You know my past
all that i have done
but none of it matters
in the long run

you support my thoughts
as you hold my clenched hand
but im trying my best
to really understand

why the winter she..
takes everything away
rips my heart out
and leaves me to decay

but when your here
standing by my side
i cant help but smile
as my fears subside

you can make daisys grow
up between the cracks of snow
and you make the sun shine
like there is never night time

I cant be without you
my Mystery dear
because when Im with you
There is nothing to fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

November 22, 2011

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The Beginnings ~

Love Poems

It all starts with common ideas that we share ; & u impress me with ur body by the clothes that chu wear ; & as we continue to talk we can only begin to hear ; the sexual tension build up that slowly whispers in our ear ; more isn't enough as our days begin to feel like years ; I've known u for so long ; well at least that's what my heart Is letting me hear ; & as weeks turn to months we can only get closer & linger ; even if some of our arguments made us wanna say forget it & bring that finger ; yea da beginnings ; uhh yea ; yea da beginnings ; yea we stuck through it even if our minds where thinking the end ; & we gradually evolved into something that's more then a friend ; more then a lover & deffently more then a person ; i told chu baby that we'll be together forever ; & that will forever stay true even if our lives worsen ; u became another part me that I so much enjoy ; & seems like what ever happens our bond is never destroyed ; yea alittle damaged maybe even bruised ; but at the end of our days I'll end right back into you ; cuz I remember the beginning ; yea ; yea da beginnings ; uhh yea da beginnings ~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

comment if you like :)

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Forever& allway's :'(

Forever & allway's :'(

our relationship is gone
Friends we remain
the memories Makes me cry
all the memories we made
kissing your soft lips
for the first time
holding you like
you were drifting away
you fall asleep in my arms
up all night telling our dreams
the laughs we made
the smiles we gave
but Tommorrows a new day
with you on my mind
and my heart
rest your worried eyes
i'll never leave your side
I love you Samantha forever & alway's <3 :'(

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My Drug


You are my drug
No, I don’t need
Coke or Meth
You’re all I need

I just need you
For the rest of my life, everyday
Even if u decide to walk
I'm going to stay

So learn to live with me
Because I cant live without
Not you, not ever
If you say you’re going to leave, I’ll pout

Just because I need a dose of
My drug everyday
Truthfully, my love for you
Is worse than any drug to this day

Because I need you
Every second of every day
Even when I sleep I need you
Because you make my nightmares go away

I love you
Is all I can say
And with you
Forever, will I stay

Written on
January 19, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one's another one to Tom Neville. He is my drug. I need him every second of everyday. When I cant be with him, it's like my soul is missing. This is how much I feel for him. I love you Thomas James Neville. I got the idea from a song, Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug.

Perfect Color

Of all the Rainbows
In the Skies
Yours is the one
that's burning bright.

You're love outshines
the rest I see
To my heart and yours
this connection shall be.

You bring such joy
to my ever so dull life
and today I announce
I'm proud I'm your wife.

When you hold my hand
and I hold yours
I think of all the years
and I damn well want more.

Forever you shine
and forever you seem
to be more to me
than a simple dream.

My heart once broke
is now complete
Everything you do
NO ONE can beat.

So please keep
that smile I hold dear.
and forever will I
too over the years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just thought of it. I love my husband more than he could evre comprehend, more than I can explain....he's a fantasy come's so rare to find a soul like that.

It's like having a pack mate. Once we met it's for life. Forever I will be his Wife.
I'm nto good at rhyming. but I did good this time!

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Blue Valentine (version 2)

This girl man shes so beautiful she rips me apart // but dats wen she saw my inside & fell in love with my heart // She often wondered why I had a heart of silver & blue // i told her baby its because i never meet you // my heart has been beating slowly to the rhythm of life // soft & restless getting quieter each night // with no love my heart has suffered through an iceage // & all the cold winds just made it hard for me to engage // but when it came to you none of that seemed to matter // cuz when it came to you all this ice began to shatter // in the past my heart would only see blue // but as it suddenly grew that's when I suddenly knew // you was the one // my beautiful jewel // now my heart sees nothing but love // & dam u don't know how much I thank the lord up above // I thank him for every single day I have u // cuz my heart can now see this beautiful view // just kno I'm ur valentine // ur blue valentine // our love will continue to live on in every lifetime // beyond & forever our love is permanent overtime // & it will never end as long as I'm alive // this is coming from my heart baby // ur forever valentine


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my 2nd version of blue valentine, my first one is in poems.

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Ich schreibe uber magie


berbrachte zeit mit dir

wenn auch nur in meinen traumen

das nouerstellen eines


un meinem kopf

der gestrigen

heute und


die foreverness.




I write about magic
time spent with you
if only in dreams
recreating an illusion

in my mind
the yesterdays, todays
and tomorrows
the foreverness.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eute und morgen die foreverness.

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Escribo sobre la magia


tiempo con used

aunque solo sea en mis suenos

receando un


en mi mente

los ateres



la eternidad.


I write about magic moments
time spent with you
if only in dreams

recreating an illusion
in my mind
the yesterdays, today
And tomorrow
the foreverness.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

los ayeres, hoy y, manana, la eternidad.

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Love Not For A Face


I can see it all in your eyes

You think I am beautiful

And you I did mesmerize


That way I move does captivate

You watch me move ever so closely

Easily you I could sedate


Yet your love, is truly only lust

You love me for all the wrong reasons

And after only a night it shall rust


If you are to love me true

Let it not be for my body nor face

And not the words I speak to you


Love me for all reasons you dare not say

For if it is to be, it shall be to last

Today, tomorrow, and years from today


Love me for my soul and my heart

And other unexplainable things

Love me for me from the very start


For if it is done just this way

I shall love you to, for whom you are

And in your arms, forever I shall stay



Written on

February 1, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this back when i was still loving and dropping guys. And I never found "that one'.

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