospel according to me

praying the devil will let me be, and His light will shine down and set me free.

 I've lived my life full of sin, been selfish to no end,

had evil temptations make my morals bend.

The Lord has always been by my side, even though sometimes I tried to fight his plans.

He's carried me through the darkest days, stood me up when I couldn't stand.

I know we all make decisions we regret,

but just follow the commandments  He has set,

and you're life will find meaning, the message you will get.

You'll be destined for a place words can't describe,

because He sent us his son so believers never truly die.

We shall be instilled with everlasting life,

turn to him during your sorrows and your strifes.

There's a plan for us all that's bigger than we could know,

when times get tough just let God and let go.

As long as I keep my faith and the values I hold close,

there's nothing I can't do when I'm filled with the holy ghost.

So I ask you now Lord, as I lay down to rest.

To forgive me for my sins, give me the strength to be my best.

I pray for those less fortunate than I am,

and give thanks to my God whenever I can.

For he is the reason we're all here today,

he gave us light and this world and only needed 6 days.

So please be with me Lord, as I walk this world at all cost.

Even though I may stray from the righteous path, with your guide I shall never be lost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lemme know what ya think!

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Running to find the many ways of you
still breathing, fog estranges us two
moving in circles, seems all too endless
the world knows nothing is easy, take a moment
take a breath of the atmosphere and push
never ending, striving for what feels real
while ominous whispers try to succumb the light
no cry to the universe is silent, believe destiny hasn’t abandoned us
even in unbearable helplessness when everyone turns to leave
run for the one you believe were, still is, and will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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No More

I say no more no more no more

Must stand my ground

Save myself from the terror you have taken on my heart

I say no more no more no more

Picking myself back up

Moving forward one step at a time

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You Never Believed In Me Did You

When In Doubt

You never believed in me did you
That is where your wrong, I believe in you
When we had our first talk
I knew you could be trusted. I dont know how I knew.
But I did. I believed you.
Dont know why anyone would not believe in you.
Your kind, show respect, loyal, and true.
I believe in you
I would trust you with everything
I can talk to you
Tell you things, I would not tell anyone else.
You never believed in me did you?
Your weong I do velieve in you!

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The Pain of Hope

1st poems

You are so beautiful
and flawless
you are perfection with a cherry on top.
Your smile so cheerful
your eyes so mesmerizing
I am helpless.

It was love at first sight
my knees betrayed me
your face perpetually shines with light
and everyone seems to agree.

Gosh even your name is perfect
and I don’t think you even know mine
but I forgive you
and I’ll keep looking for that sign
I keep my hopes down
I don’t want you to crush me
because you can now
sometimes you do
when I look at you
and you can’t spot me
I guess I just don’t stand out
I just blend in with the faces around
I know somebody that likes you
or at least I think so
they have more chances with you than I do.

I just want to be loved
its all I think about at night.
I can’t give up hope
because I know everything will be alright.
In my arms you belong
my bed our new home.
Just imagine, you and I together
another part of my imagination
and although it hurts to hope
I will never give up
on my love.

Everytime you walk past me I freeze.
Everytime you smile I can’t breath.
Everytime I look at you I fly away.
I’ll be in space for the next few days.
We can be magic
but ’till then I’ll be the only lonely one.

I pretend not to notice you
who was that, that just passed through?
I try not to stare
but I’m so obsessed
and I’m so afraid
to tell you the truth
because I wouldn’t want to embarras you.

I see you around them
and I wish I were them
they’re so crazy about you
but they can’t love you the way I do
see the problem is this: I am condemned.

We’re not even friends, I just hung out with u
that night, with your date.
I wish life and love weren’t so complicated
this way my love for u could be demonstrated.

I miss you, but I never lost you
because I never had you.
You can’t be replaced
I’ve tried that so many times
but I can’t ever seem to forget your face.
I want us to have a connection
like those people in the movies
haha, we can even share chocolate smoothies
but we can’t and we couldn’t
and it breaks my heart
knowing we will always be apart.
Maybe it’s not meant to be
we never got to see
the infinite possibilities.

I still hold on to hope
although I do with the lighest grasp
because I try to live in reality
and events coming soon
will bring my love to a finality
when I part with the next full moon.

I guess you weren’t the one
but I know someone is out there
waiting for me somewhere

I will never forget who you are
neither your careless touch
that to me means so much
and I want to say that I love you a bunch
although it means nothing to you,
although you are oblivious to the truth.

Its so embarrasing to admit
that I carry pictures of you on my phone
and I was so happy when I heard you guys split
people say y’all didn’t want to comit.

And even though I was rejected
I know that I am young
and someday my feelings will be accepted.
To my thoughts I have clung
my thoughts of hope
that give me the strenth to move forth
and never give up
because I still believe in love
you perfect angel sent from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st poem ever.

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Tears of Yesterday [Book Collection]

Tears of Yesterday 



Ugonna Wachuku




(c) 1996: Ugonna Wachuku 











Part One:


Yesterday's Tears 


River Road 


Flower Landscapes 




Urs Haberli 


Green Earth 


Misty Clouds 






I Found Love 


The Farmer 


Part Two: 




First Meeting 


Distant Shores 


What does it Take? 


