I tried to change

I tried to gain your approval

Tried to bring back the smile you had when we first met

and the fire that kept us alive for hours in dark heavens

I tried to turn back time and find my purity

Bowed down and prayed to the Divine

Burned my Nietzsche books

and turned to your Ignatian rules

Climbed the thousand steps of El Salvador

on my knees

Lit two candles in San Pedro Church

and prayed

Abstained myself from Rand and Marx

Silenced the waves of the seas

inside my soul,

the loud beating of my dying heart,

the whispers of the cold wind

Dressed black on Friday nights

Slapped my cheeks with verses

of my sins

Recited the rites of holiness 

to conjure your love

Dried up my eyes from hellish cries...

I swallowed you

Your blood, flesh, and tears

Like a sacrament, I welcomed it all —

even the dark clouds that moved 

around you

Didn't I hear the heavens and saw

the angels in you?

Still, my demons are here to stay and say,

Why am I still not enough for you?

How can be enough for you?

truth conquers all






days and nights meld into one,

the sun an moon spar for my attention,

9,10,11,12, they begin to merge and look the same,

life becomes deranged, monotonous,strange,

yet all needs miraculously see their place,

no race for me, a gentle hand guides my pace,

still time to smell the cool breezes that visit,

still joy that fills my heart with each smile so freely given,

a baby's breath upon my shoulder,

watching as all of life becomes one day older,

younger in newly inspired tones,

melodious sounds, like music roams

every cranny of space in my soul, 

rhythmic tides that flow in and out, 

like the bubbling caps of ocean foam,

encumbrances placed in my path 

become small, and me,

I become tall, 

and just have to smile inside at the fact

i have the strength to face it all.



3:26 PM 7/10/2013 ©

"Vincit omnia veritas"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired thinking about how when we live our truth, obstacles in our path may not dissapper, but they sure do get a whole lot smaller somehow.

My Gospel

Here's the gospel according to me

praying the devil will let me be, and His light will shine down and set me free.

 I've lived my life full of sin, been selfish to no end,

had evil temptations make my morals bend.

The Lord has always been by my side, even though sometimes I tried to fight his plans.

He's carried me through the darkest days, stood me up when I couldn't stand.

I know we all make decisions we regret,

but just follow the commandments  He has set,

and you're life will find meaning, the message you will get.

You'll be destined for a place words can't describe,

because He sent us his son so believers never truly die.

We shall be instilled with everlasting life,

turn to him during your sorrows and your strifes.

There's a plan for us all that's bigger than we could know,

when times get tough just let God and let go.

As long as I keep my faith and the values I hold close,

there's nothing I can't do when I'm filled with the holy ghost.

So I ask you now Lord, as I lay down to rest.

To forgive me for my sins, give me the strength to be my best.

I pray for those less fortunate than I am,

and give thanks to my God whenever I can.

For he is the reason we're all here today,

he gave us light and this world and only needed 6 days.

So please be with me Lord, as I walk this world at all cost.

Even though I may stray from the righteous path, with your guide I shall never be lost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lemme know what ya think!

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