Mystic Law


A new day begins and I wonder,

Will this heartache be part of my life?

Seems the whole reason that I existed,

Was in hopes of becoming your wife.

At the day’s end it’s so awful lonely,

As I turn the sheets down on my bed,

Cause your love is felt here with each heartbeat,

And your memory left here in my head.

In this midst of confusion I’m frightened,

With the rug pulled out under my feet,

And the challenges that stand before me,

I pray God grants me courage to meet.

And I’ll hold this love close as I can now,

‘Cause I know it will help me be strong,

At those times when it feels no one loves me, 

I’ll remember the time I was wrong,

I’m still learning that Love’s got to teach us, 

The things that we don’t want to see,

That one’s presence is not what’s important, 

How they "cared" is what’s really the key,

To a world with a whole new beginning; 

‘Cause the Spirit of Love will endure,

Any hardship that we can imagine,

All the arguments, carnage, and more,

So when this world leaves your heart empty,

But sweet memories abide in your head,

And you’re torn between headstrong and heartfelt,

And remember all  that I’ve  said,

That the Spirit of Love lies within you;

It’s the substance of everything here,

It’s the smile you gave when I met you,

It’s the frown and the smirk….it’s the tear….

And our loves and our joys, yes, are wondrous,

But the real thing we’re meant to achieve,

Is to love one another with freedom,

Not possessiveness, envy, or greed.

If we learn this we’ll grow as we should here, 

And plant seeds in each daughter and son,

The Great Spirit of Love will live on here,

And the reason for Life…will have won.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written with great empathy shortly after 911, for the surviving wives and wives-to-be of that disaster.

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Running to find the many ways of you
still breathing, fog estranges us two
moving in circles, seems all too endless
the world knows nothing is easy, take a moment
take a breath of the atmosphere and push
never ending, striving for what feels real
while ominous whispers try to succumb the light
no cry to the universe is silent, believe destiny hasn’t abandoned us
even in unbearable helplessness when everyone turns to leave
run for the one you believe were, still is, and will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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Radiant Dawn

Darkness illuminates a hopeless heart
Deepens burdens that come on nightly visit
Dreaming is but meager rescue
Chased by shadows within an archaic masquerade
Should the nights vex fools forever so


She felt a touch while he was running
Aglow the sky where daggers tend to fly
Pierce the flesh of those just walking by
A question needs an answer, why
When she starts meaning her goodbye
He winds down to turn and sigh
Wonders if their love will really win
Yet all the curtains are closing in


I’ve felt the fire, I’ve drowned within the rain
I lay, despite the pain, loving her in utter vain
She’s a soaring bird, no wind to tame her
Roam whichever way desires, beauty


while Love,
Everlastingly will ember,
Within my dormant heart .


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way of love

Did I wish too much -
Just You beside me.

Did I need too much -
Only Your true love.

Wished You to hold,
Love words to be told.

Now feeling Your strong arms
Around my frightened body,
Trying You to teach me -
Love can be here forever.
Being secure and safe with You,
Believing and knowing it is true -
We will be together to the end
And promises will be kept as well.

We will always have that dream,
Dream we once in past have made -
Growing old together,
Being for each other here forever.

Now we are on this way -
Way only love has made.
We are still here together
And will always remember -
The day You gave me Your love,
The day I became Your wife

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For what they're worth, her kisses take my feet off the earth and every time, it feels like a rebirth.
When our lips touch, the feeling can't be described in phrases,
But you wouldn't understand even if we trade places.

Her beautiful hair, her gorgeous nose, her dazzling eyes, her perfectly crooked ears, her sensitive neck..
I swear i lose my mind around her.
Whenever i see her, everything feels brand new like a movie premiere..
But when we kiss, nothing can compare..
It's like midnight on new year's eve at Times Square.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Defining Love

I often hear about love at first sight..
Some people like to believe it's the only kind of love that will forever last.
But isn't becoming infatuated with someone at eye contact like handing your soul to the devil without a signed contract?

I don't know much about love,
But at some point everybody gets that one feeling that they can't get rid of.
All it takes is one person to make you feel fragile,
And like Sean Kingston said, a beautiful girl could have you suicidal.

I remember that night, when she caught my attention spontaneously..
She had the ability to excite and give me stage fright simultaneously.
I thought if i approached her and played my cards right, maybe she'll be mine..
Or at least i might stay on her mind overnight, but i figured she was probably too smart to fall for my punch line.

You can say she had my mind gone from the start and a simple "hello" from her would've been the correct cure.
Or maybe she'll resent me and that'd be too much pain for the heart,
But i won't stop trying until i put together the perfect picture,
Where it's just me and her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Always in heart

Its upsetting to think that I can't meet you now and then.
Its upsetting to think bout the fact that you're so far away from me.
Its upsetting to think bout the time we spend together as it makes me wana miss you more.
Its upsetting to not have your kiss or your touch for soo long.
Its upsetting to not hear your voice for soo long.
Its upsetting to hear other couples talk of their love and moments with their loved ones and think that, If only I too could do that.
Its upsetting to think of the number of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds more that's left for us too meet again.
Its upsetting to miss you.

But you know what baby,
This sadness is nothing when I think of the fact that every single day makes it one day less to see you again and that even though we're miles apart, we'll always be in each others heart. <3
I love you. Forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Specially dedicated to my special boyfriend.. who is another place..far away for college. We still are together and he''s gonna be here next month, meeting him after like 5 months. Missing him like anything. But as it goes," Although we're miles apart, we'll always been in each others hearts".

Forever Thank you

My mistakes took you off my hands, time tells me is time to move on but my heart has decided to stay in the same day and time i lost you forever. My heart decided that memories and so many beautiful possibilities are the perfect punishment for me to realize how much i miss you,how much i love you, and how hard is too breath, walk and dream without you. My tears won't take your love back to my side but i sure do hope heavens opens his light and let you know that i am not who i used to be. I grew and my sight can finally see without shadows and i can finally see life in the way i always wanted too, I no longer have a cold heart and no longer have a black light in my path. My life may be incomplete without you but i will for always carry you in my mind, heart, body and soul. You don't want to know i exist but who can blame you, i just hope one day life will tell you that i forever be thankful for what your love did for me.

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∞ Infinity

Rookie Poet

After everything, all those years
Those happy nights, them burning tears
Forever felt, close-by and near,
But now it’s gone, with deep strong fear.
The fear of loss, the dreadful days
Nothing to do, to ease the pain
Distant memories, of sunsets and smiles
Heart-broken times, remain sad and futile
Teenage years, full of lust and firsts
Overshadowed by endings, with sudden disperse.
Questions impend within a shocked mind,
Once inseparable, how we intertwined
Forever is over, infinity spent
Lies swept away, all that’s left is your scent...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this about an hour ago... written mainly to get closure on a situation. Rookie poem by a rookie poet (rhyming and all!)

Time to move on.

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