The Journey 


To the Ridges 






New Day 


Love me Again 




The Stream 


Part Three:


Streams of Love 


Calming the Storm 


Ako na Uche 


A heart 




Lonely Soul 


Like a River 


Living in the Shadows 


When Love Calls 


In your Eyes 


Nobody Loves Me  






The Author 






To all humankind who have ever

dared to love and care for those

of us living in the shadows in

this beautiful but hurting world!


Together, lets make this God-given

splendid earth a better home for

all humanity, our fellow earthly

animals, plants and environment

and our progenies!




"And now abideth faith,

hope, love; these three;

but the greatest of these

is love."


~1 Corinthians 13:13


These thirty-five poems represent a deeper part of me

which has found meaning to live and to love. They are

poems that derive great strength and inspiration from

the beauty of nature and from the humaneness of the

loving people I have come across at this period of

my life.


With these poems, I yearn to define humanity. I yearn,

indeed, to present some uplifting meaning to the caring

nature of the love I have always desired amongst humankind;

including my heart-felt longing to see mankind's complete

willingness to cherish and protect our earthly environment

for our survival and that of coming generations because in

loving one another, we must be courageously prepared to

protect, sustain and care for our natural environment

globally. This is an urgent task all women and men of

love and goodwill must engage in.


These are poems for the brotherhood and oneness of humanity.

They are poems for the realization of our oneness as dignified

human beings created in the image of God Almighty!

Herein, I have paid monumental tributes to all humankind

who have ever dared to love; even to the point of not being

loved in return - to the reality of being spited and asked

to turn the other cheek.


This is a special call to all of you out there who have never

dared to love to take up the pleasure and burden of love.

Arise!: Be a soulful part of this great movement seeking to

heal and make much more peaceful and loving our troubled and

tearfully hurting earth. This is a loving call of the eagle.


Ugonna Wachuku

March, 1996

Geneva: Switzerland




Part One:


On these far lands,

I see love.

I see despair.

Today's road is a

tearfully joyful

path to a future







Yesterday's Tears




Today, dawn breaks in

on me gradually.

I behold the glittering

sun and fading moon.

Rays follow my beaten

track. I gasp for breath

on this pathway.

A new day walks on

towards the discovered

city on sunlit abodes.

My life spreads out

like birds' wings on

the clouds.


Meaning yawns.

Hope beckons.

Like a river,

you begin watery care

of the earth's hunger

and thirst, just before

the eagle glides in from

our early morning mist.

A new city emerges from

the rubbles of this mind



Yesterdays's tears find

meaning in today's laughter.

The windy weather breathes life

into a soul so weak and dying.

In the breath of your heart,

streams water my beings

dry river banks.


A brilliance lost comes back.

The eagle in me is ready to

soar, to love and to cherish.

Today, the smile you bring

sows fertile gladness for a

heart forgotten yesterday.


Down the village path to life,

riddles and hope; on this road

to your soul, we behold a hero's

sun, stars and moving moon.

The rainbows assuring path

meets us on this new road.


My heart trails this native

nature in you. This new day

is full of dreams and hope.

This is a new day created

from soothing tears unbound.

This new day, my yearning

heart will still follow your

rainbow; your life-giving

stream-roads and sky-ways.


The caring and overwhelmingly

loving answer to

yesterday's tears!







River Road


When birds sing new

songs of hope on the

sad green earth;

when love means something

healing and uplifting

in your handsome heart;

when stars shine

at noon to herald

the name you have;

when dawn overcomes

dusk in the darkness

of fleeting life,

look for the heart

that dares;

look for this heart

that yearns to be part

of the pain from earth's

lowly people.


Go in search of the

love you can find.

Search for the meaning

to our dreams of oneness

and peace because you are

this new beginning for the

earth's green hope.


Let our hearts be together

on this voyage to the other

side of the sea's sentiment

for life.


Lead us to this life of

hope and love for the

earth's yearning poor.

Lead us to the fulfilling

and bountiful river of

found love and care -

this river road to life







Flower Landscapes


Flower landscapes fill

the beauty and refreshing

nature in your being.

Native stories are told

on the beach and you

glitter like the moon

on blue shores.


I follow these blue

shores scattered all

over the earth's bossom.

And in my being, a living

light brightens.


What other pathways and

dreams can fill my days

and hopes as we try to

find life's breath on

these welcoming,

breath-taking highlands

with flower landscapes?


The beauty you left on

the last bridge opens

a new world olf inspiration

and survival for the poor

soul in me. I find your

mothering gateway to the

end of our sorrow.


Part of this sorrow

ends with you; yet,

your blue clouds never

depart from us.


Teach me anew then.

Let me be part of this

sprouting hope and smile-

this love never giver given.


Aha! While we wait for the

beginning, let these flower

landscapes come to you.

Let them begin a treasured

song for the hopeless.


Let theses flower landscapes

come to you and to me.

Let the light come.










