Sitting in my coffin

I'm just sitting in my coffin. 
I forgot my cold tea on the table.
I'm six feet under on the second floor.
Untidy little coffin. Untidy leaking brain.
My ear is itching on the inside.
Must be the worms.
I can move my fingers still.
That's fine, I don't need them.
I'm just sitting in my coffin.

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A Coffin

 All set is a coffin,


A new home for a cadaver,

 To lay within,

 The gigantic earth, the home bigger.  



A coffin is like a vehicle,


That leads the body without soul,

 To that space eternal,

 Perish both attaining the goal.


A coffin embraces all, it knows no racism ever,

 A safe haven for an ascetic, an adulterer, a thief even a murderer.


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Lift him high
to the sky


raise him
on your shoulders


rest his coffin
by your head


your brother's dead
carry me


he said
once in jest


raise him steady
off you go


hold firm
for tears will flow


his favoured song
Over the Rainbow


tones you in
we all follow


gutted empty
feeling hollow


full of sorrow

hand in hand


tearful eyes
hold him steady




keep him close
to heart and head


carry me
he once said


lay him gently
let his coffin lay


let him sleep
in God's rest


you have given all
you have done him proud


you have carried high
the best.


Sleep on
loving brother


dearest son
rest as you can


our close-knit kin
our young brave man.


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Hide - February 21, 2013

Chapter One

Conflict's repitition leads to progression severed;

a life in which the enemy you're no better.

Outrages, rampages, fights beyond any cause

lead to a world in which you're no better off.


The only resolution to a problem so unreal

is to find a place where you no longer feel.

The pain of others on your life already cold,

forces you to hide to cover up what you're told.


I need to escape from all these lies;

these indescribable pains, all the time..

I need to recover, to get a hold on myself.

I will discover what truth is left at all.


I sit alone in the blackness of reason;

a pathetic target for the others to tease on.

I don't want to face the pain of publicity,

but I cannot stand the pain of no honesty.


Cover me in paint, lock me in my coffin,

never let me see, let not any light in.

I need to be concealed, need to be away

from the lies, scars, and pains of every day.

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