Windy tears trail my

path on this way to

the land.


A shrill cry jolts

my memory back to the

reality of a hurting



I see far away palm

fronds on earth's

fading beauty through

your holding heart.


Warmness never experienced

covers this vision of

a yearning in me.

This yearning lingers

on you as it winds

its weary way through

the lost land.


I walk this land slowly.

I wait to see new moons

emerge from shambles of

lost hope:


I met you in the hall.

Eyes walked to the table.

Our hands waited for dawn.

All through the day,

I waited for your

merciful meaning.

I waited for hope

in life; for your

name's caring nature. 


I waited for your love

and hope-filled smiles

on lawns so green:




Windy tears trail my

path - this path to life

and love born anew on far

away lands and longings.

I wait with hope. 


I wait with the

brilliant birds' beauty.

I honestly yearn for

your raindrops on waterways

of home and today.


Will you, indeed, trail

these tears - these

numerous despair in life?


Will your raindrops and

waterways float us into

green pastures and meadow

sea shores?








From my long-hand manuscript collection: 

Tears of Yesterday 

(c) Ugonna Wachuku 

Geneva: Switzerland: 1996 



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Wherever You Lead

Ugonna Wachuku


The end of the day is drawing near.

The end of dreams and hope is winding

its weary way down green mountain slopes

and lush country-sides.  


There is a windy wave painting patterns

and rainbows on the cute canvas of my

soul. There are birds singing a dirge

for new hope in life.  


With the fresh fragrance of that dewy

despair in your simple soul, you flower

fleeing gardens in the deeper me.

There are bleak roads and bountiful



There are dreams, realities and riddles 

and hope. There are longings and

age-long yearnings.  


Your heart is beating fast.

Mine is beating fast too 

on this trying journey called



Mountains and hills stand tall;

rising so high to kiss the sky's

blue-grey lips. Windows and shadows

open before this road that I have to

take. There are dreams, riddles and

brilliant blossoming hope. 


I ponder at that tasty aroma from the

sweet despair in your simple soul:

Sometimes, it seems all dark.

Somedays, it feels all lost.  


Somehow, it echoes hopelessness.

Somewhere, it shows a world in

hatred; a planet in conflict with

the inspirational breath of her own



Now, it really feels all dark.

Yet, there is a smiling sea of 

love in every human heart: 


I am the light of the world 

on so hopeful hills and 

towering mountain tops. 


There is a life-giving well in

the sea of empty hearts.

There is love and emerald in

your weary eyes.  


Even when they wish you dead,

there are doors to life on

the welcoming threshold of

heaven's lush country-side.  


I know: because, I've been there.

There are new roads of opportunity

and dreams to follow.


There are welcoming nightingales

and caring angels on this avenue

to life and hope, inspiring.  


There are waterfalls and rivers of

love wherever you lead. Wherever

you lead, there are guiding stars

and soothing sea waves on

the blessed beach.


There is peace. There is

joy. There is truth.

There is life - wherever

you lead.  


Wherever you lead:

My heaven's love.

My life.

My saving lamb,

wherever you lead,

I will follow.  


Take my little,

feeble hand.

Take my hungry



Lead me to your

well of life and

hope because there

are smiling handsome

hawks swooping in on

the landscape of my

pleading soul.  


Let me not see these

tall mountains and

howling hills. Be in

my small head.

Let me cast my cares

and burdens on you.

Take my little hand.

Wherever you lead:

I will follow. 


Take my worries.

Take my little,

feeble hand.

I am nothing.

I am empty.

Take my







( )






Wherever You Lead 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Cathy Choffin

Wow! What a wonderfully written testimony. Your every word mirrors my own life, and relationship.  From the very first stanza to the last word, I felt your want to follow. To break free of the hold life so tightly grips on us.  Great poem. Truely blessed am I to have read it.  



Dewey Davis 

...a smiling sea of love/in every human heart.. That line, in the heart of this poem, is one of the lines of poetry that one tends to remember forever. This poem put me in a lovely, peaceful place. I can imagine myself inside the beautiful landscape you describe. Definitely, a tremendous sense of inner peace can be found in this poem. Thank you for sharing this.  


Teresa Jacobs

My friend you make me feel good. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words. I am awe struck at the brilliance of this poem. It's meaning is universal. Oh so beautiful is this poem. I must read this poem many times and soak-up the beauty of it's message. Thank you. You are wonderful.  


Robin Schmidt

Well done Ugonna, this is my favorite, of all of your works, and I do like them all. This one simply captured me, it's amazing! Great job! I love it!! It paints a beautiful picture in my mind, that this poem deserves a second and a third read if not more. I have to refer my friend to this poem and to the rest of your brilliant pieces, for I know she too will be swept away by this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you!! Peace and much love to you! 

Yours truly,  

Robin aka Starlite_angel

2002-02-26 15:39:22 


Lesa Gay

Dear Ugona,  

Whenever I get the chance to come and visit you, I leave in awe at the mastery of your words. Such beautiful images you paint and what great truths you leave us with to ponder. 






2003-02-04 03:28:41 


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